Outer Wilds - a solar system trapped in a time loop.

Well I was going to take a video of my enraging sun station escapades so everyone could see I’m not crazy (I forgot XB1 has that feature) but of course once I decide to do it the game cooperates and I make it to the other side.

Right before the ending almost made me rage until I managed to get myself out of the odd situation I was in.

So I get to the eye, go up the hole in the sky at the south pole, get transported back to the dark version of Hearth, go up the observatory and interact with the galaxy, the stars appear, I float towards them and I hit ground, all the lights representing stars exploding all go away so it’s completely dark, I accidentally hit jump boost and since there’s no gravity I propell myself upwards into the black abyss. I"m completely unable to figure out where the hell I am. Everything black, even with my flashlight on. I can’t tell what’s up/down/left/right/etc… Luckily after 10 minutes of going “I’m not repeating that run” I finally managed to somehow hit the ground.

Did everything but the 6th location, cause, well it wasn’t exactly clear to me how to get there. Well I know “how” to get there but I couldn’t figure out the riddle and it was getting late.

Edit: Just looked up the 6th location.

bleh I never noticed the door can be closed on the inside. I had a feeling turning the light off to transport would be the solution but I couldn’t figure out how to make it dark. I’m disappointed in myself :(

I had a lot of trouble with the sun station the first couple of times because I was trying to pilot myself there and it turns out I was a lot more successful just coasting straight across.

I saw a walkthrough video where someone left their ship behind to go to the vessel and that totally perplexed me. Is it easier to get past the anglerfish that way, maybe?

@LMN8R – You said getting to the vessel is quick and easy after the first time? Did I miss something? I ended up basically following my original path there every time I attempted it, including firing a probe through the flower where the dead Nomai crew are. I think I tried once heading straight toward the red bloom, but it seemed to be guarded so I gave up on it (plus I didn’t think I would know where to go once I got in there).

When I tried without the scout I got lost, every time! Follow distress beacon > follow light trail > scout in seed > follow duplicate signal into red portal > drift past anglers > navigate to scout > find vessel That got me there reliably and quickly enough.

I’ve seen people say that it’s easier to get by them without the ship, because the jetpack is quieter.

Once you’ve been to the Vessel once, you can just select it in your ship log and get a waypoint to it.

Haha, from experience I wouldn’t trust my jetpack!

There’s actually a video on youtube of someone doing a full run of the game using jetpack only :)

I just did my final run yesterday and yeah it was pretty quick overall.

Use your signal locator, quickly fly to it, quickly follow lanterns, shoot the probe, follow the probe, slowly go by the angler fish, reach the vessel

Lots of steps but only took me a few minutes all together. After doing so I also read a shortcut:

Once you’ve been to the vessel once, you can mark it as a destination using a ship log, so you don’t need to go to the beacon first and can instead just head directly to it

I also tried heading directly to the red dot, but it turns out that’s all randomized so it’s not a guaranteed way to get to where you want to go.

Yes! I saw that but didn’t have time to watch it! It sounds crazy.

Oh right! I didn’t figure out this trick when I had almost entirely finished the game. Maybe I did use that the last time through?

Oh, I knew you could waypoint places but never thought to do that!

I haven’t tried this game yet. But judging from people’s reactions, is this anyone’s GOTY?

I’ve played Quadrilateral Cowboy and Return of the Obra Dinn this year and never expected Outer Wilds to stand alongside them. The only way is down after that run!

It’ll be very high up on my 100 top games of all time list, put it that way. I should get back to that…

Yes, mine.

Absolutely mine so far.

Aye, if it wasn’t clear: mine too.

Can’t really argue with this conclusion:

“Outer Wilds is easily my game of the year thus far, and continues to move up the list of my personal favorite games of all time. It’s an experience I genuinely cannot stop thinking about, managing to encompass everything I love about the adventure gaming genre and the smart sci-fi musings of my all-time favorite authors. The few negatives brought on by the time loop at the game’s core are universally outweighed by the pioneering spirit cultivated throughout. I urge you to seek out Outer Wilds if you can, if only to try out what is surely one of the greatest adventure games ever created. 5/5”

It has to compete with One Finger Death Punch 2 for the absolute top spot, and I have an almost irrational love for that game, but it will definitely be giving it a run for its money.

New Patch Incoming
We’ve been hard at work on improving the game based on all of the feedback we’ve been receiving. While our last patch was more of an emergency fix patch, this one has a bit more in the way of improvements. As before, we will do full patch notes when we release the patch later, but here is a sneak peak of some of the things we’re including:

New Feature: Sleep to pass time! A lot of players have been requesting a way to skip forward in time. Because physics is simulated in Outer Wilds it isn’t quite as simple as moving a time slider forward (which is why we didn’t already have it in the game), but we’ve found a way to allow you to pass time a bit more quickly by snoozing at campfires.

Endgame Tweaks: We’ve heard resounding feedback about a certain area of confusion towards the end of the game, and we’ve taken significant steps to improve it. We’ve tweaked level design and clarified writing in several areas to make certain clues more clear, as well as adding an entirely new clue to help players deduce the way forward.

FOV Slider in Options Menu: We’re adding adjustable FOV so that players who experience motion sickness can tweak their settings to be more comfortable.

HUD Improved Aspect Ratio Support: The in-game HUD now supports arbitrary aspect ratios, so users with 4:3 or double 16:9 monitor setups can have a much more usable interface.

Bug fixes: We’ve fixed a wide variety of bugs from Ultrawide resolutions not showing up to fixing areas where Brittle Hollow fragments were clipping through areas they shouldn’t and killing players unexpectedly. We will detail out the various bug fixes in our actual patch notes.

The podcast Music Respawn has an interview with the composer of Outer Wilds.

What’s the ETA for the latest patch do we know?