Outcast may return, with original devs


I bought Outcast on GOG a while ago, so was inspired by this thread to reinstall it. I’d never played it past the first world (Shamazaar, I think) back in the day, but always had fond memories of it.

Besides the amazing score and the voxel-tastic graphics, a few other innovations stand out – stuff that is pretty impressive for 1999.

  • Large open world, with interiors and exteriors existing seamlessly together
  • NPCs who don’t quite have complex schedules a la Elder Scrolls, but definitely wander and do their own thing
  • Handy NPC-finder dialogue option that feels organic and believable
  • A huge amount of recorded audio dialogue, and the voice acting isn’t half-bad

Think I’ll keep poking around again, for old time’s sake.

I also stalled out on the very end of the first world (putting those things in the correct order in the various shrines), though I’m definitely interested in completing it. But yeah—amazing audio and visuals. Nothing else from that era had such wonderful, organic outdoor environments.

Made my evening noticing this. I hope they push the boundaries with this new game as much as the original did relative to its time. Skyrim in spaaaaace!!!

I’m tried to create one last night, but for some reason it won’t recognize the arrows assignment. I try working on it this weekend.

On a different matter, it plays in a small part in the middle of the screen. Is it possible to make it play full screen?

Bump. An updated version of Outcast is hitting Steam tomorrow.

Outcast 1.1 has been recompiled from the original source code and improved to run smoothly on today’s computers. The main improvements compared to the original version are: multithreaded voxel renderer for higher performances, software bilinear filtering on polygonal meshes, part of the HUD redesigned to match higher resolutions, new high-resolution sky paintings, new launcher, native support of xbox gamepad, user-friendly controller configuration, a lot of bugs fixed and improved stability.

Awesome, always wanted to try this game out. I even bought it on GoG but never got around to installing the HD mod. Seems like this will be a nice all-in-one solution for players like me. I just hope there’s going to be some aim assist for the gamepads cough.

Thumbs up. Outcast was one of those games that really got me into PC gaming.

I have the one installed under All Time Greats - can’t see a price for this?

I played it briefly back when it was released and loved what I saw. Especially the fact that everyone living in the world had their own schedules and they went to work everyday. I didn’t see a good implementation of that again until Gothic. But those voxels, man, so hard on the eyes. I bet modern machines can push out a lot more voxels, if they can take advantage of multiple cores at least. If not, they should still be able to get a much higher resolution than back then.

Looks like the GOG version has been updated as well. What a fantastic Christmas gift to not only see this game given new life, but in the form of a free update as well!

Oh, sweet! I was feeling a little sad that I couldn’t justify buying the game for a third time.

Oh THAT is wonderful. I might buy it anyway on Steam just to be supportive of fantastic people like this.

Aggh, I already owned the GOG version and just bought it on Steam!

Oh well… more money to good people, as Brian says.

Well I don’t know about the Steam version, but I’m having issues with the GOG version. Not only is the game only utilizing one of my i5’s cores (so framerate is basically single digits in 1920x1080), but I haven’t heard one note of the wonderful soundtrack.

I saw a lot of complaints on the GOG forum for the game, too. Did they botch this up?

I’m wondering if the issues only affect XP users. The guy on the GOG forum says the soundtrack works on his Vista system, but not XP. I’m also using XP on here so that might be it. Maybe multicore support only works on Vista+ as well.

The developer has already released like three or four updates in the last couple days, but none of them affect what I’m dealing with.

Is there a separate patch for higher resolutions, or is that supposed to be included?

It’s included in the latest build.