Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


One thing they plan to introduce for PT in OOTP 20 is competitions which have certain restrictions, so they might have a competition where are all the players on the roster you submit have to be iron, or something like that. I have no idea on what all they plan and how it will all work with the reserve/active roster stuff. I imagine it will be separate from the league.


Ah, that sounds like just what I have in mind. Good news!


He just netted me 400pp for most pitching wins. Hoping he will be rested for the wildcard game. I guess I pulled him at the beginning of the season. His first game was April 3rd. He won 2 pitcher of the month awards, and was selected to the All-Star game. So he has helped a lot this season.


I decided to gamble on another pack and finally got a couple decent pulls.

Dierker, Corbin, and Ichiro took home Wins, ERA, and Batting titles respectively at 400 points/ea for me this season - gearing up for the playoffs now and hoping to advance to the ALCS for promotion to Gold.


Aside from the Kevin Brown diamond pull, I haven’t had much luck with my card pulls lately.


Both my teams won their division. The gold team may end up playing @vyshka’s wild card team if they win their wc game. That would be fun.


I won 1 wildcard game, and lost the other. I lost the gold league game, it started Faber instead of Brown, so good luck in the division series @KWhit.


well my team made a late run and clawed their way out of having the worst record in the league. However, we tied for the 4th worst record and were 2-5 against that team. I’m assuming the tie breaker is head to head record and we will be demoted to silver tomorrow.


Sorry to hear that.

I beat the wc winner in the division series, but I’m now down 2-0 in the CS. Need to turn it around.


My bronze team lost in the division series 3-1. But that one game that we won?



That’s quite a haul for one game.


Wow, just 1 walk away from the Perfecto!


Nice! Dierker seems to be one of those guys that has some special sauce going on behind the scenes that makes him better than the stats suggest.


I think Dierker is good because he is good at everything just not great at one thing and his overall rating isn’t high enough. For example here are the main ratings for 78 OA Len Barker, 83 OA Larry Dierker and 89 OA Patrick Corbin.

Barker has 3 pitches rated 75, 102, and 73. Corbin has 3 pitches rated 76, 80, 88. Dierker has 4 pitches, his top 3 rated 77, 79, 67.

Now all 3 of those pitchers have pretty good stuff/movement/control ratings. They all have essentially the same movement, Barker the best stuff, Dierker the best control, Corbin in the middle for both. None of the are bad in any of the categories. It doesn’t make sense to me that Corbin is an 89 and Dierker and 83 and it really doesn’t make sense that Barker is a 78.


Nice. I’m okay with staying in gold. These guys aren’t ready for a diamond league I think. I got swept in my division series in diamond by my division winner, whom I had a winning record against during the season.

I love Dierker. He is on both of my teams. I need to look at replacing a couple folks though. Juan Marichal, and Early Wynn have been having a rough time lately. Juan has horrible movement, so it is time for him to move on.


I love Dierker too. I have him on my old-timers team, but as he didn’t play for a Boston club, he’s not playing for my Red Sox.

Alas, my Bronze team (the all-Boston team) lost its division series in Game 5, in a thrilling finish. Really fun to follow. My lineup is something like Victorino-Pedroia-JD Martinez-Ted Williams-Jim Rice-Johnny Pesky-David Ortiz-Carlton Fisk/Jason Varitek. But Joe Torre still plays 3B for me because he’s so danged good. I’ll pick up Wade Boggs one of these days.


Torre is playing 1B for my diamond team (at the time I needed a 1B more than 3B and he transitioned nicely), and every season is one of the top hitters in the league. He was in top 3 for average again this season, after leading for most of it.


I have Dierker on two of my teams - the small ball and non-concept team (doesn’t fit on the lefty team). He’s doing well for both and I often see his name on the leader boards pitching for other teams, so he seems like a player worth picking up.

My “standard” silver team swept both series and is waiting to see who they’ll play for the championship.

The Alan Wiggins Project, the small-ball team, heads back home with a 3-2 lead in the Sub-league series. Wilbur Wood and the aforementioned Larry Dierker are in line to pitch, so we’re feeling confident.

The lefty-only 86-win Cleveland Orioles is also up 3-2, but they have to hit the road. And have the struggling Andy Pettitte on the mound (he’s been given a very short leash, so the bullpen better get a good night’s sleep). If he falters, Patrick Corbin will look to salvage the series in game 7. Not feeling as confident with the Orioles, especially since we are facing a 111 win team .


And I’ve been eliminated. Staying in Gold again.

My two best players did nothing for me.

Pedro Martinez: 0-3, 6.30 ERA in the playoffs
Mike Trout: 0 hits, 16 ABs .000 Avg in the LCS


Too bad, @KWhit. Go get 'em next year!

So tomorrow some of us will be in the same leagues, we hope?


Lost in the final 4. A good season for a silver team (± a few golds and bronzes) going against mostly gold+. I think I’ll sit on the 8k points until after next season and maybe grab a forever player.

Edit: If 4 teams promote, I’ll be moving up to gold, with a predominately silver lineup. Will be a tough season.