Out of the Park Baseball 20 - Make your team Perfecter!

Got a couple of teams in the playoffs.

  • Annandale’s first year in Diamond started super strong but faded badly in the stretch to get a wildcard spot (does OOTP model player fatigue as the season progresses? I swear Annandale plays at a .650 pace prior to the AS break, and .400 afterwards, year after year).

  • My ongoing Senators project easily won their division in their first year in Silver. Still have a few key pieces to get for that team so I’m in “save PP” mode for a little.

  • Motown got it together (with help from the windfall I got for selling that Hank Aaron card) to win their division in Diamond. I haven’t spent all the PP from selling Aaron but I did get 2 cards so far: the 100 OVR Gooden and the 97 OVR Wade Boggs. Gooden has played great (he went 15-5) and Boggs did ok. (Given the era I’m using for the team (59-88) my only real choices at 3B are Brett or Boggs and his card was a hair cheaper and looked about the same). I’ve got a plan for the rest of the PP but I’m keeping it under wraps until it’s all complete!

Went from winning my diamond league in my first attempt last season to being relegated out of perfect this season. Pitching was atrocious and batting was marginal. Thus, bottom four for me.

I finished with a second consecutive 75-87 record in Perfect this season, but my run differential was worse, thanks to an underperforming offense. Back at it on Monday, I suppose.

I noticed that Rookie Sensation Dave Righetti had an opening price that was significantly lower than the weekly or all-time average, so I put in a bid and ended up winning the auction. The low control rating concerns me, but I keep seeing this card on the leaderboards in Diamond/Perfect, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Even if it doesn’t perform, I should be able to get back at least what I paid.

In my 19 league, my teams met in the LCS for the first time ever. The Lagers won and they’re off to the WS in Diamond league.

And in my 20 league, I did okay. Both teams won their divisions, but got bounced in the Division Series.

In 20 my team got relegated from diamond after 4 seasons or so. In 19 my perfect team did middle of the pack, and my gold team won their division and got hammered in the division series by a team they hammered all season long.

Keep us posted!

My last 3 seasons in '19 have been a ride:

  • Lost to @KWhit in the Diamond playoffs
  • Relegated back to Gold
  • Swept the Gold World Series

And currently sitting at 5-10 in Diamond, ready to get relegated again.

Looks like I ended up winning the '19 Diamond WS.


Of my teams that made the playoffs last year, all of the wildcard teams lost the wildcard game, and the two who win their divisions both lost in the World Series. Motown, my 60s-80s theme team, made it to Perfect, where we’re getting pushed around.

The new collections they released yesterday are going to screw over a lot of FTP players, as there’s one that asks you to collect a bunch of good hitters… so now their prices are going to go through the roof. I guess in a sense OOTP doesn’t care about FTP players though, since it’s the whales that keep the game afloat. But I worry that all these missions are going to make the supply of historical cards dry up. They’ve got to figure out a way to get more historical cards into circulation.

Pretty down season for my teams. My Washington team in Perfect that won 90 games last year, only won 70 this year and is getting relegated. I guess they overachieved a bit last year and underachieved this year.

My other team in Perfect is also getting relegated.

My packs team won 66 games in Perfect but was about 6th from getting relegated - the league I’m in has three whales and a majority of the teams won 70 or fewer games.

Got into one wild card game, which I’m sure will continue the tradition of losing.

My Senators’ George Sisler did win the triple crown in gold though!


I’ve decided it’s too much to try to manage all the teams I have, and it’s dragging me down, so I’m going to “pare down” to only 3 teams!

Strange season in Diamond. My best batter hit .268 and my usually stellar Craig Biggio who’s won batting titles and various playoff series MVPs hit .205. W? T? F?

But my pitching was amazing. Had two of the top 10 ERA guys for the season and the very top (Grienke) for most of it. My closer had 4th most saves. It was a strange year.

So I won the play-in game to get to the WC round. Won the WC, then swept the Division series. Only to lose the first 3 of the Sub-League series and eventually losing it 4-1. So it looks like I’m back up to Perfect where I’m sure to be a disaster. Whoot!

How do you delete a team? Or are you just leaving it be and ignoring it?

I was just going to ignore the teams I am no longer interested in managing. They will still have line ups and play games but i won’t check on them or try to tweak them to make them better

My Senators team just got a big windfall from selling a card so my question now is this: should I try to complete a mission that will cost 30k PP and net me 45k PP profit, or do I blow almost all my money on buying a Walter Johnson (the holy grail of my Senators team)?

@Sammich, @Charlatan, @KWhit and I are showing the world the kind of big sports brains that hide within the boards of Qt3!!!

If @Sammich and @KWhit would just start being more consistent with the sucking, Qt3 can take all 4 of the relegation spots!

My gold team in 20 was leading the division by 1.5 when I last checked, but my gold and perfect teams in 19 are doing just enough to avoid relegation. There is still time for them to make the cut though.

My Packs team is definitely outmatched in Perfect. I can’t even get upset about it, that’s just the way it is. I’ve stopped checking in on them (and to make sure they disappear into obscurity I set them to random placement so hopefully they won’t get put in the “no whales” league again).

I ended up finishing 3 games above the relegation line, so the Heroes live to “fight” another day in Perfect.

I’m not sure what my next steps should be. My only options for improving my current team are 1) wait weeks or months to accrue enough PP to upgrade position by position, 2) buy packs and pray, or 3) buy PP. None of those sound tenable to me. I could try a teardown and rebuild, but that would require a lot of time scouring the AH for replacements across multiple positions.

At 71-91 I was in 3rd place in my division in Perfect and 41 games behind the leader. There were a number of teams that did worse so they avoided relegation and have yet another season of torture in Perfect ahead. I think this coming season might finally push their overall record below .500. My gold team in 20 won their division and got blanked in the division series 0-3.