Outcast Second Contact

The incredible clunky combat was enough to abandon this game. In this age it’s just too bad, pity because I was intrigued with the setting.


I just found out about the existence of this thing, because GOG has it on sale. Does it play the same? Does it feel the same? Is there a point to its existence? Or should I just go back and play the original?

I played it earlier this year and enjoyed it a lot. It makes Outcast very well playable even to my spoiled eyes.
My impressions from when I just finished it

Started playing finally, on wednesday (I have flu, leave me alone) and finished it today morning, about 20 hours all in all.

I can see why this game was revolutionary. For 1999 it must have been fucking mindblowing back in the day, for those few people who could run it. It is like a prototype of all the (good) open world games that came later (from Gothic to Witcher 3).

Fun story and characters, great atmosphere and that music…it is just perfect.

Combat was super simple and easy, but it never became bothersome.

I am glad I bought it. Shame it sold few copies that even with extremely low budget of this remake, they probably lost a lot of money.

Agree with Paul_cze. Unless you feel nostalgic for the old artwork, I would definitely recommend the Second Contact version. Outcast version 1.1 (an “enhanced” version released earlier) also has an updated control scheme–which is the biggest outstanding issue with the original–but Second Contact smooths out some additional rough edges.

Thanks, dudes.

I actually bought 1.1 (I think) from GOG but never played it past the first minute of running around the into village. Maybe afraid a replay wouldn’t be as good as my first experience, maybe just not wanting to commit to the immense action-adventure.

Free giveaway for 24hrs:

Guess its time for another playtrough after almost 20 years.

Thanks for heads up!

Thanks for the tip, snapped it up!

Grabbed it. Thanks!

Now someone remake Nomad Soul.