Out of the Park Baseball 20 - Make your team Perfecter!


@Charlatan just be aware that a higher rated player will still sometimes suck worse that the guy you demoted to reserve or sold. The card ratings are not a guaranteed predictor of performance.


Yes, for evidence let me present the Christian Yelich I packed in '19, who sports a 96 OVR and went on to have a season where he bat .208 with a negative -0.9 WAR – after getting hot at the end of the year.


My initial roster was a motley crew, as you’d expect. We had a very rough start to the season, going something like 1-5. Of course, a couple of those games were against stacked teams - teams whose lineups were 100% gold and perfect players (I even saw a Mickey Mantle) so I can’t get upset about losing those. But in the other games it seemed I wasn’t even close. So I spent most of my PP upgrading positions, and for the most part it 's gone well. My team had clawed back to a 10-9 record when I went to bed last night.

The auction house is a mixed bag. I spent most of yesterday trying to snipe upgrades and had fairly good results. It’s pretty addicting. I spent a little time looking for players mentioned in the other thread but there are very few players with name recognition there. And I tried a strategy mentioned in the '19 thread of looking for players in the high 70s who were underpriced, but I think the AH is so new and the pool so small that this strategy won’t yet work. My main issue now is earning more PP since I was spending them as fast as I was earning them, and I’m resisting the urge to purchase more right off the bat.

Does the type of card matter? Fr’instance does a “2019 MLB Live” card imply something that a “Historical All-Star” one doesn’t? Or is it just a way to spice up the cards? Those “MLB Live” cards don’t actually change during the season do they?


Welcome to our world.

Good luck. I’ve also mostly resisted (I’m still only in v19) with probably not more than $5 worth of pp purchases over a couple months of play. They’re generous with achievement pp, so patience will help your wallet.

I don’t think so. I think it is flavor. But I may be wrong.


The Live cards will be adjusted as the season goes this year, in '19 they weren’t. The non-Live cards are purposely undervalued in their OVR (so for example a Historical All-Star with an 80 OVR might be 85 if a Live player had their exact component ratings… I don’t know the exact difference) so you have a better chance of getting a good player and it’s cheaper to add them to your collection. Having all the legendary players be gold/diamond/perfect tier would make them completely inaccessible for a bunch of people which isn’t very fun.


The live cards in 19 will adjust once the season begins though I believe.


I watched the stream about OTP 20 and there were a number of interesting reveals. First off, Marcus said they are planning on updating the live cards once a week.

He also mentioned they are going to have special tournaments and competitions and there would be special cards awarded as prizes… Cards that you cannot get elsewhere.

Next, they mentioned that there would be updates once a week throughout the season. That each Monday, including the 25th, they will be updating the game, adding cards and other items.

And lastly, they mentioned there would be collections, and rewards for completing collections, so they advised against selling any of your cards before collections are live in the game.


Replying to myself but I just wanted to proudly announce that my team has finally stopped their annoying streak of “win one, lose one” which they did for about 12 games in a row. They have won three or four games in a row,

I have been upgrading my starting pitching and I believe it’s beginning to pay off.

Edit: spoke too soon… 5-1 last week, 1-5 this week…


I pulled a 98 Justin Turner this morning! Fun little diversion. Between this and the Show I will be opening a lot of packs apparently. I almost never spend money on these types of modes, but it’s a fun little diversion. The first thing I did was up the card opening speed. The default was so slowwwwww.

What I’m doing is starting a league in 1986 and playing that in challenge mode. Apparently that earns you cards and points I guess? Only issue is that I can’t get the facegens or historical stadiums to download from the workshop. :( The inclusion of 3d gameplay even how rudimentary it is so great. I know that came last year, but I just never had a chance to play it much.

Edit… Now that I think about it for a second I better start in 87 to make sure the Mets win in 86. That would drive me nuts if I cock it up. :)


So I have OOTP 19 with EA Access, but never really dug too far into it. And didn’t do anything with the Perfect Team part. But with 20 out now I booted 19 back up and opened my free starter packs (Bagwell!) and created a team and all that. It put me in a league and new about every 15 minutes or so plays a game. I’ve gotten 1 win, but watched it on replay and that was decidedly relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Enough so that I may go on and grab 20 just to get in at the beginning.

Does the Perfect Team thing pretty much run like this? You get cards/players and tinker with your lineup and let it do it’s thing while adjusting lineups and strategies for leagues and tournys?

And does QT3 have any sort of league for us to play along with as the season goes?


Lord help me, I’m engaging in yet another team-building mode. I’m a three-year veteran of the Diamond Dynasty Wars, though I took last year off because I just couldn’t abide the equipment grind. I’ve also tried the FIFA, Madden, and NHL Ultimate Team modes. Bounced off the first two, but I’m still going strong in NHL. I’m looking forward to the hands-off nature of the in-game portion here, as my stick skills just aren’t good enough to compete at the upper tiers of arcade sports games.

Anyway, to the topic at hand. I got Live Zach Britton (81 OVR) and JD Martinez (88) from my pre-order packs. I tried to sell Martinez, but got no bids, so I put him in the lineup for now. As expected, he’s my best hitter, though Live Mark Canha (70), '75 AS Dave Cash (75) and '34 AS Bill Terry (66) are giving Martinez a run for his money so far. I picked up Chris Taylor and Kike Hernandez for positional flexibility; Taylor’s currently my starting SS and backup corner OF, while Hernandez starts at 1B against lefties and backs up the infield.

This is by far my favorite stage of these modes. Pulling/sniping an 82 OVR on a team of silvers is a much better feeling than earning a 95+ OVR from winning a tournament, then auctioning him off because he doesn’t quite fit the current meta.


Yep! Although OOTP v19 doesn’t have tourneys, whereas v20 does, apparently. What’s great about PT is that if you want to take a week off and ignore it, you can, with no harm done – your team will accumulate Perfect Points, and you can jump back in and tinker all you like whenever you like.

Yes, sort of. One of your Settings allows you to specify whether you want to be placed in Random leagues or with Friends. Choose the Friends setting. And then becomes Friends with all the Qt3/OOTP managers – using their OOTP Manager names, which we’ll need to share here. You can have something like 30 or 40 friends, I think. It doesn’t guarantee that we’re all in the same League, especially as we’re at various levels, but I find that usually 2 or 3 of us are in the same league, which is fun. I’ve had playoff series against other Qt3ers. I think we had an all-Qt3 World Series a couple weeks ago.

So people with OOTP v20 should start posting their usernames here, in this thread! I’m about to buy 20, so I’ll post my Manager name here.


Ootp 20 should be showing up in origin access in April btw.


I guess the leagues reset around 6:20 AM. I was looking at my team when all of a sudden it reset. And it appears there is still no way to see prior league histories, which for a game like this is somewhat mind boggling. I’ve got 2 teams: one is a “regular” team and the other is only going to open packs. The first made it to Bronze 246 and the second is in Iron 201. Go teams!


Oh, thanks! Was wondering when/if it would hit EA access. I’ll just keep learning with the 19 version and get the 20 version in a couple of weeks (April 9).


In fact, the time I took a week off in v19, both my teams made it to the World Series. Proving, of course, that they’re better off without my micromanagement!

That is disappointing.


Sorry, to clarify what I said… they don’t track the warmup leagues once they end. So there was no way for me to see the spring training statistics. So the fact that I didn’t check my team late last night or this morning means I had no idea what happened for the last 20 games or so of the season. Which was annoying, but I guess in the longer sense doesn’t matter.

My understanding is that player cards will show prior performance, but I do not know if there is a way to see overall league stats for prior years. And I do think manager performance is tracked year to year, but it’s unclear to me if you can look at the prior year and see final standings for instance.


In OOTP 19, you could see only your team’s won-loss record, its performance in the playoffs, any trophies – basic stuff like that. Edit: OOTP 20 will supposedly include much more history. So sayeth Marcus here: https://www.ootpdevelopments.com/board/showthread.php?t=299254

You will be able to access a proper league history report from past leagues you played in

  • You can view info /standings / stats from other leagues in the universe
  • There will be a universe-wide record book and leaderboards.

In the meantime, you can already see a lot of career player info. Individual cards show a player’s entire history. Also, you can see this for all players you still have by looking at:

Roster/Player List…/Listed Players: Entire Organisation…/Scope: All Levels…/Split: Career


Also, my OOTP 20 PT teams are now live. My two managers are:


Please add me! And please list your own manager name(s) so I can add you!


My two managers are

  • Charlatan (“regular” team)
  • CharlatanPrime (building through packs only)
  • Charlatan2 (defense oriented experiment)

I think I’m going to add a third team (to try a super defensive team) so I’ll update the post once that occurs.

You can only have 3 PT per license, right? I read that somewhere.