Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

Congrats on the Cy Young award. My teams did their usual and bowed out of the playoffs fairly quickly. My BFF team was trying to avoid relegation from gold most of the season, then towards the end went 20-11 and found themselves in the final promotion spot. So now they are going to diamond to get really beat on.

Grats on getting to Diamond! I’m sure you’ll acquit yourself well. :)

I’ve decided to put Lisinbee in my rotation as the 5th starter – why not give him a try. After Seitzer’s excellent performance this season, I’m going to give him a chance to hold onto his DH role, but I’m guessing I’ll swap in Minoso before too long. I’ll have Nomar at 3B and Trammell at SS; I imagine that arrangement is fairly common for people whose best cards are mostly from missions.

Let’s see here… Both my teams made the playoffs but neither one a league championship. At least I made the playoffs!

It’s strange how waking up to packs from tournaments can change your whole perspective. All day yesterday I was hitting Washington‘s bronze tournament team. I felt like it had gotten out of control and I had no chance to win. I resolved to change the team completely this morning. But I woke up to a second and third place finish and started thinking “maybe they’re not so bad after all “… however, I did change the team!

My silver team, who I’ve been working like a dog on, came in first and second overnight so I woke up to a bunch of packs there. I had been noticing that the team crashes the first round at one point winning 12 of 13 matches there, but usually gets eliminated in the second round. I made some changes and yesterday I started making it past more second round but losing in the third. I looked at some of the results and noticed that in six or seven games my bullpen was flaming out. Like losing a game in the ninth-inning or having a reliever come in and give up four runs. And when I looked more carefully I found out that reliever involved was almost always Joe Nathan. So I made him a middle reliever and not my closer. If I could rip his card up I would.

Washington got a great reliever in packs yesterday Bert Roberge. He’s rated as one of the highest relievers. Now the question is do I sell him for around 40 K or do I hold onto them. I almost feel like selling it makes more sense because it would give me the funds to work on some more of the BAL missions. I feel like relief pitching is going to be the least of my problems.

@spock Kevin Seitzer continues to perform well in the recaps that DL_nomads does on Sunday nights. He’s definitely a hitter. If you can keep his bat in the lineup I think it’s a good thing. Whenever I’ve gotten Minoso as a reward I’ve always had Pendleton already so I never feel like I have a place to put Minoso.

My Washington team has tried to collect all the old Washington senators cards in the game. I only need four or so, and they are all gold and above. Lisinbee is one of those guys I’ve tried to buy a couple times but I could never quite get him for the price I want to pay. My theory is that someday there will be a Walter Johnson mission that involves getting a bunch of Washington senators. I want to be ready when that happens!

Angered Unicorn is analyzing Iron tournament teams now. Drops enabled.

It’s easy to make an Iron team, but the tourneys are mostly best of 5, with lesser rewards, so I’m not sure it’s worth spending a lot of time on. Still, sometimes I don’t have time to wait for bronze or silver tourneys to open up, so iron might be a nice filler option.

He’s talking about best-of-five because there are no best-of-seven tournaments in iron.

Yep, so he said. I think there is one weekly best-of-seven tournament for iron, and he said he hoped the devs would add more Bo7.

My iron teams have yet to win so much as a pack. But then all my tourneys have been a bust today. I’ve got one team running iron, one running bronze, one running silver.

I finally whipped by bronze team back into shape after roughly a week of poor results. I got stuck in the daily late bronze tournament while shuffling players which isn’t terrific but oh well.

I’ve hit my doldrums as I get the yearly recognition that the mission rewards make even most diamond players meaningless at this point.

Yeah, power creep always bugs me in these sports-collection games. You can’t play the vast majority of what you collect, even the gold/diamond cards. It’s true in the NHL series, FIFA, etc, as well.

Completely meaningless but the current stream is terrible but I want the packs.

My PT is holding at .500. I’ve received 1 Gold and 3 Silver cards in about 50 regular packs over the last week. But my Bronze team has won/placed in 4 or 5 tourneys, so it’s not all blah. Still, I’ve love my pack luck to turn around at some point this year.

For what it’s worth the BFF guys expect a dump of cards Thursday night so some are holding packs until then. I don’t think it’s anything significant but a bunch of new bronze and silver’s. No idea on how many cards are dropping.

I thought about waiting til Thursday night, but went on an opened a bunch of packs this morning. To get a big pile of nothing.

Oh hell, just checked my PT team and we’re still at .500 on the dot. Yet, my pitching is ok and I have the 4th best run diff in the league. But I’m 6-12 in 1 run games. Boo! Booooooo!

I picked up a Ian Kinsler peak yesterday. Since I’m staying away from the mission rewards SE cards for now there is little reason to sell it. He’s not the best 2b in the set so far but he seems close enough to be worth keeping.

Both of my teams are just above 500. I finally completed the live missions with Annandale though so they got an influx of pretty good players yesterday.So they may possibly improve. They are only in bronze though.

OOTP stream live now. Kris says a new pack type will be available in 30 minutes. He’s not saying what type! Edit: OK, he just did. “Silver packs.”

Apparently he said something about OOTP GO. Anyone know what’s up with that? Edit: It’s feature-complete and in testing. Linkage: (Updated May 5) OOTP Go! - Development Update & Screenshots - OOTP Developments Forums

My three teams are all above .500, with a couple leading their divisions. But I’ve been sucking in tournaments. Won 2 packs today so far, sigh.

No tourney packs today. Went from .500 to 8 games under. Even though I’m still in the top 6 runs scored and 3 in scored against. My staff is rated in the top 4 in half the categories and my offense isn’t much behind them. Still losing though. And I went out and bought a cheap diamond 1B upgrade only to see I had an even better 1B on my bench who wasn’t being played for some reason. I checked my cards before buying but not my actual playing roster. Doh!

Tournaments were frustrating today. One of my teams lost in the QF in 5 of the first 8 tournies I entered. It feels like such a waste of time to lose there… so much time invested for no return.

Things turned around later on though. And Annandale opened a bunch of packs tonight after the stream and got a Cool Papa Bell, so today qualifies as a good day.

Here is a pastebin of a csv dump of the new cards from this week and last week:


Pos: what you’d expect it to be so 1 - P, 2 - C, 3 - 1B, 4 - 2B, 5 - 3B, 6 - SS, 7 - LF, 8 - CF, 9 - RF, 10 - DH
PPos: 11 - SP, 12 - RP, 13 - CL
Arm (For B and T): 1 - R, 2 - L, 3 - S

I modified my script that creates the cvs file of the card data to convert the fields, so if I post an update in the future it will be easier to look at.

@Charlatan that was an awesome pull on the Cool Papa Bell. I’ve been loving the Pop Lloyd I pulled the other day. My bronze teams seemed to wake up today after having slow period at the start of the week. Each one is running a different lineup at the moment.

I was also pleased to pull CPB. My pack luck this past week has been pretty horrible so that was a good way to end it. I neglected to mention that and they also pulled a live perfect Bellinger, a 99 Bieber, and a live 90 that I QS. I’m holding onto the Bieber because I guess there’s a possibility he would go to 100 right?

I don’t think I got a single one of the new cards they released, but none of them appear to be terribly useful (at least in bronze) so It’s no big deal.