Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

No, somone had already made a bid when I realized the mistake. It’ll be okay though. It is already up to 10k.

Congrats on winning the PD.

Can’t decide if I should tinker with the defense on my bronze teams or just let them continue to run. They are currently averaging a little over a pack every other tournament, so basically make it to the semi-final 1 out of 4 tries.

What size tournaments are you entering? What sort of tournaments, for that matter?

I’m impressed you’re actively playing three PTs. I’ve hardly looked at my two alts in days. I have my hands full with my “main,” my OL team. The other two teams currently are non-OL teams, so I suppose I might actually find them easier. In fact, one is in the same Rookie league as my OL team, and it’s got a better record even though I haven’t touched it, lol. But it’s using the diamonds and golds I opened on day 1.

I ended up doing the quick bronze best of 7. It requires winning 1 more game to advance each round, but you are guaranteed 2 packs if you make it to the semi-finals, where with the Best of 5 you are only guaranteed 1 pack if you make it to the finals. I think the Best of 5 tourneys are 16 players, and the best of 7 are 32. I’ve mostly been focused on the bronze tourney, and mostly just on one team at the start until I had a decent team. For the most part they are set and forget. I have it running in the background and just get them entered into the tournaments when they have a slot open. I’ve been working from home since 2012 so I can leave it running during the day.

Do you even need to click the “set roster” button, or does the AI set up the rosters for you adequately?

I’ve been doing bronze historical tournaments, but they mostly seem to be just 8 teams with small 150 PP rewards. I figured my team might be more competitive than most historical teams, as that’s my focus (with OL and all). My only active bronze cards are historical cards.

Maybe I should consider using Live cards and entering generic bronze tourneys? I have more than 300 inactive Live cards now. But to use them in a tourney, I have to activate the ones I want, yes? I guess I could activate (and put on the reserve roster) a couple dozen of the best bronzes. But I worry that might confuse my OL roster management.

The roster management is separate in the tourney, so what you have in the active/reserve rosters there are different than your main team. I think once you have it set up the way you like you might be able to get away without even doing the submit roster, but I’ve been checking everything since I had those roster problems the other day.

As of 7:30am eastern, the Unsung Heroes tourney is now at 35 teams signed up, so more than half the spots filled with 13 hours before the scheduled start.

Those who are in, let us know your team names so we can watch for matchups.

@vyshka are you in? I can’t remember. Anyone else I missed?

lostcawz - lostcawz

I guess I need to get rolling on that unsung heroes tournament team!

Seeing what happened with the Tuesday stream and bronze players, I decided to start collecting some silver players for a tournament team. So Annandale has been stocking up on historical silvers. I have a team assembled but I haven’t yet had the time to make it into an actual tournament roster. I expect he will cover silver cards next week and the prices on all them will shoot up.

As far as the Wednesday night stream goes, and switching to MLB nine innings, the streamer said that you get in trouble with Twitch if you claim to be streaming the game and you are really streaming something else. So that is one of the reasons she has to switch the game when she changes between them.

Regarding tournament rosters, as mentioned above the roster and active/inactive list is completely separate when you are in the tournaments section of the game. What I like to do is go into a tournament and fix all the active/inactive status (because if you buy a card when you were looking at your your normal team and then go to the tournaments section it is probably inactive). I then export the team so that I it saves all of the lineups etc. and active status for the cards.

Each tournament tape is treated as a separate thing so if you go into a Best of five tournament the card active/inactive status will be different from if you go into a best of seven tournament. It’s sort of crazy but I see more or less why they do it that way.

Regarding the auction from @vyshka, it is not necessarily a bad thing to have an auction with no buyout and a low starting price, if you know the card is very popular. Last year I accidentally listed a low diamond Hank Aaron card, not realizing it was a key card in a mission. I think the average price was around 15,000 so I started it at 10,000 thinking I would like to get 20,000 for it. Turns out it sold for something like 150,000. So that was cool!

Had some pretty good pulls last night. My Washington team ended up coming in second in two tournaments and they completed a 15 player mission for a gold pack and I also got the Twitch drops from last night.

Amongst all the cards I got a live perfect Schertzer and a historical diamond Caruthers… My first historical diamond of any kind. He goes for quite a bit in the AH, like 220,000, but I’m holding onto him for now because I’m not sure if I should sell him or not. A lot of the thinking where I hang out says these cards will be surpassed by better cards down the line but on the other hand this may be one of the best players ever get and it’s not clear that I would ever stop using it so it might be super dumb to sell them.

Then this morning, Annandale had two packs of the tournaments overnight and one of them container their first circle diamond, an OVR 91 Joe Cronin. So I’ve got a new shortstop!

I’m sure I will be pining for that Frisch card for the rest of ootp22, just like I was searching for Christy Mathewson for all of ootp19 after pulling him during the beta.

Is there a way to do an invite-only tourney? If so, we should stage a Qt3 one.

vyshka - Texarkana Tornadoes

@vyshka thanks.

Is that your team’s name?

Oh team. Sry. Clear Fork River Cats

So far:

  • tylertoo - Levittown Librarians
  • @Spock - ???
  • lostcawz - Clear Fork River Cats
  • vyshka - Texarkana Tornadoes

May the best group of Unsung Heroes win! (Or at least advance a round or two).

I got a historical legend diamond pull Jeff Pfeffer from one of my tournament packs the other day.

Had 2 packs waiting for me this morning, and one team in a finals. Hopefully 6 more packs waiting when I get back from thos xray.

Dang! Ive had only 1 diamond pull and maybe a half dozen golds. I think with all the twitch drops and the couple of tourneys I’d done good in Ive already opened about half the packs I did in the entire season the last time I played. Time for me to go on a lucky streak!

@Charlatan great suggestion in the ootp forums of selling dups through the tournament team. I hadn’t thought of that, but I dont think it has bit me yet.