Out of the Park Baseball 20 - Make your team Perfecter!

How did you accidentally sell players? I’m confused.

I’d bought a bunch of packs and they were filled with trash mostly so I quick sold them. During that I somehow sold 3 or 4 of my active players. I’ve seen the ‘you can’t sell this due to putting your active roster too low’ or whatever the error is but obviously in this case it let me sell active players. Maybe if you click past this you can sell, but I don’t think that’s correct as I’m pretty sure it kills your whole sale of any active players.

Or at least I was pretty sure you it would kill the sale, hehe.

HAHA! So after my selling of active players and then dropping around 6-7K PP to get some replacements I go on a nice 14-4 run and get a few games over .500 finally and back in the race in my division. Maybe I should just sell my whole team and grab replacements.

My teams were busy this year:

  • Washington got their butts handed to them in Perfect. I escaped the Whales league and ended up in the… uh… mini-whales league? We won 51 games but for better or worse we escaped relegation.

  • Leesburg (packs-only) easily won their division in Gold, and will be heading to the playoffs.

  • Annandale (defensive team) won 101 games, had the best record in the league, and cruised to a division win (by 21 games). Playoffs time!

  • Texas (MLB-themed) won 96 games, which was only good for the 2nd wild card spot (every division winner in my league won 98+ games). We will play lose the wild card game soon.

  • Motown (60’s era team) had a year-long battle in their division, fighting tooth and nail against another team. It came down to the last series of the year, with that team coming to Motown with Motown having a 1 game division lead. Motown took the first two games of the series and ended up winning the division by 2 games. Motown had the batting champion (Carew) and the HR champion (Aaron). Aaron also decimated the competition in RBIs (136-113 for second place) but there’s no award for that. Aaron also led the league in R, SLG, and OPS. He’d better win MVP!

  • Venusville (contact hitters) also had a year-long battle with a team that wouldn’t give up. We a 4 or 5 game lead for much of the year, but in August that team caught up and from then on we’d swap first place about every 3 days. No matter what one team did, the other couldn’t get ahead more than 2 games or so - and then they’d catch right up. When the dust cleared, Venusville won the division by one game (whew!). Won the batting championship here also (Boggs). Had two pitchers tie for most wins (Scherzer and Bunning) - so I got two PP awards for that.

The Heroes had probably their best all-around season yet. Only won 87 games, but that’s because we significantly underperformed our Pythagorean record. I cut bait on George Springer as mentioned above, and got a pretty good return. I used that to buy '87 Tony Gwynn, who stepped in at LF and won a batting title. Willie Mays also had a great year, hitting over .300 and finishing among the league leaders in total bases, RBI, and slugging percentage. Nobody on the pitching staff had a standout year individually, but they performed well as a unit.

I just lost game 5 of the division series, so my streak of not getting playoff teams promoted will continue for yet another year. At least I didn’t get swept this time.

I’ve noticed the auction house is pretty barren lately. I’m guessing it’s because the collection missions are supposed to start tomorrow, so people are holding on to their unused cards.

My silver team grabbed a wildcard to end the season, but lost the division series 3-2. My gold team in 19 win their division, but also lost the division series 3-2.

After all my playoffs action, the teams that made it the furthest were Venusville, who lost in the sub-league, and Motown, who lost in the World Series (they took a 2-0 lead but then lost 4 in a row).

Collection missions are coming (and diamond packs, I see). Should be an interesting week.

Edit: and it’s live with collections. Some interesting rewards to be found, but completing collections will take some time unless you got lucky and had the cards already. The AH will be full of overpriced collection-related cards for a while I am sure.

20k for a diamond pack. I finished the submariners collection. One thing that happens is if you choose to complete a collection, those cards are tied to your team forever. So people are going to end up with a ton of inactives unless they come up with a new system for that.

No, the goal of locking the cards you use in a collection is to get them out of circulation. Grats on completing a collection. Even with 6 teams I don’t think I’m terribly close to any collection. Plus, I’m sure any cards required for collections are now going to be overpriced for a couple of weeks - I’ll wait until the frenzy dies down and then maybe try to complete some.

Indeed, they are.



But only for Steam version, not for Mac or Origin versions.

I thought they said it was going live on the Mac App store today. Well, soon, I’m sure.

Some of my teams had a few of the easier collections completed. Got 7 packs for my Washington team (didn’t get anything good). Got 5 packs for my packs-only team, Leesburg. In one of them was a 98 OVR Frank Robinson Peak card - yowza, what a card! All of a sudden my packs only team is loaded.

And funny enough, my Texas Rangers team, which has since its creation only searched for and purchased Rangers cards - only has 37 of 40 needed for the Rangers mission. There are 3 guys I’m missing that I’ve never seen in the AH (cuz if I’d seen them I would have bought them).

Do the cards stay with your team, or do they get pulled for the collection? I’ll have to log back in and look. If it is the latter I might not have a full active roster for that team.

Collections are active for origin, as that is where I have ootp20 at the moment.

The cards stay with your team. When used in a collection, they’re “locked” to your team - and can’t be sold. But you can use them in every other way (including using them in another collection if you need to).

After going 101-61 the prior year but losing in the playoffs, went 86-76 this year, even after improvements - primarily because DH Jim Bottomley decided to slump all year - didn’t go anywhere.

In several weeks of playing, I’m the only Croatian team I’ve seen, the Split Squid - and in a strange twist of fate this year, the Zadar Parrots are in my league. Two Dalmatian coast teams to battle it out this season.

My teams are playing better ball this year. Keep it up and they might be playoff bound.



I just finished up my solo league where I managed the 1978 Yankees. The Yankees were a big part of my life from around 1976 to 1987. I’d get so stressed watching a game that on some big at bats I’d have to change the channel right before the pitch and turn it back after to see what happened - strange I know.

I played with actual rosters and transactions, so I wasn’t performing trades or anything, but I did manage each game. Ron Guidry won 21 games and had a sub 2.00 ERA and was the AL triple crown winner. After jumping ahead 2-0 in the AL playoffs vs the Royals I dropped 3 in a row to end the season.

I think for my next league I will again take control of the 1978 Yankees, but I will play with player development on - so player ratings will start off based on their actual stats and then the OOTP player development model will take over and develop players based on their potential. Also, I will turn off actual ratings and just play with potential ratings on. I keep the scale low (2-8) and will probably play with scouting on so I don’t get 100% accuracy to keep some mystery.

Also, I will have players start on their historical teams as they enter the minors - but then I will allow trades. I’m mostly doing that do I can keep my favorite rookies on the team, like Don Mattingly.

This time I’m not going to play out my games, or if I do I will only be in control of substitutions, focusing more on the GM duties.

That is not strange. It is awesome. I have always felt that OOTP is one of the greatest role playing games ever, because it allows you to get incredibly caught up in the fiction of the simulated games, on the field and off.

Conversely, by fast simming as they do in Perfect Game, the games are a blur and it feels less immersive. Played that way, OOTP is simply a strategy game (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Everyone’s in the playoffs this year:

  • Washington (homers, homers, and more homers) started hot in Perfect but tailed off badly starting in June. Barely got a Wild Card spot. I suspect it’ll be one and out for this team. We led all teams in homers and Yelich led the league in homers. I’m starting to collect cards with this account so I don’t foresee having any PP left to upgrade like… ever again! Edit to add: I’m playing @KWhit’s Cigar City Lagers in the WC game!

  • Leesburg (packs only) did pretty well in Gold, won their division, and are playing pretty solid ball heading into the playoffs. Did I mention I pulled a 98 OVR Frank Robinson Peak card with this team from a collection mission pack reward? Yeah, he’s awesome. Cliff Lee led the league in wins, going 19-9 with a 3.79 ERA.

  • Annandale (defense): Played great in Gold all year until the final month, where they had a terrible slump. We had a simultaneous batting AND pitching slump. Nevertheless, we won our division by 2 games. I purchased the 94 OVR Willie Mays to replace one of my weaker hitters in the outfield. Mays hit .230 in 34 games. Let’s hope he does a little better from here on out!

  • Texas (MLB theme) crushed their Iron league, winning 101 games. I should hope so, since about 25% of my roster is Diamond players! We just can’t get out of Iron. Darvish won the most games in the league with 17, and the 92 OVR Nolan Ryan won the ERA crown, going 15-8 with a 2.65 ERA.

  • Motown (60s-80s theme) started slowly but finished strong in Silver, easily winning their division with 98 wins. Ken Boyer edged out his teammate Rod Carew for the batting title, .33803 to .33797. Len Barker led the league in wins, going 19-6. Hank Aaron was a 20/20 player.

  • Venusville (contact hitters) won 96 games in Diamond and easily won their division. The team came in 1st in BA and Runs. We had four of the top batting averages in the league: Stan Musial won the batting title, hitting .352. Boggs finished third at .333, and Richie Ashburn came in fourth at .331. Jim Bunning led the league in wins, going 21-10.

I could see that. It’s funny How much I wanted Ron Guidry to have a great year in my simulation, for Greg Nettles to have more HRs than Reggie Jackson, Goose to come in the 9th and strike out the sides.

I wish there was a game like OOTP, but have more attributes or characteristics to differentiate players - to make them feel like unique individuals - like bad vs curve balls, or great at placing the ball for a hit and run. Things that may not be supported by real life data but may make a better game - like performing under pressure.

I think they have added some things that I’ve had in my head if I were to try and make a game, like certain players who don’t get along and coaches who work better with a particular type of player. I haven’t played with those features yet though so I don’t know how well they work. I’ve never been that impressed with their morale system, or a player demanding to bat lead off. I may try and embrace those things more in my next league to make it feel more unique.

Excuse me Charlatan, but Cliff Lee shared the league lead in wins with Claude Passeau of the Sandwich Heroes! And also Max Scherzer of the boston borts, but that’s less important.

The Heroes had our best season yet, winning 100 games and our division. Currently up 2-0 in the Division Series, having just roughed up the aforementioned Max Scherzer in a 5-4 win. In addition to Passeau sharing the lead in wins, Gavvy Cravath led the league in homers, and Willie Mays finished third in batter WAR.

I saw a live Mookie Betts auction about to end with a low starting price and zero bids last night, so I pulled the trigger. It meant I finally had to move Aaron Hicks off the active roster, which hurt a bit. Amazing how attached one gets to a facsimile.