Out of the Park Baseball X

If I recall there are some OOTP fans here so I figured I’d let everyone know: This comes out in a few weeks and we’re forming a league.

If you’re interested:

Should be a lot of fun – no OOTP experience needed – it does help if you like baseball, though.


Ah fudge. I forgot to preorder when they were offering a deal. Curious to see what improvements Markus has made this time around.

It’s still $29.99 if you pre-order. Wasn’t that always the deal?

Update/patch has been released for PC versions (Mac & Linux will be tomorrow)
version 10.4.29

  • Added a new pitching rotation mode called “Strict, highest rested on occasion” (improves realism of number of games started in modern leagues)
  • League strategy settings now allow you to select the AI’s preferred rotation mode
  • Pitchers can now be locked into a specific role on the player strategy screen
  • The league free agents list screen now displays contract demands by the players
  • Historical players now import with their proper uniform number
  • Added a new checkbox to the single historical player import dialog, allowing to import the player into a draft pool
  • Improved stability and performance for HTML and FTP
  • Players on DL must now come off DL when they are healthy and DL time is served (non-online leagues only)
  • Improved roster and contract AI
  • New failure recovery system to prevent loss of data
  • New maximized and user defined window size display mode
  • Fixed many bugs