Outcast 2

Don’t think the sequel has its own thread, but Outcast 2 is incoming, 25 years on. March 15.

Obligatory “Fuck, I’m old…”
That said, it does look rather nice. Bit of Just Cause, with a heavy Morrowind Cliffracer flavor and hints of Elex.

That jetpack/wingsuit looks particularly fun.

It’s very cool they’re getting a chance to make this. The first one was such an original game, it just did things differently than every other action-adventure. I don’t know how much of the original team is involved, but I’ll be interested what they do in this era where the conventions for open world action-adventure games are so much more established.

Shame this is coming out a week from Horizon Forbidden West on PC. I hope they don’t split the low-tech-world-injected-with-hi-tech audience. Although I guess Cutter was the hi-tech injection, while Aloy mainly shoots it.

On sale pre-orders at Allyoucanplay:

Needs the coupon ALLYOUCANPLAY entered for another 10% off.

Demo on Steam this week:

A part of me always hoped a sequel would only be done when Voxels could stage a comeback on really powerful computers.

Oh you’re kidding - triffic :)

There was some voxel game I was just reading about… What was that? Maybe Enshrouded?

What a coincidence. I’m currently playing Outcast right now. Janky but sort of holds up.

Had a quick look - no surprises, no problems. Favourite thing - when swimming you can activate your jetpack to jet through the water.

I don’t think I knew that. BRB, gotta reinstall.


So it’s… a pretty enjoyable videogame. All the usual systems are present and correct. Coupla guns, shield/melee thing, jetpack, alien egg firing mortar, special powers. Upgrades based on different colours of pickup. Ubiactivities scattered round plot stuff. It’ll probably stand or fall on writing, and whether lengthy conversations with sarcastic locals are entertaining or not.

Probably the jetpack is the most fun thing from the demo. Jetpacks are cool. It provides the fast-basic-movement mode that Starfield lacked.

It’s just a little a bit Fisher Price for me. Big multicolored baubles shower out from dead enemies and the TV-friendly UI is a bit too big. Combat isn’t especially weighty.

I’d be in if Forbidden West weren’t ziplining over the horizon.

Edit: Starfield not Skyrim :)

How was the performance for you? There’s a bit of moaning and groaning about that on the steam boards, and I don’t trust those one bit…

Fine. 5800x and 4070. Wouldn’t be surprised if it hitched a bit on lower systems. It’s UE4.

Looks like there’s a demo up on consoles and Steam.

Finally got around to trying the demo.
Controls are okay, the traversal with the gliding is pretty nifty, and the visuals are great, but the demo straight up tried to murder my rig.
Ryzen 7 5700G with a 3060Ti, so slightly dated hardware here; Framerate was wobbly even with frame limitation or Vsync, and my GPU fans were holding on for their dear life no matter the detail level I picked.
The wobbly FPS are probably the usual UE4 shader shenanigans, but the GPU load gives me pause.

I hope the release version is better optimized - the basics look pretty good.

They claimed to have improved the stutter in a patch to that demo - so that might be the improved version you’re playing :/

Fingers crossed ulukai :)