Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

@lostcawz, I lost track of what happened – did our teams meet in the playoffs? One of my teams did advance to the Conference Series, but we lost 4 games to 2. I think my other team lost in the first round of the playoffs. The Curse continues!

@vyshka , I think Bar Harbor just tangled with Texarkana in the first of three-game regular-season series in Silver. The game went to 17 innings! My guys won thanks to a 2-RBI single by Alan Trammel in the top of the 17th. But with that fearsome lineup of yours, I’m bracing for two tough games playing against you in your home park.

They can’t hit to save their life, so no worries. I feel sorry for the pitching staff :). I think in Gold last year they were 2nd in runs allowed, but they were scoring so little it didn’t matter. I need to spend some time trying to fixi them at some point.

I found out yesterday that Washington lost a play-in game for the second WC spot in my Diamond league. That’s much better than I expected they would do so I was pleased.

I expect to tread ground this week since I don’t have any real collection goals. That means my teams will be about as strong as last week, which means mediocre. It is what it is.

Nah. I won my first game then lost the rest so didn’t make it past the first round. I think you won your first series but haven’t logged back in since yesterday to check what happened.

OOTP Go is out! It looks great on my iPad, and it’s even playable on my iPhone. Some screens are actually easier to use than the desktop version. I’m less thrilled with the lineup/depth charts screen; there’s less info on the screen than in the PC version, though you can certainly find it all in GO with a click or two.

For PT, this will really help me while I’m traveling in July and August.

I’m finding it a bit more fiddly. Since I’m working from home, it’s pretty easy for me to log into the app and spam tournaments. The tournament interface is not easier on the mobile app (which is what I was hoping). What I’d give for a screen that accurately showed you how many tournaments you were entered int!

That and saving multiple login credentials that you can pick from a dropdown would be 2 of most wanted things.

One thing I did find out is you can log in to OOTP Go with one account and to the desktop app with a different account, so if you have 2 teams you can be logged in to both simultaneously.

That’s good to know. I actually asked about the multiple login issue on the forums, because that’s a top issue for me too. No reply. I could swear we were able to log in from a dropdown menu a couple years ago.

One thing I like about GO is that it remembers some of my settings, like Missions “Completion % descending”, so that I can see what’s closest to completion. The desktop app always forgets this.

I still don’t love the depth chart page of GO, though.

The UI of The GO app is too much like the desktop version. I get that you want to reuse some structure, but it feels like their first step was to recompile them code using with the ‘mobile’ switch turned on, and then they tweaked it here and there. For instance, try going to a tournament you’re in and clicking to expand it. Then for fun try scrolling the list of teams in the tournament. You got to click on a microscopic scroll bar next to a second microscopic scroll bar. It’s difficult enough to do this with a mouse on my computer but it’s darn near impossible to do it on a mobile device your finger.

So while I applaud the app showing up, it definitely could use some improvements in the next version.

Glad yall mentioned GO app, it’s helped me check on things while I was at the office earlier this week. I was able ton enter tournaments pretty easily, but doing a lot of work on my PT team would be difficult on my phone.

Having a good season. After a slow start, I’ve been able to take the lead in my division and stay pretty much 4-6 games ahead of my closest rival. I love that when I add a new player that no matter how good the ratings of the card are, they just get destroyed for a while. I mean, I’m assuming that’s just what it seems like, but damn. Still, my big purchase from last season David Justice is finally playing average ball at least. Not what I expect from a legend like him, but I’ll take it over the sub-Mendoza Line trash I got with him his first season and a half in my lineup.

The GO app is a horrible interface but it is nice to deal with tournaments while away from the computer.

I still feel that my team is weak for Gold but we are chugging along in first place. No luck recently on pulls so my progress towards another BAL/FH combo is slow. I’m starting to look at some of the missions and think of them as purely collecting. Dave Parker for example. I doubt I’d ever play him over Enos Slaughter or Harold Baines but I have much more of a connection to him as a player. This type of thinking might not be very good for my team going forwards. Or it might be great because afterall it seems like the final Pittsburgh FH is probably Honus Wagner!

For me the GO App is big step forward, because now I can join tournaments when I’m running around town, which I’m doing with increasing frequency.

Also, for my arthritic hands, the UI is a huge improvement over OOTP desktop, which is infuriatingly mouse-based. Tapping a screen on my iPad is a lot easier on my hands than mousing or using my trackpad. Even a simple thing like choosing two tournaments is much more comfortable for me on the iPad – I just tap on two buttons instead of having to click or use a mousepad plus autohotkeys.

The absence of hotkeys remains my #1 issue with OOTP desktop. In PT, I have to reset the few they let us make, the custom F1-F9 hotkeys, every week because the hotkeys poof when the new season starts. Non-PT modes are even worse, because they involve more clicking-and-dragging than does PT. I’ve posted about hotkeys repeatedly on the OOTP forums, with every new iteration, and the devs have never replied. It’s just not a priority for them.

So yeah, OOTP GO’s UI could use improvement. But for me, it is a vast improvement over OOTP desktop.

I was able to hold off my challenger to win my division by one game, even though I dropped two of my final three games. It was a fun season where I did a little tinkering that seemed to actually work. I’ll be getting promoted as well so it’s probably back to mediocrity for me next week.

Even won a few bronze tournaments this week so I can’t complain about that either.

Hm, let’s see. Both my teams exceeded expectations this year, with Annandale leading their division pretty much from start to end in Diamond. We ended up winning 98 games. Washington flirted with a division lead but ended up at 84-78, which seems pretty respectable to me.

Annandale is still trying to spend all the PP they have accumulated in selling the Negro League cards, and I’m trying to get the pieces for the Build-A-Legend Pete Rose. It’s difficult since I won’t overpay, so I have been trying and failing so far. But I suppose it will happen eventually, and I can be patient.

Not sure what Washington is going to do with their cash. Trying to figure out my short term goal for them.

Texarkana made the silver finals, and are down 2-3 at the moment with 2 home games left. Cedar Rapids and Chandler both are sitting above relegation in gold, but were not in playoff contention.

Surprisingly Silly Mad Brewers have made it to Diamond! The offense is solid but I didn’t think that the pitching was enough. I was clearly wrong.

I don’t have any great moves to improve the team to get ready for Diamond. I do have a dilemma at 1b and dh as the incombent duo of Sisler and Frank Thomas is strong enough that it hurts to bench one of them for our only really significant new player in Jeff Bagwell. Does anyone know how the game handles SP used as RP? I know that the extra bump in Stuff is history but I seem to remember seeing something about penalizing SP in an attempt to keep RP relevant.

Congrats on getting to diamond!

Bagwell is an interesting card. I didn’t like how the card performed and since I figured the price will only go down, Annandale sold theirs. I am using Freddy Freeman and Frank Thomas as my 1b platoon. It’s a tough choice though since there are so many good 1b/DH candidates nowadays!

SP no longer get a bump when they act as RP. In fact, I have heard it said that some SP get a negative adjustment to stuff when they move to RP. I haven’t seen it though.

I generally keep a SP in the bullpen for long relief. And I’ve often swapped SPs who are on a bad streak into this role and move the long relief SP into a starting role for a bit. I don’t dig into the numbers enough to tell if SPs get a boost or drop in effectiveness while in the RP role.