Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

I’m surprised there doesn’t appear to be discussion about it in bff. It is in the roster and strategy advice channel on the main discord. Someone else was saying there also were some complaints about Kidnies getting access to babip info from ootpd.

And the tournaments are back on the start screen.

Dropped a bunch of games at the end of last night. Think by a total of maybe 8 runs. Ugh. I have a total of 2 batters over .300. Byron Buxton is a beast when I see him on other teams. But he’s been horrible for me the last few seasons. So I pulled him finally. And replaced one of my two underperforming catchers. Tweeked strategy to be much more aggressive. We’ll see how that goes.

On the good news side of things, I made a change to my teams unis last night and it still seems to be holding. So now I have some cool green unis which is an underused color as far as I can tell. So ‘yay me’.

EDIT: About that uni thing…as soon as I clicked on a player I noticed his little avatar up top had the correct colors but the original logo. And when I went from him back to my team screen the logo was the original one again but with the new green colors. Shit!

Sorry to hear about Your Kidnies. I hope he’ll be okay. His spreadsheet is still my main tool, as I have not yet broken down and sprung for Office 365. I wonder if he’ll bow out of his weekly stream with DRC-Nomad.

PT isn’t perfect, but I’m still having a great time with it.

It is funny how simply things can change my feelings on the game.

I’d been somewhat down on OOTP over the past week. It felt like my tournament team had become uncompetitive for now real reason (no big card update that I needed to respond to). Finally completing the live missions (I broke down and purchased the last couple of Dodgers) left me with not clear cut path to improve my normal team.

Overnight I won a bronze tournament, a PD for 2k PP, and picked up a silver reward in game (trivial amount of PPs but nice to see a different color every once in a while). No real change in anything about the effectiveness of my team but just enough to turn me back to positive on OOTP.

There is no real inside info about YourKidnies in the BFF discord except what you guys were discussing … people got all bent out of shape because those who do modeling etc don’t want that information shared. So I guess they gave him enough grief that he has stopped doing the spreadsheet. Sucks.

The one complaint I did see on the BFF discord is that it seems OOTP was giving him the BABIP figure, and it does seem unfair to do that.

I was toying with maintaining my copy and adding the new cards by hand. That’s what I used to do in prior years (though only for some cards, not the entire set). I mean if it’s mostly a matter of typing stuff in I can do that. BABIP wouldn’t be there but I think everything else would be, right.

I was thinking of doing the same but I wasn’t sure how much trouble would be caused by the missing BABIP data.

Next they will be complaining him and drc are getting info on the new cards before everyone else, if they aren’t already. I couldn’t find anything in the main discord that seemed to be something that would have instigated it. I think I saw api responding to someone, but if there was a big drama fest somewhere in there I missed it when I looked. Kidnies said something about responding when he was done playing siege, and then he posted the link to his google doc saying it was retiring. I did see something from Kidnies where an update had been delayed because of babip, so I wonder if folks complained and that was cut off, then whatever else happened and he finally decided to take a break from it.

I don’t really mind if Kidnies has access to BABIP data so long as he’s using it to help the rest of us, as he has been. But I would prefer that we all had access to BABIP data, and any other hidden info about cards. Some cards do seem to perform consistently better or worse than their ratings might otherwise suggest.

My OL team has been trying to complete one or two of the perfect BAL cards but it’s been tough finding things on the AH at the price I want to pay. I should not be surprised that since they just launched and I think we are still in the phase of people overpaying to get it NOW. Still it’s frustrating to see a card listed for 60 K and think you don’t want to pay more than 50 K for it. I’m not at the point where I can throw an extra 10 K at something just to get it done.

I did make a list in priority order of who I was interested in going after, and I have partial progress on a number of them. I also have some partial completions for cards I don’t think I will ever want, like Guidry, but I hesitate to sell those building block cards because I think I might want to complete the mission someday when they release the next year. At any rate, when I was making my list this morning of how much it would cost to complete the various and sundry cards I ran across Charles Nagy. Even though he was pretty low on my list of pictures, I had partial completion, and the cards needed to complete it were relatively cheap (two cards at 30 to 35k each). So rather than sit around for a few days and try to complete Piazza (who is my #1 choice) I decided to do Nagy right now. So I did! I figure by the time I have the PP to finish off Piazza the prices will have calmed down a little bit.

I didn’t play last year but did the year before. And back then I could usually find deals on the AH by checking for auctions that were close to ending and the price was still low. This year it seems like all the auctions have a start price very close to the Buy Now price. Or the Start price is right at the Last Ten price and the Buy Now price is just insanely high. So I’ve found almost no deals. To the point I’m only looking in the AH for specific position needs (if Im looking at all) and not even attempting to find deals.

I use the auction house to fulfill Live Series missions, but I have hardly used it at all to fill specific positions. As for Build-A-Legend missions, sometimes I use the AH to fulfill bronze BAL missions, but the higher missions are pretty expensive.

Now that my OL team has finished the Live missions, I’m not sure what to do, beyond playing tournaments. I have about 160,000 in the bank, and I don’t want to blow it all on one or two players or BAL missions.

I wanted to develop a PP stream with my PP (as opposed to buying players to improve my team straight out). That’s because eventually you advance so far that the PP from the weekly league is fairly small, much smaller than you need to improve. So I worked on getting some tournament teams set up - I’ve got my bronze, a silver team and sort of have gold/iron teams. Once I had those more or less established I can use any incoming PP to either speculate on players (like find Live players who are mid to high golds who I think will get promoted to Diamond) or work on missions. And I guess you could straight out buy better players. That’s sort of where I am now. Since Annandale has had quite a few good pack drops, I have turned to getting the BAL players.

My BFF team is still investing in cards - I’ve got my bronze tourney team set up so I don’t need to spend any more on that. And I got a lucky drop of the HP Orlando Cepeda which sold for like 150k and with that I have purchased as many non-mission golds as I could. I figure that eventually those golds will be used in missions and when they are, their prices will go up. So I’m trolling the AH looking for good deals on golds. Since they are not in missions right now they are almost always pretty inexpensive. If my theory works out then over the course of the season I should be able to sell these gold for a lot. If my theory is wrong then I guess I bought a bunch of gold cards! But it feels like a better use of PP than anything else I could think of.

I ranked the BAL missions in my priority order and then I looked at what cards I had and from that I determined which ones to go after. It is expensive to buy the building blocks but unless you get lucky pack drops it’s mandatory if you want to complete the missions (which I do). So maybe I will only complete 1 to 3 of the BAL missions. That’s cool, I enjoy working on them.

I played far less tournaments this week than previously. Still got a decent amount of packs, but I probably need to try harder this week. It will be nice once the mobile version releases.

I’ve been playing a few tournaments but doing less well. I am considering moving on from Bronze. It feels like the recognized pool of “good” bronze players is small enough that everyone is more or less using the same guys. And with that, it feels like it often comes down to a roll of the die (or is this me just not being very good??). I think (hope) that silver and or gold would have a much greater pool of players from which to choose, making it more interesting if nothing else.

If I could noodle around with a gold team easily I’d probably try that but the roster management is such a pain that I’m not sure I want to bother. Realistically I think my limit is time at the computer not the fact that the bronze teams are settling out to known players.

There seem to be lots of gold tourneys with long lead-up times – daily gold Bo7, for example, but also a Thursday jackpot with a 50,000 PP reward. Maybe try signing up for one of those and then setting your roster at leisure? The obstacle for me is that I doubt I have a deep enough gold roster.

In other news, my Red Sox again made the World Series, and again lost. So I guess we now have 1946 and 1967 under our belts. Next up, 1975 and 1986! And maybe a frisson of 1978.

But we did win our first OL championship, so there’s that!

I agree with @Spock – if you want a leisurely roster building experience pick a tournament that doesn’t start for a while and build your team in there. Save it, and then use that saved roster to enter the tournament you were truly interested in. It is definitely a bit cloudy but it works.

Annandale won their bronze league yesterday (and the OL championship also). This morning I had three tournament packs got HP Jimmy Collins out of one of them. I have had some incredible pack luck with that team.

The pick a tournament that doesn’t start for a while i a nice tip but I was mostly referring to the mess that is sorting, comparing, and selecting players. Especially in the capped tournaments when you add in the idea of trading off to save cap room to the other factors.

The tournament team construction UI definitely needs work.