Out of the Park Baseball 20 - Make your team Perfecter!


I started a thread asking about promotion on the OOTP boards and the opinion was that the playoff results determine promotion, so all that matters is getting into the playoffs and winning a series or two (depending on how many teams get promoted out of the level you’re in). My teams have exceedingly poor luck in the playoffs so I suspect most of them will be stuck where they are forever.


I prob saw that thread or a similar one but recall it said playoffs didn’t affect promotion. So I most likely misread it or didn’t realize it was a question not a statement. Either way, it seems playoffs matter.

I’m ok with not being promoted though. I have horrible luck in the playoffs so I’m cool just playing along in Gold or whatever. At least there I have a chance that I don’t think I’d have in Diamond. That said, I have a dude in my division that is like 20 Diamond players and 5 Gold. So it looks like I’m shooting for the wildcard this season!!!


Correct. Playoff performance is what determines promotion.


My first team got a quick promotion to Diamond. I was initially annoyed because I thought it’d be week after week of getting stomped but after the initial adjustment period it hasn’t been so bad. I am able to upgrade the team (albeit pretty slowly) and have been able to see them steadily improve. And the last couple of weeks they’ve either gotten into or just missed qualifying for the wild card game. So it’s been fun guiding a slow improvement process.


I decided to completely not care about up-the-middle defense with Annandale, so I purchased Roberto Alomar and Hanley Ramirez for 2B and SS respectively. I think it’s working since the team is playing at about a .600 pace… so far. We have a famous tradition of fading fast after the AS break so I guess the proof will be the last couple months of the season.

Washington has gotten out to a fairly good start but it feels like their season is shaping up just like the prior two - playing well enough to just get into/just miss the playoffs but no better or worse. And I don’t really know what I’d do to upgrade them. Maybe I’ll post their roster and ask for suggestions later this week.


I’m currently sitting in 2nd place a couple games behind the division leader, but I’m in the 2nd wildcard spot at the moment. I just noticed for the 1st time that the last 2 seasons I’ve had the MVP for my Iron league. Last season it was Reggie Sanders, and the year before it was Dave Peralta. I also noticed on all of my teams (19 and 20) that I’d been neglecting defense a bit, so I’ve been reworking the lineups some. Currently my diamond team is staying out of the relegation zone, and my gold team is fighting for the division or a wildcard spot, so overall a decent season for my teams so far.

One thing I like about 20 is the history screen showing the PP earned by the player. That is a pretty nifty addition.


My Monuments had a lot of All-Star success!


I also had four All-stars (Gavvy Cravath, Claude Passeau, Chris Paddack, and Felipe Vazquez), plus the highest vote-getter (Cravath). No MVP, though.


My team had a nice All-Star run too.



I think my team only had 2 or 3, but they are leading their division at the moment so yay team. They might climb out of Iron this year.


My '19 teams have done well this week, but in '20? Kind of a nightmare.




My teams are doing their traditional end of season fall. I don’t know why I expected different - Annandale has played .500 ball all year except for the one month they went 18-11. But that happened early enough in the year that I thought they could maybe do it again!

A couple of the teams are fading, but maybe will qualify for wild cards - but if tradition continues they’ll squeak in but lose the WC game.

My smallball team, Venusville, seems to breaking the mold, as they went 23-4 last month. So yea, things are working out for them!


I was in 3 wild card games.

I lost in Diamond, 11-7
I lost in Silver 11-4
I lost in Bronze 11-4

This is why I absolutely hate being in the wild card game!


Made it to the sub league series, then lost there 4-2. Heading to bronze though (I think).


I think we’re at the point where the 4 last teams alive get promoted. So it sounds like you made it.


Leesburg, my packs team got some incredible cards out of our weekly packs: a 93 OVR Cliff Lee and a 85 OVR Ronald Acuna Jr. And then I did Challenge Mode and opened that pack and got a 100 OVR Max Scherzer. And we’re in Bronze. People are going to think I’m a jerk but maybe this is the week I can finally get promoted!

Edit to say: And now I see Scherzer got downgraded to a 98 or 99 or whatever… at least I had the thrill of opening the 100 last night!


I didn’t make the playoffs as a WC last season due to an insanely poor final month. Which is fine as my division this season looks remarkably even upon first glance. Except for one team that is pretty heavy with Diamonds and many of them pretty high. But I just took the first three of the season off this team, so maybe that will be a difference by the end of the season.

Ozzie Smith (my almost totally defensive SS) is leading my batters in average! LOL


Speaking of defense-first SS, Andrelton Simmons has won a surprising number of batting titles and/or led the league in WAR in my last few gold league seasons.


My 99 Scherzer threw my first no-hitter! Oh wait, it’s a perfect game, wow!


Just opened 11 packs from points earned last week and got zero gold cards, and only 3 silvers. That seems like pretty bad luck, not sure how to ever improve with those odds.