Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

Wow, just pulled this out of a tournament pack:

Wow, great card! Are you going to keep it?

My Red Sox OL had a classic Red Sox September swoon, and we fell out of first place in our division. Just like 1978. And just like 1978, we roared back to get a wildcard spot, winning 9 out of our last 10. Still missed promotion by a game, but I’ll get over it.

My non-OL teams both did promote, to Iron and Stone respectively, and one is also in a wildcard spot. Will that be enough to get me a little badge of honor on my OOTP banner, or do I actually have to win a playoff series?

That is the quandry. 130k is a lot of points, but that is a nice looking card. They already gave up Frankie Frisch for 200k, so I don’t know if I’ll force them to do it again. The Negro League cards have been rarer than the perfects for me. The count since Thursday is at least 3 to 2.

Yes, making the playoffs is enough to get a litte badge for the level on your banner. If you look at the banner for Texarkana you can see what it will look like. They are separate things for making the playoffs vs. winning the title. Congrats on making the playoffs, and knocking me out of that bronze tourney a bit ago! :)

Thanks! Wow, that’s a great picture. I wonder why they can’t use photos like that on the card art. Surely it’s public domain. But I know that one must pay to use the likeness of certain deceased people, so maybe that’s it.

Good luck to you in the playoffs!

He would be perfect for your Red Sox themed teams.

Great pulls and glad to hear the stories of your guys success. Saturday was a terrible day for both of my teams in terms of tournaments play. I was getting knocked out in the first round over and over and over. What’s weird is that I did not change my teams from Friday to Saturday yet Friday they did well and Saturday it was terrible. I think I even looked at one tournament where my DH went to zero for 19. I’m going to write all that down as the luck of the draw.

One thing I noticed for Annandale, who has a silver tournament team, is that the Negro league cards are starting to appear on the winners. It’s not clear to me (yet) if those cards are becoming required for silver tournaments but if they are I’m scared because I don’t have the kind of money to throw down for three or four of them.

Both of my teams started playing a lot better in league play on Friday and Saturday. It was unclear to me whether my teams were improving that much or whether other teams were starting to try to throw games in order to not get promoted. Of course, to be fair, Annandale did complete a few elections and added a few of the SEs. My thoughts about promotion are I try to play my team a certain way, and if it is close to getting promoted I don’t change the teams behavior to try to throw games. What that ended up meeting was that Washington, who won 90 games but finished fourth in the wildcard chase (and third in my division!) Is getting promoted, while Annandale missed promotion by one slot. I’m fine with both those outcomes.

The funny part of the promotion story is that Washington was set up to try to not get promoted… I put my starters on a low pitch count and was hoping that my bullpen would be pitching exhausted all year long. Annandale I just set up normally. So both teams did the opposite of what I intended!

Had an OK day yesterday. Didn’t get to play in as many tourneys as I’d hoped due to irl stuff, but did get a win in a 16 team and got a 5 pack from that. I’d like my team to do a bit better more often, but I’m generally getting 3 or so rounds into the tourney but crapping out just before the payout rounds. Still, I think I have a pretty strong team with just some adjusting to do. What strategies do yall use? I kind of bounce around between moderate saber and tactician usually.

I ended up pulling away in my PT division. I’m thinking of selling my 100 Candy Cummings card. He’s down a bit from his AH high of nearly 200k, but there are a still a lot of 100 cards that are much cheaper to replace him with and have plenty left to stock up on other positions… He didn’t have the best ERA of my staff, but did go 12-1 so he just wins, Baby!. My ERA leader went a very mediocre 12-12, poor guy.

My card pull luck returned to crappy after pulling Candy earlier this week. I saved up and opened about 30 packs (5 or so gold) this weekend and only got a few gold (most dups) and one BoL. No Negro leagues, no Diamonds, nothing special that I could see. Yuck.

Yeah, I do a bit of tinkering between my 3 bronze tourney teams and I’m always wondering if I messed them up or something when they have a barren stretch. Usually at least one is running a different lineup than the others just to see how different players do. My Chandler team has had a really good run the last few days, zoomed past Cedar Rapids in its winnings and catching up with Texarkana. When you get 10 packs a win you can make up a lot of ground.

I’ve had amazing luck with my packs this year. I decided to let Buffinton play for Chandler for now. I can always sell him this week if I change my mind. I doubt his value will fall that much over the next few days.

I’m going to have to be vigilant to keep my rosters OL compliant. I wasn’t competing in OL this week, but my Cedar Rapids team somehow snuck a Future Legend onto the roster. I didn’t notice because I’d been just searching against the live card type until he won the batting title for their league last night.

Yeah, I’ve almost had a Future Legend sneak in too – easy to overlook, as we’re all filtering for non-Live cards, and Future Legends aren’t Live cards.

My OL team won its wildcard game and is now tied 1-1 with the league leader, a whale-ish team not in OL. I don’t expect to win this one, but anything can happen in five games. It turns out this means I will be promoted after all – Stanley Kuppchaser says wild-card winners get a promotion slot too. One of my two non-OL teams will also be promoted to Iron League. So I’m not doing so bad.

Can’t say I’ve had your pack luck. Or your success with tournaments. Now that I’ve got a decent tourney bronze team, I do win a few packs a day. I haven’t finished building bronze teams for my two “alts” yet.

So it sounds like you guys really emphasize amassing a war chest. How many PPs does one need to be competitive?

The first few seasons there are large promotion cuts because they need to fill up new tiers.

That makes sense. In general, I’m impressed with how well this runs. Amazing they sim all these games week after week. As you say, I wish they could give us a similar service for hosting private OOTP leagues.

I think they could make decent money doing it, just have some reasonable fee per team or league to host it, and I’d think many people would use it.

I wish my pack luck was as good as a couple of you. 20 packs from tournaments yesterday and I managed a couple of live silvers plus Ryan Howard. He’s a nice player for 1b and should help keep me respectable in Bronze after the promotion but nothing really interesting. I still haven’t pulled a BAL or Negro League card.

I’ve pulled one of each – BAL Steve Nagy and NL Ray Brown. I put Brown in my bullpen and as a platoon left fielder, as he can do both, but the AI didn’t play him at either. Maybe the two-way thing confuses it. So I have no data on how he performed. I’ll try just putting him in the bullpen next.

So I’ve got the Boston Red Sox-OL and the Concord Red Sox. To round out my New England Sox teams, I’m debating between the Bangor Red Sox and the Bar Harbor Red Sox. Bangor would have the cool shorthand BANG, but Bar Harbor sounds more exotic. Thinking on it. Opinions welcome, lol.

@lostcawz Hey, good luck in the finals. I just realized it was you I facing off with in the sub-league series. Congrats on the win!

Thanks! I just won the Championship Series! Every series went the full slate of games and I had to win two in a row to beat your Reds @vyshka and in the final series as well. When I noticed I had one final game left, I had a chance to bench my catcher who’d been the worst all playoffs, for my second catcher who’d been one of my best offensive players (who went 0 for 5 in final game). And set my relief pitchers to be yanked quick (then had my starter go 7 innings and one reliever finish the game off. Haha!

Now to sell Candy Cummings I think and have a nice large treasure chest to play out the year.

Wow, major grats, @lostcawz! That’s awesome!

Congrats on the championship!

There is a number cruncher in the BFF who analyzes bronze tournaments and he has collated the data and come up with not just the good players, but the good teams… which is to say the teams that win more often than not. He even has a metric for packs earned per tournament. So if you guys are interested in finding out about those teams I can give you their info. I don’t have any super attachment to my team or my “baseball genius” in creating it so I’m not against, uh, emulating, a team that does well. There is a BFF team that is doing crazy well in the packs per tournament metric, the Mississippi Flood. I have not seen them in a tournament so if you guys run across them I would love to see the teams personnel.

I won a gold pack in the silver historical tournament last night. Nice to see it contained a historical gold. Not as nice to see that it was a low gold relief pitcher. Still, it was free!

Ooh, I’ll keep an eye out. I won a 16 team last night. But I think that was about all I won yesterday, other than my PT league. No one bought my Candy Cummings last night, but hopefully today I’ll unload him. My team logo/colors were reverted to the game’s fictional River Cats logo/colors. Not a bad combo and I’ll stick with it to see how long it lasts before changing again.

And I’m in a division with @vyshka 's Reds-OL, YAY! I’m also in the division with two other OL teams and even a few more in the league. Soooo…looks like it’s another long year followed by relegation.

My logo changed to something generic but I went under the troubleshooting menu and picked clear cache (which quit the game FYI so don’t be surprised) and when I read logged in my logo was back.

High priced cards are kind of funny. I got a 97 Cummings on my BFF team a few weeks ago. Tried to sell it a number of times but never had a nibble. There were always two or three for sale on the auction house. The price now is down to about 130 K but I still see one for that price sitting on the AH. So the actual price is probably a bit lower.

It almost feels like when those high end cards first come out the whales are itching to buy them. But after that short time where you can gouge someone you really have to come down on the price for someone to buy it. And if the price is low enough I start thinking “why don’t I just use them?” For Cummings if I’m going to clear 100,000 I start thinking what would I do with 100,000 if I had it? And I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe it’s my lack of vision that’s holding me back!