Out with Wargame, In with Act of Agression

but it will have two singleplayer campaigns and “traditional RTS storytelling.” There will also be multiplayer modes, and “infantry, mechanized vehicles, tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, and super weapons,” each of which will earn you experience and “unlock skills and abilities to turn the tide of war by specializing them in roles, such as anti-air, anti-tank, etc…”. It’s interesting to reach the YouTube comments underneath, with all the nervous questions about whether this represents Eugen’s attempt to “dumb down” their games and court a console crowd

So instead of continuing the Wargame series, they are returning to the old “Act of War” series, more or less, with more traditional RTS building and resources. Details are still scarce, but could be this seen as a defeat to the Wargame model?

Oh, hey.

Eugen has been planning to do this game for a while now, so I wouldn’t call this a defeat of the Wargame model as such. It’s more of a return to their roots. My biggest gripe about AoA is that its dev cycle is taking resources away from Red Dragon’s post release support, but I really liked Act of War and am interested to see what they do with this one.

There aren’t a lot of ideas for Wargame expansions at this point, anyway. C’est la vie.

I thought this was the first news of this game, oops!

Base building? Boo!

Which is fine. I need fewer games to play.

If they change the formula to make it a better game than the Wargame series, maybe that’s a good thing.

Honestly base building might actually improve it by not having the game be at its maximum intensity 3 minutes in.

So the game is out, anyone going to take the plunge?

The other thread is also out. :) And yes, I just did.