Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Ended up losing the World Series 4 games to 1 - an extra inning loss and me somehow messing up my rotation so my #5 starter pitched helped speed the series along. On the other hand, Dierker ended the season strong:


Unanimous Cy Young and 24 first place MVP votes.


Nice! I’m still hoping one of these days I will pull another Christy Mathewson from a pack like I did in beta. I would love to have him back in my staff. Led us to a championship during the 2nd season.


Dierker was the unanimous Cy Young for one of my teams as well.

I had two teams win it all and the third dropped the last two games of the sub-league series (Pettitte and Corbin faltered, just as I feared). EDIT: I had saved up enough so just picked up Chris Sale for my lefty team, which bumped Rich Hill from the rotation and now can look to upgrade Pettitte.


Looks like a number of us are in Gold .302 and Silver .256!


hmm, it seems everyone got put into silver .256 except Bismark and I who got put into different silver leagues.


Lol, all 3 of my teams are in S256!

Guess don’t have to logon 3x to check my scores. Once is enough!


hmm, this seems like something they should fix.


Well I went and looked. So far I have purchased 15 packs (way more than I thought) and have gotten 1 gold card, a Patrick Corbin I sold for 1710pp, maybe another 1500 selling the silver/bronze cards from the packs. Needless to say, the packs have been a huge waste of money for me so far.


Yep, I’m in both!

In Gold .302, I’m in the Boston Red Stockings, off to a glorious 0-3 start.

In Silver .256, I’m the New Haven Red Sox, off to a 1-1 start.


Three straight years I’ve won my division by 10 or so games and three straight years I’ve gone out in the first round and not been able to get past Silver yet. Grr.


Oops. forgot to sign in last night and set my teams back to 5 man rotations. Gold team is off to a 2-4 start, and the Diamond team is 6-0. I guess maybe they should keep going with the 4 man rotation!


Also OTTP 19 seems to be back down to 4.99 on steam!


I’m there also, in AC East, you’re in AC Central. You took two out of three against me already, including a 13-0 shellacking! Who else here is in G.302?

All this Dierker love prompted me to grab him in a BIN auction for 1950pp. His first start was impressive:

Any other gems out there? I need help. Here’s the rest of my rotation so far:



One guy that usually does pretty well and he is silver is Dennis Martinez. He has a high movement and is ‘cheap’. And Dierker has been 1.5+ WAR every season I’ve had him. Strasburg gold is solid almost every season for me as well. Hendricks low gold has been good as a fifth guy, but get used to low 4 era’s and have a faster hook or lower pitch count for him. He usually ends up strong at end of season for me. This might be different for you though in Gold or above, I’m still in silver.

I am targeting the 86 Keuchel, he has a high movement, but hes been selling pretty high. Also don’t forget some gold starters can actually do better as relievers in higher levels. I’ve tried Corbin and Paxton at relief and they’ve been good at silver level so far.


You had the misfortune to participate in Early Wynn’s first career shutout. He hasn’t been a standout for me thus far.

Wikipedia says his nickname was “Gus.” With a name like “Early,” who needs a nickname?


I believe @KWhit and I are in that league (Atlanta and Cedar Rapids). I started out 2-4, but they climbed up to 9-8 last i checked. My diamond team started the season 13-1, and then went on a 4 game losing streak. Still a great start to the season for them.


I’m Akron in G302. And uh, my “don’t check until day 1 ends to avoid rash decisions” rule is not doing me any favors. Everyone on my team forgot how to hit at the same time.


I’m also in gold .302, somehow leading the AC West at the moment. I fully expect that to change, as my players are in over their heads from a ratings standpoint. Still, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts :)

Sean Doolittle has 8 saves in 10 games, with a 0.00 ERA. Guess I know why we’re winning so far.


I don’t want to be in @KWhit’s division anymore…


My pack-only Pack Rats opened with a 12-14 month in April and then in May were all “Oh yeah… we have two 100-rated Pitchers!” and put in a 20-4 month to climb to 32-18, which is the best record in the (bronze) league. The team is now 1st in runs against and 1st in Starter’s ERA.

The team that made it to Gold before dropping back to Silver (the Ewes), are 11th in batting average and 11th in Starter’s ERA, which equates to… the second best record in the league. I’m going to put that down to being second in home runs and third in stolen bases.