Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

What is this idea?

His idea for someone having some roster trouble was to sell their duplicates while in the tournament interface, because the way rosters are handled separately between the main team and tournaments if you do it in the main team interface it might sell the guy right off your active tournament roster instead of the one that isn’t because they would both likely be inactive on the main team.

Ah, that makes sense.

The fact that the Auctions and sales have to be done within either the Perfect Team mode or the tourney mode is vexxing and not ideal.

My tourney team is the Boston Red Sox - OL. I’m thinking of changing my team name to something more colorful. Much as I love the Red Sox, I sorta envy all your charming team names. At least my team has started to win some games; we’re in 3rd place in our division now, albeit 20 games under .500 lol.

I’m not sure I follow the discussion about auctions. I typically just back out of a tournament to buy what I need, then jump back into the tournament, then re-import my PT roster, then fashion a lineup and export it for future use.

Also, I’ve never pulled a diamond from a pack, except for the two guaranteed diamonds I got in my diamond packs for loyalty! And I’ve been getting Twitch drops, opening mission packs, etc. Sigh.

Finally, I’ve got a duplicate 88 Trea Turner live card. Should I hold on to both in the hopes they become diamond at some point? Sell one now?

Crashed out in the first round of the snapshot tourney 1-3.

The Unsung Heroes tournament filled up before I could get in. :(

Oh, wow. Well there’ll be more.


This guy on my Perfect Team squad (88 rating) netted me 2000 pp with this no-hitter.

The various themed tournaments take way to long to fill. I think I’ll go back to my normal bronze level 32 person events. I’ve stopped winning them but I get into enough 2/3/4 places to keep the cars rolling. I signed up for the 128 team bronze daily tournament. It has taken one of my three slots for almost 20 hours now. It will be great if I win but it seems likely that I could have had between 2 and 10 standard packs in that same time.

I drew and auctioned a 99 live pitcher. 8k PP is nice and I wasn’t going to use him but it still feels a little bit like I hurt my team. Especially since I’m sitting on the points for now waiting to see if and when the silver prices go down before I jump into filling the complete team missions.

Still losing tourneys left and right. But my logo/color change that I did this morning is still there! So that’s a win. At least in my Perfect Team. My tourneys all still seem to have my original logo.

Twitch time in a few minutes. UH tourney time too for those that joined that.

Funny, I can’t get in to the tournament to watch. It’s greyed out.

That looks like a perfect game, not just a no-hitter! Congrats!

Yes, the streaming drop is up. This Build-A-Legend thing sounds interesting.

What’s your team’s name in the tourney @Spock ?

Oh, I thought I posted it earlier today. Boston Red Sox - OL.

Ah, you did, thanks. Looking at the brackets, I think the four of us are spread out, no surprise given its size. Good luck!

Thanks! Yeah, I’m up against the Cancun Bearded Senators, lol. I don’t see Ted Cruz on their roster, though. :)

That’s weird, the team started my #1 SP in both of the first two games. And I have it set to strict order.

And my unis are back to the new colors with the old logo that doesn’t in any way match. Shit.

Oh man, he ended early but I just barely got a third drop. Too bad the highest rated player in my first two drops was 60.

So that’s it for Twitch drops tonight? I only got two packs. :\

Also, I’ve played three seasons of my Star Trek league in Challenge Mode, and no pack has dropped. I just keep going, I suppose? I’m getting plenty of achievements – the Enterprise Crew made the playoffs two years out of three. (The Klingons, Andorian Blues and Vulcans won the first three World Series.)