Out of the Park Baseball 20 - Make your team Perfecter!


Aaaah, gotcha. I thought everyone got a gold pack to start and the bonus was a second one. My bad.

I’ve been able to grab a few silver pitchers for cheap on the auction house. So my team is doing well now. Even had a 10 game winning streak and a couple of 2 hitters. Of course my gold closer is kinda lame. Not bad but outshined by the rest of my strong bullpen.



I’ve had mixed luck with silver starting pitchers. Some of them do great while others look like they should be good but they get blasted time and time again. I think I need to understand the different ratings better.



I’m DantesWitness in OOTP20. I’ve played every single OOTP but this is my first foray into Perfect Team, so be prepared to crush me.



I"m not seeing any ‘hide score’ option on the little popup. But I’m just in the Entry thing until next week so maybe it’s not available there.

Also, the only place I can see to add friends is on the Discord app. I’ve never used it before, but is that where we add managers to play in leagues? I think I’m missing the option in game somewhere.



This is where it is located for ootp19:



Perfect, thanks.



In OOTP20 the hide score checkbox is found here

Enter Perfect Team
from the Main menu select Perfect Team Home Screen
on the Overview tab
on the far right of the top bar:

I tried it once and it turned out the game was one of those where my bullpen blew a 3 run lead in the top of the 9th so my only experience with this is that it’s rage inducing!

For adding managers as friends:

Step 1 (do this only once for each account you use)

  • from the Main menu select Perfect Team Home Screen
  • select the Profile & Settings tab
  • on the right side of the screen select Use Friends List for League Placement Setting

Step 2 (do this for every friend you want to add)

  • from the Main menu select Perfect Team Home Screen
  • select the Universe tab
  • select the Managers & Rankings subtab
  • type a manager name into the Search User: text field
  • make sure the only show managers from my league and only show my friends checkboxes are unchecked
  • click Apply Filters/Sort/Refresh button
  • find the users you want and click the + Add as Friend text on the right of each line



Oh man, thanks a ton. So many little tabs and stuff just kind of blend into the background. Its getting better, but for now I miss things I know I’ve seen but can’t remember where.

OOTP mornings: go to bed 14-2, wake up 22 and 16 with most of my pitchers tired or exhausted. Raaaage!

EDIT: I went thru and grabbed the manager names I could find and added them. Below is the list for ease of use for anyone adding managers and to confirm I didn’t miss any.




Octavious230 is mine.

When I went to sleep last night I was still winning my division. I was actually playing MLB 19 on my one monitor while I left perfect team up on the other monitor. Finish a game in 19 and check the last sim. Rinse repeat. I’m going to OD on baseball before the season even starts.



@lostcawz : Thanks for summarizing all the manager names. I’ve added everybody.

@Charlatan: Thanks for summarizing how to find things in the UI. I should have done that. I appreciate it! The UI is busy, but it works, and one gets used to it over time.

Heh, I’m more pumped for baseball than I have been in years, thanks to PT. Also, I’m really glad they’ve made “Live” cards track in-season performance now. It brings PT closer to fantasy baseball.

Edit: I bought Rich Gedman, and in his first game, he went 3-for-3, was Player of the Game, got the Double Dinger achievement (earning me 20PP of his 4-digit price back). And for now he’s batting 1.000. These Red Stockings will try to be an all-Boston team, so Gedman is a first step in that direction.



@Spock I’ve got Rick Burleson on my defense team and you can’t have him! Nyahhhh Nyahh



Why would my batting order change from my lineup? I replaced my 3B with David Freese and set him to bat 6th, I moved my old 3B to DH and he was set to bat 8th. On both vs LH and RH.

But I just noticed that my old 3B batted 7th and Freese 8th in my last game.



I’ve made changes and noticed for the next game that the lineup changes didn’t seem to “take.” I’ve also noticed that when my subs play the AI seems to tinker with the lineup a lot.



Hell that happened all the time in my leagues I used to play. I don’t have the patience for those types of leagues anymore. Getting on a chat at 10PM on Tuesday to trade fictional players? Ya no I’m too old for that crap. ;)




@Charlatan @octavious230 If you really want to lock in a particular batting order, or just lock a player to a particular spot in the order, you can do it. More on this in a sec. But first:

I assume you clicked “submit team” after making your changes? If you make changes and the game runs a sim before you “submit,” the game forgets your changes. But you probably know that.

If you’re sure you did click “submit team,” then check your depth chart. Have you assigned backup players to each position, and told the game how often to play the backup? If any starter is tired, there’s a chance he’ll be subbed out. Even one substitution can lead the AI to change your lineup; e.g., if a high-contact hitter is replaced with a power hitter, or a speedster replaced with a slowpoke, the AI will likely change the lineup order.

Personally, I generally like the lineup changes the AI makes for me when a starter subs out. E.g., recently Gedman sat for a day, and my lousy substitute catcher was swapped in – and the AI had him bat 8th, not in Gedman’s #5 position. Pretty good.

If nonetheless you want more granular control over where every player bats, then there are a couple options. One you probably know about already: 7-day lineups. You can tell the game exactly who you want to start in what position (including pitcher) for the next 7 days. Not the next 7 games – just the next 7 days. If you leave “clear 7 day lineups” unchecked, then the game will keep your 7-day schedule intact in perpetuity, which might work okay, if your 7 day lineup rotates starters in and out for fatigue. Personally, I don’t use 7 day lineups in PT, because I check the game only once or twice a real-life day. (Yes, PT needs a 30-day lineup feature.)

But OOTP 20’s PT features a new way to lock in a player – or all players – to lineup spots. If you go to a player’s screen and set his Game Strategy, you’ll see you can lock him to a spot in the order. So if you want so-and-so always to lead off, you set his order spot to “1,” and he’ll always lead off. Supposedly. I haven’t tried it because I generally like the way the AI handles my subs. (In the name of science, I’ve just tried it; will report back.) Also, you can force a player to play a position, using the same screen.

Hope this helps.



I’ve added all the managers from above. I encourage everybody to do that. It’s nice to have forum members in your league.



Yes that helps, thanks. I think maybe there was some auto substitutions that may have triggered the odd changes to my lineup. I haven’t dug too much further into it because I haven’t noticed it happen again.

So digging this game. I can sorta go with the flow of the AI lineups or tinker with all th details to my hearts desire. So much depth and enjoyment regardless of how much time you want to put into it. Now if I could keep my pitchers from still being exhausted 5 days after they pitch I’d be a happy man.



I’ve added all the above managers to my list; my manager name is sammich if y’all want to add me.

Couple questions on the auction house:

  1. Is there a way to see the highest bid on an auction, or do I just have to keep increasing my bid incrementally until it tells me I’m the highest?
  2. Is there a way to compare a player card with a player on my team, if that card is not currently on any of the teams in my league? I know about the Player Search & Compare screen, but I can only seem to search for players in my league, so if a card is not currently in my league, it’s not available for comparison.

On a related note, how in the world is this card only a 64 overall? Sure, he’s not gonna draw many walks, but everything else blows most Bronze cards out of the water. And he can play two extra IF positions in a pinch!



Regarding #1: Bidding in the AH works just like in eBay. When you bid on an item, you’re telling the AH the max you’re willing to pay for him. However, the current bid is the least you had to use to become the high bidder.

For example, say Nellie Fox has a current bid of 1005. You bid 5000. The AH checks the current bidder’s max bid (say it’s 1015) against your bid. He would bid up to 1015 so you’d have to bid 1016 to get him - so that’s the new price, 1016, with you as the high bidder.

If the first guy rebids 2000, the AH checks… he bids 2000, can you bid 2001? Since your max was 5000 you can. The current bid is set to 2001 and you’re still the high bidder.

Now he bids 6000. The AH checks… can you bid 6001? Nope. So he’s now the high bidder. Your max is 5000 so he has to bid 5001. So the current bid is set to 5001 and he’s the high bidder.

This also means that when the auction ends, you only spend the “high bid” amount - if you bid 5000 and the high bid is 1016, you only are charged 1016. However, your 5000 is tied up in the auction until it’s over, since the AH needs to keep your entire bid in limbo so it can bid for you.

This means that unless you’re trying to snipe an auction at the last second that it makes the most sense to bid the max you’re willing to pay for a player - if you think a guy is worth 1500, bid 1500. You might get him for less but you’ll never pay more.



That Vic Power card looks pretty good to me. As you said, his OBP is going to be really close to his BA but he’d be at the least a great platoon guy vs lefties. Here’s 3 Vics in my iron league: