Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


I do. He’s been a fixture on my Gold team since day one. He’s performed very well offensively and acceptably defensively.

A bunch of us are in Silver 262. I’m the New Haven Red Sox, my all-Boston team; we’re bringing up the rear in our division right now. I just had to send down Carlton Fisk, and Ted Williams may be soon to follow!


Does anyone understand what controls player performance in the game? Sure, there’s going to be variations between multiple simulations of the same guy with the same stats, and I recall reading some discussion above. But it boggles my mind that a Ted Williams card can somehow perform crappily!


Well I would say a few things:

  1. Small sample size
  2. Bad luck - the .275 BABIP he is running right now is the lowest he’s ever had. His last 2 season in silver he average .324 BABIP. You would expect this to normalize as he gets more AB’s.
  3. His ratings are weaker against lefties and over half his AB’s have come against lefties this season. Granted he’s struggled against righties too, but still the heavy amount of Left handers he’s faced hasn’t helped.


Same here. I’d like to have a logo that is not so generic but when I have time and desire to think about my teams I want to look at stats and players not fiddle with logos.


My season is probably already lost, but this one was fun:

This single run scored over 15 innings was made possible by a passed ball that let Matt Chapman get from second to third, and then score on a sac fly.

This game featured a wonderful matchup of starters.

My Larry lasted longer than his Larry. Oh, and player of the game? Why, Larry Dierker, of course.

I am decent at doing so. I made a whole series of logos for a fictional league I created (using a template and clip art). Everyone – send me your logo needs!


Did you notice that both Dierkers has the same game score? Spooky!


I had not noticed! That is strange, given my Larry went 9.


I’ve been saving up to try and grab Mike Trout off the auction house… but my team has enough holes for Gold that he wasn’t going to put me over the top. So instead I picked up Lindor (love that guy) to start a major roster overhaul and start Andrelton Simmons on the road to being a superutility. Still a few games under .500 but as long as I don’t get demoted I think I can turn it around… eventually. I can kind of understand people tanking now - being mediocre makes it really tough to generate currency and improve your team. Spending a week in the lower league to rack up points before taking another crack at it is a decent strategy.

e: And Ichiro making me feel a lot better about 1) spending 8k on Lindor and 2) not completely overhauling the outfield.



Just noticed that QT3 leads 3 of the 6 divisions in S262!


Agreed. I’m near the bottom of my gold league and hoping for relegation.


I had to double check; it’s accurate!


Hello all, just joined here recently after a recommendation from Mr. Bismark. I took the liberty of adding you all from the list above, but have a feeling I’ll be stuck in bronze a while as I figure things out.
I bought the game last weekend after he mentioned how fun it was and have been having a blast. Look forward to playing with all of you!


Welcome aboard @fogrob! It’s a blast, and the seasons are short so there’s literally always next year!


Thanks! I work on the road often and it’s something that will actually run on my old laptop. I’ve spent every night back at the hotel looking up terminology and fiddling with my team. I half think bismarck sent me here since I’ve been bugging him with questions all week long!


Even if you are stuck in bronze there are some of us there waiting for you!



I don’t think I understand pitching WAR. Tony Watson has a 1.64 ERA, 21 saves out of 22 opportunities, hasn’t gotten a loss or blown save since like the second week of the season but he’s only a 0.1 WAR? Now, his WHIP is high at 1.6 but he’s also been a bit unlucky as his BABIP is running at .348 which is abnormally high for him so I’m guessing those 2 numbers are linked and as his BABIP regresses so will his WHIP.

Anyway, this guy is pitching way better than below replacement level to me.


I think Pitcher WAR relies heavily on FIP… but I’m not sure if its the same with starters or relievers in ootp. I thought the same thing as well. Some relievers I’ve seen with upper 4 era but having an almost 1 WAR.


That could be true as his FIP is much higher (in the 4’s I think).


It’s also a lot harder for relievers to generate WAR, being a counting stat vs a rate stat.


A great reliever is inherently considerably less valuable to a team than a great, or even a merely good, starter. WAR reflects that as it attempts to reflect a player’s total value to a team. As @LockerK says, you generate more WAR by pitching 7-innings than by pitching one or two.