Outcast (on GOG.com)

Best possible news, everyone! Outcast is now available from GOG.com for the piddling amount of $5.99! Let the rejoicing commence!

Outcast is one of the best sandbox/action/adventure games ever made. It is an exhilarating adventure in a deep, living and breathing alien world with even its own language. The player is given a large amount of tools and the freedom to solve many interesting quests as she pleases with them.

Outcast is my favourite game ever and it was the best game I had ever played until Flower came out. I have owned Outcast since 2000 but it’s hard to run on modern PCs. Hopefully GOG has ironed out the kinks. I expect we will find out in this thread.

Needless to say, I immediately bought the game from GOG. I’ll report here after I’ve had a chance to download and run it, hopefully within the next twelve hours.

Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip! They keep earning my subscription fee many times over with vital stuff like this!

I already own retail version (never played it) and I want to buy GOG one too, but I will wait for first reports on how it works before biting.I am looking forward to trying it finally.

Yup waiting on whether it works good on Windows 7 64bit or not.
Instant buy then along with MOO 1+2. :)

Much respect to RPS, Jarmo, but this was announced here in the GOG thread an hour before you posted this. I’m certainly not opposed to a thread dedicated to this, though. I never played Outcast. Any idea how it would appear to someone like me? I’m really asking about graphics/UI and such.

And of course it works with 64 bit. It’s GOG! That’s what they do, right? ummm…right?

I think “Interstate’76” still doesn’t run fluid and Commandos has some issues, too.
GoG is very good but not perfect (nobody is). :)

I do not remember this game at all. Was it published in the US?

It was famously a low res voxel-based title. It’ll look pretty odd on a big screen I suspect, unless gogmagic has done something to it. Still, for $6, it’s definitely worth it if you’re interested in early 3d open worlds.

Unfortunately I haven’t followed that thread. RPS breached the news for me and I want to give credit where it’s due.

Any idea how it would appear to someone like me? I’m really asking about graphics/UI and such.

I’ll have to get back to you on this after I have some actual experience with the GOG version. The original resolution was low (512*384?) and unusually the game uses voxels, not polygons for 3D graphics. In 1999, it was all good. Large open spaces, nice looking vistas and alien looking aliens.

For a sneak preview, here’s the GOG Outcast forum. Early adopter issues seem to have started to crop up. I suppose this is a normal postnatal situation for an old game, maybe an experienced GOG customer can confirm? This is my first game from them.

I have no problems with older games’ graphics and I am interested in trying this game out, but I do have one hang up. Can anyone tell me if this game supports game pads? I really prefer joysticks to keyboard + mouse control schemes.

I just checked the manual and you can play with a 4-axis joystick. I have a gamepad so I can test it later.

Cool Jarmo, would like to hear how your test works out.

Word from the forums is that Outcast does work with Windows 7 64-bit.

What is this game like?

We need an Outcast on GOG subforum.

I never did finish this game. I thought it was beautiful and brilliant, but the timing was always wrong for me to get into it.

This is one of those games I got about half way through, and then switched computers and it never ran again. Lots of fond memories of this game though, all those rice paddies, and Delta Force II style voxols…once i hear it runs on 64bW7 I am so in.

If anyone hears that it runs well on Win 7/64 bit, let us know. Back in the day, I bought this game and my computer just couldn’t handle it. I’ve always heard such good things about it.

I played this maybe 5 years ago and there was some way to hack the resolution up to 640x480 at least, which makes more of a difference than you would expect.

Apparently it does.

Yeah, it works beautifully. Just install, and then run the shortcut. Voila. Outcast. No need to mess with the hundreds of .ini files that come with the game. This is windows 7-64bit.