Outer Wilds - a solar system trapped in a time loop.

The rumor view in the ship’s log will tell you whether you’ve found everything. Look for the orange circle on the icon. I think it keys off just the diaries etc, so if there’s other kinds of discoveries like items/switches/shortcuts, they won’t count.

(But in this specific case, yes, there is more.)

Like @Nightgaunt, I’ve really been struggling with this one so thanks for the tip. I’ve discovered some crazy things while playing (like the tiny Fig backer satellite in a distant orbit, and ‘destroying the fabric of spacetime’ ending at the High Energy Lab – much to my surprise and horror) but this just totally eluded me. I’ll be damned if I could recall even minor clues pointing to this particular approach, and I’ve revisited numerous sites in the hopes of finding something. Anything.

The double tower is suspicious and intriguing but beyond that I found little to suggest the warp tower with the broken top was even functional; all the functioning warp towers have a golden reticule. Not to mention, every other warp core points to another astral body and only warps when you’re aligned. This one should never really lose its alignment and yet it is still very specific with the timing, and under a sand column no less! Gah.

Anyway, I’ll have to try this tomorrow. Spent many loops and hours tonight trying to get into the Ash Twin Project before venturing back into this thread, defeated… I feared this obstacle would be my undoing! Every other one I’ve managed to work out with some moments of inspiration.

Nevertheless, this has been a remarkable experience. Not much more to go now, unfortunately…

Okay, so the astral alignment is the Ember Twin and the sand column is the big visual indicator, but unlike every other warp tower in the game, the projection is reversed so you need the alignment of Ember Twin to warp/push you away and into… Ash Twin. It’s a weird inconsistency that I hope they address. The golden reticules (as well as the game telling you to look up at them) are a good indicator of pull warping so I can’t help but feel that the broken top of the tower could have been a better clue. It seemed to me like the warp tower was just broken and not functional, after all, the warp across the bridge takes you to Ember Twin so… what’s this one for? Looking back, that’s a clue in itself! I think I’d prefer the tower to be intact and open top still (so the sand column is still an obstacle), but instead of a golden reticule, have an open golden rim that subtly differs to the others. I think that might be just enough to make people question the nature of its unique warping.

Phew, finished. I think I need to go and lie down.

One of my favourite games.

I agree it’s an exceptional experience.

From a sharing standpoint the game is at a disadvantage though as it’s really tough to discuss anything from the game without revealing some of the content that makes the game.

It’s difficult enough to get people to try out an awesome game you can’t really spoil like say Slay the Spire. How except by repeating “it’s an awesome handcrafted exploration experience” do you sell Outer Wilds? :P

Yeah exactly. I’ve been trying with friends today though! :-) The trailer on the main site is evocative without being too specific but it’s definitely hard to get across just how uniquely brilliant Outer Wilds is.

Coming from Return of the Obra Dinn, I don’t think I’ve had this level of quality back-to-back before. I was buzzing after that and even more so after this. Good times!

I almost ordered one of those 299 xbox one x’s to play this and couch Sea of Thieves with my kiddo…but OMG…how many hours in a day are there for family, dogs, work, yard, music hobbies, etc…I “dont” need this.

Those could be my consecutive games of the years 2018-2019!

Obra Dinn was engaging within the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately, this game is not.

Tromping around the homeworld is longer than necessary and while it’s cool that it teaches you just about everything you need in a hands-on way, I think it’s also a kind of tedious way. It’s sort of too bad you can’t get straight into the flying and exploring (I mean, you can, but you’ll crash). But I don’t think it takes more than 15 minutes to get to the point where the hook can sink in!

I dunno, as I mentioned up thread, opening your eyes to a planet looming directly above (and potentially something else), a small explosion in front of it, something shooting off and then something else flying past was enough to make me go ‘I want to find out what’s going on up there’, right off the bat. Everything else during the intro is tilling the soil and planting the seeds.

Besides, as @Nightgaunt said, it doesn’t have to take you long, depending on how much you want to discover before leaving. I spent ages exploring Timber Hearth before nervously and excitedly setting off into space. I also think it’s important you get a strong sense of ‘home’ at Timber Hearth before you leave, rather than waking up and jetting off straight away.

And why haven’t I seen @BrianRubin in here?

Well, I asked for a key and haven’t heard back, cat died, got a new cat, old cat got sick, and now I’m sick.

So… Been kinda busy.

Oh I’m sorry to hear it Brian. Hope you and old kitty get better soon.

He’s on the mend, thankfully. Went from eating and drinking nothing to being force fed with a baby syringe to eating and drinking on his own as of today. It’s been a ride.

But yeah, I’d love to play this. I just wanna make sure I’m not getting a key before I spring for it.

So I went to fire this up to show my girlfriend the ending after harping on about the whole experience for the best part of two weeks, and before I loaded it there was an update…

Looks like they’ve tried to address the Ash Twin warp tower problem. They even made the warp pads pulse so you know when they’re active.

Couple of pics

Jason Schreier loves it.

It’s a good reminder to me that once I stop getting distracted by the latest Game Pass quest, I should return to this game. I feel kind of bad that I never bought this, never showed my support financially. (It was given to me via Mixpot for watching E3 stuff).

Pets, WTF

They’re worth all our time and energy because we love them?

Ugh this game has been so fantastic, but now that I"m reaching towards the end it’s getting extremely frustrating, especially all the time restricted activities.

I had to look up how to get into the sun station warp tower, I would have never had guessed you had to be there precisely in some 30 second window. Now every time I need to go there it’s a frustratingly boring 5 minute wait until I can get to that 30 second windw.

I have to go there multiple times because so far in my 3 attempts to get from one side to the other has resulted in failure and getting sucked into the sun. Looked up a Youtube video and saw someone just casually go from one side to the other… I saw someone in this thread mention not to touch your thruster once you walk off so maybe that will do it but this whole thing is not fun at all

I spent a ton of time trying to get into the quantum tower on Brittle Hollow. 2 loops later I found it at the other side of the black hole, and frantically fought the annoying controls trying to read everything in the few minutes I had before the supernova killed me. I don’t know if I read everything but the log doesn’t have an asterik. No idea what quantum rule I was supposed to learn from that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Spent 2 loops trying to figure out what I was missing in the sunless city. Apparently I had just not read one bit of text in the middle about how I need to use a warp tower to get to the sun station (duh, somewhere else already told me that

I made it to the Vessel but I can’t seem to make it there with enough fuel to get out. I think I have everything in there but the 3 sided thing so I guess I’m destined to go back at another point. I"m running out of places to find the answer to that puzzle though since I only have the ash twin, interloper, core of Giant’s Deep, and quantum moon remaining

I assume there’s more to the core of Giant’s Deep than the electrified outside, and I assume that I have to go inside the jellyfish at the Feldspar section where it explicitly says they insulate you from electricity. However, my one attempt failed and I kept getting electrocuted, but it’s been so long since I went to the feldspar I guess I just don’t remember where I have to “enter” the jellyfish and it’s not obvious from just looking at it (it wasn’t when I was at Feldspar either). I"m not looking forward to 1-2 more loops of trying that again.

I may just start looking at guides soon because these frustrations are starting to sully what’s been a really great experience up until now.

Those are definitely familiar frustrations. I started to get a little fed up at the end as well, but the desire to see it through kept me going, and overall it’s very much worth it. They needed to take a little extra time to clean up some of the kludgy bits (like the jellyfish–I don’t think I quite figured out the trick there, either, but just eventually fumbled my way through it). Most of the timing-based sequences with some waiting stayed fun for me most of the time, but man did I hate when I had to start all over because of a stupid mistake.

The game is certainly not perfect, but its virtues sure outweighed its downsides for me!