Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

Ooh, I’ll keep an eye out. I won a 16 team last night. But I think that was about all I won yesterday, other than my PT league. No one bought my Candy Cummings last night, but hopefully today I’ll unload him. My team logo/colors were reverted to the game’s fictional River Cats logo/colors. Not a bad combo and I’ll stick with it to see how long it lasts before changing again.

And I’m in a division with @vyshka 's Reds-OL, YAY! I’m also in the division with two other OL teams and even a few more in the league. Soooo…looks like it’s another long year followed by relegation.

My logo changed to something generic but I went under the troubleshooting menu and picked clear cache (which quit the game FYI so don’t be surprised) and when I read logged in my logo was back.

High priced cards are kind of funny. I got a 97 Cummings on my BFF team a few weeks ago. Tried to sell it a number of times but never had a nibble. There were always two or three for sale on the auction house. The price now is down to about 130 K but I still see one for that price sitting on the AH. So the actual price is probably a bit lower.

It almost feels like when those high end cards first come out the whales are itching to buy them. But after that short time where you can gouge someone you really have to come down on the price for someone to buy it. And if the price is low enough I start thinking “why don’t I just use them?” For Cummings if I’m going to clear 100,000 I start thinking what would I do with 100,000 if I had it? And I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe it’s my lack of vision that’s holding me back!

My logo reverted on its own as I was bouncing back and forth thru the menus this morning. My colors stayed the new colors though, so I went on and set everything back to my original logo/color combo. Except my tourney colors are mostly wrong. Not always but usually. I just ignore it there. Maybe I’ll try clearing the cache and see if that helps.

I won another Bronze tourney! Whoot whoot. I seem to do much better in the 16 team tourneys than the 32. I’ve won or gotten 2nd in a few 16ers, but in 32 I haven’t gotten into the semis (and thus packs) more than once in the last week. So while I’m working from home, I’m pushing the 16 team ones even though it’s a bit more involved to keep 3 going.

It’s not as involved if you keep winning :p

lol, very true.

I’d certainly be interested. I win maybe one a day, and I come in 2d-4th a couple more times a day, so I’m doing okay.

I’m still debating applying to join BFF, but my two non-OL teams are both weak by BFF standards, I expect. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about that.

@Charlatan is Quanta still in BFF? He has some pretty interesting strategies on how he builds cap teams. There are definitely some sharp people there. I’d say if you want to learn how to beat this game free to play, BFF is the place to be.

Quanta is still involved, he had some sort of penalty apply to him which affected his auction house and maybe achievement income? Not sure, but he’s been sort of soured on the game.

I wouldn’t worry about your team being weak relative to BFF teams. It’s like at least half the people in the BFF are ignoring our teams in favor of working tournaments strategies. So if your team is bad nobody will notice, or care!

Yeah, I’ve been almost completely focused on the bronze tournaments.

Man, I’ve dropped my Cummings card down to below the Last 10 price and there is another on the market that is waaay more than mine. But still, my card sits there. I’d really like to get that sweet sweet PT to play around with. But I don’t want to just give that card away either. Eh, patience. I mean, it is baseball.

I never tried it, but there is a buy/sell channel on the discord. That might be able to drum up interest.

Thanks, but I’ll just wait it out. Not really in a big hurry. I normally would have sold the card immediately, but decided to toss him into my PT team. And it ended up working out! So even though the card is going for 50k or more less that it was a week ago, I’m glad I kept it and used it. Even if it means waiting out a buyer longer than I’d like.

Anyone know if it is possible to get all packs with challenge mode? I received standard and gold so far.

Sweet! But I remember him mostly for his glove. I hope he has a good infield-range and 3B rating!.

I’ve only received standard packs with challenge mode, but then I haven’t gotten many yet.

Yeah, I should have posted the whole thing (goes to switch out the image). He is a beast defensively. The L10 is 196k, but I think I will keep him.


Is he on the team I’m facing this week? :)

Texarkana is the team that pulled him.

Twitch stream started.