Out of the Park Baseball 20 - Make your team Perfecter!

My team in gold won their division series 3-1, and now head to the sub-league series and diamond next year. I doubt they will last more than 1 season up there. I guess I should spend some pp. They have terrible offense, which is only offset by apparently really good pitching and defense. I doubt the pitching is up to snuff for diamond though.

In 19, my diamond team crashed out of the division series 0-3, and my gold team just missed the playoffs after ending june (9-19) looking like they decided to get relegated.

We’re about to sim game 5 of the division series between my Heroes and Charlatan’s Llamas. I’ve got 2034 Pitching Triple Crown winner Walter Johnson taking the hill, but he’s got 100 Scherzer, so it could go either way.

We were up 2 games to 0 in the gold league finals, but it is now tied 2-3. I still have 2 home games in the schedule, so hopefully they pull it off.

Edit: We tied it up 3-3, but lost the final home game and the series. We couldn’t overcome a horrible 1st inning where we gave up 5 runs. Now off to diamond and a year of torture.

Won my division (apparently my first Gold division win) and got swept by a decidedly lesser team in the Division series. Only scored runs in one of the three games and I was the higher seed with two home games to start the series.

Onto another season of…something. Hard to say really, but it will be something.

Sitting on about 20K of PP. Not sure if I want to blow them on packs or hang onto them for AH moves. The problem with AH moves is that my guys are generally about as good as you can get without jumping up to spend 20K per card territory. Why did Dale Murphy play like ass after I grabbed him from the AH last season to shore up RF? Do I sell him and keep the Live Aaron Judge in RF? Why do all my diamond level pitchers end up with ERAs in the 4s and 5s? Blah!

Good things. My catchers have done well the past few seasons. I platoon a Live Buster Posey and Historical Rich Gedman against lefties and rightes which has helped. My closer is always good, but I never know which relief guy it’s gonna be so I have to check things a month into the season to see who to put in the closer position. Beltre is consistent as usual.

I decided to bite the bullet and have gotten used to spending 20k+ for one player. It hurts since PP doesn’t come in too fast but I’ve gotten used to spending a lot - and it helps if you don’t look for an immediate return (like “why isn’t he hitting .350 yet?”)

My Washington team (in Perfectd) opened a Perfect Jimmy Foxx Peak card over the weekend - I put him in the lineup and he’s hitting .189. Good thing I didn’t spend 40 or 50k on him!

I’m sure that Jimmie Foxx will rebound sooner than later. I’ve seen a few in my past few leagues among the league leaders in multiple categories.

I’m finding in my anecdotal experience that it’s better to have a batter that is elite in one area and lacking in others, than to have a “jack of all trades” type. For instance, my 77 Tony Gwynn is high 80s in contact (mid 90s against RHP), with good speed and acceptable defense, but no home-run power and a low walk rate. He’s won two batting titles and is a perennial 4+ WAR player. On the other hand, my 95 Live series Mookie Betts is mid-70s in just about every offensive rating, but struggles to reach even 3 WAR most seasons.

I’ve found live cards seem to perform worse than the ratings indicate.

Yes, that’s also been my experience. I see Story, Springer, Correa, and Gallo all over the Auction House, but very rarely in anyone’s lineup.

I’ve been playing Gallo for the last couple of seasons. His average is in the low to mid 200s generally, but he walks a ton and racks up plenty of HRs and RBIs. And is decent in the field too. Aaron Judge is doing well for me as well. After his first season anyway where he was just bad. But I’ve mostly moved to try and get historical players if I can.

Now, my Live pitchers are ass. My Verlander’s ERA is in the upper 5s as is Grienke’s. So it’s fun to lose to another player’s Verlander only to notice his V’s ERA is 2 something. And I’ve moved Paxton and Snell to the bullpen they’ve been so bad. Ugh.

I’ve done OK with live pitchers. Walker Buehler’s been a solid #2/#3 starter over five seasons, and I’ve had pretty good luck with Aroldis Chapman and Felipe Vazquez. Even Jordan Hicks and Jose Alvarado did well, until they were busted down to low gold and silver, respectively. Actually now that I think about it, Zach Britton was a valuable bullpen arm in Gold leagues even after his rating went down into the 60s.

My packs-only team plays a few live guys. Gallo was the first diamond card I got so I’ve played him for maybe 10 seasons. He has only started hitting above .200 the last three or so years … but I’ve used him full time in years he hit .175 (but slugged .375).

I have a perfect Scherzer and he does ok but not appreciably better than say the 93 OVR Cliff Lee historical card. I mean, I don’t want to ditch him but it doesn’t feel like he performs like a 100 card.

I’ve also had Tatis in my lineup for a while, and he’s done really well.

Other cards like Altuve, Carrasco, Acuna… they’re ok but nothing great.

The Big Train had a season for the ages in 2035.

Season stats

Game log

He won his second consecutive pitching Triple Crown, which nets a really nice PP haul (4K for the triple crown, plus 400 each for the ERA and Wins titles). He didn’t lose a game after June 29, and in fact only had one no-decision from that date to the end of the season.

And so, inevitably, he took the hill for game 1 of the Division Series and gave up 4 runs in 5 innings. He was in line for the L until we scored five in the bottom of the 8th to pull it out.

That’s so baseball.

This fucking game, man.

Surprising absolutely no one, the series went five games. In the fifth game, my untouchable starting pitcher gave up 7 earned runs on 9 hits in 5.2 innings of an 8-1 loss. Because of fucking course. He was “due” for a two bad starts in a row, right?

I guess I shouldn’t be too mad. The only other 100-game winner in the league was dispatched 3-1 by an 84-win team. Miraculously, the league leader in run differential somehow made it to the LCS. However, they’re currently down 2 games to 0, so all is right with the world.

I lost in the WC play-in game to a strong team with a bunch of diamond players so I didn’t feel too bad. My batting was ok mostly with and MVP worthy performance by Biggio who led the league in OPS and was up there in all batting categories. My pitching was horrible to the point I had to bench f’ing Verlander and his 6+ ERA for a Legend Mike Hampton who at least kept his ERA in the upper 3s.

I did get a bunch of PP for a triple play and a four strike inning. So I’ve got that going for me.

I had a pretty good season with my two teams, but they got booted in the playoffs early.

Perfect (lost wild card game):


Diamond (lost division series):


We had a decent first season in diamond, much better than I thought they would do. We ended up 82-80 and just shy of the playoffs.

In ootp19 my diamond team made it to the finals again, so they will be in perfect next year. We’ll see if they do better than last time.


Both my 19 teams were in their first season in diamond and both stank. One will be relegated back to gold next season, the other survived to continue on in diamond.

After a nice little 97 win season in Gold, went up 2-0 in the first playoff series but of course then lost 3 in a row, so no promotion.

All good, I’ve been sitting on a George Sisler card I acquired late in the season, and can’t wait to break him out tomorrow.

We ended up sweeping in the diamond finals for ootp19. So another trophy to the cabinet, and then off for a week of torture. Anyone understand how the season score is calculated? It was only an 88-74 season, which isn’t too bad, but we still made it to the finals and won, so I’d think that would warrant better than a 695 score. When my ootp20 won their gold league last season I think they had a score close to 1200.