Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

I wish there was a tourney that rewarded a pack of dodgers, so I could either finish off the mission or sell the silvers for 4k a shot on the AH. Last team I need to finish in NL it will be really expensive if I don’t wait.

Yuka is doing another one of her OOTP/MLB 9 Innings crossover shows right now.

Is this for drops? I want drops. I’m addicted to drops. Must have drops.

Yep, I just got one drop.

So I have about 6800 PPs. Should I stand pat? Buy a few OL-ready players on the AH? Finish missions that are getting expensive to finish? Not sure how to build my team now.

MLB 9 Innings mobile game? WTF is this stream?

Hate the MLB mobile game stream - it stops the drops! Which puts a damper on the fact that I’m working from home today and can get the stream drops.

@Spock if you have at least one solid tournament team I’d stand pat and hope the random number gods bring you luck while the tournament packs come in. Otherwise I’d build a tournament team in some tournament slot that comes up regularly. I’d love to mess around with an unsung heroes or snapshot team but it is silly because I make a better return simply running my bronze team out there for all three slots.

I’m doing the unsung with everyone and trying a snapshot for giggles, but then I will put those 2 slots back to running the the bronze tourneys. Angered Unicorn did his bronze player stream the other day, so the prices are shooting up on the players that are performing well. My 3 teams have been getting decent returns on running the quick bronze best of 7.

I suppose I should watch his stream to see how my team matches up with his feelings. Did he mention Mountcastle? I feel he has been my secret weapon as a terrible defense but great bat 3b.

I’m not sure if he came up, I only caught a bit of the stream. It looks like he is being played a lot though. In my data from my tourneys through the past weekend he had 12k plate appearances.

He’s being played but I don’t have the patience to see if others are playing him at 1b or 3b.

Looks about even. He seems to be performing better at 1b than 3b. It is pretty close though.

He’ll perform batter at 1b since he’s a pretty good defender there and horrible at 3b but putting him at 3b allows another good bat.

If I am looking at it right in excel, that was a pretty even split as well. Slightly more teams playing him at 3b (310) vs 1b (291).

Drops are enabled again. She’s playing OOTP now. She does the MLB 9 Innings thing because the company that owns it bought OOTP, or something like that. Pretty clear to me that she prefers OOTP.

Thanks for the advice on tourneys. I did just win 150 PP doing one, with a bronze historical team, so I guess that’s encouraging. I’ll keep it up. I won my very first PD and haven’t won since.

It’s aggravating because I doubt anyone is watching for the mobile game stuff. I don’t understand why they stop the drops during those times. If they want me to actually stay on that stream, they should keep the drops going instead of pausing them.

Jumped on the UH tourney bandwagon. Had to grab a few more players. The total for about 10 players was probably 300. Oh, I did grab a single bronze player for like 100. RINGER!

And my drops are working again tonight. Yay!

I wonder if it is a twitch thing or a decision by them.

Glad to hear your drops are working again, @lostcawz !

Lo and behold, I’m in the finals of my current PD. Even if I lose, I’ll get 2500 PP; winner gets 5000 PP!

Congrats @Spock . Always feels good when they bring home a prize. :)

Ugh, I messed up putting up an auction and didn’t modify the starting bid price. So that future legend that has an L10 of 19k is probably going to go for a lot less than that.

Can you withdraw the auction?

Also, I won my Perfect Draft! 5000 PP, woo! Interestingly, this time I made a deliberate choice to emphasize offense over pitching and defense. Usually I draft (and team-buidl) the other way around. In some PDs, I have two diamond pitchers. In this one, I relied on pitchers gold and below. I mention this because someone up-thread observed that winning tourney teams often have strong offense and lots of relievers. :)