Outer Wilds - a solar system trapped in a time loop.

I mean, it’s an enormous amount of time to do any one thing, but if you’re trying to achieve 2-3 things during the same cycle, you might get the frustrating situation where your time is cut short before you get to complete what you’re doing. I know I did.

But that’s just a part of the design you have to live with. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and all that. It’s a brilliant game.

That’s really all you need to hear.

Timber H(Earth)

(source: APOD: 2021 March 5 - A Little Like Mars)

First thing, I haven’t read anything in the thread, because this has been my most anticipated game since the incredible tech demo.
I finally got a computer able to run it, so I jumped into it, twice…
And am desperately freaked out :O

I always have had a phobia of planets and stars, but the scale of the game turns this to the 1000% here. Everything seemingly terrifies me in this game. Did other gentle people around here experience that, and eventually get around it?

am still shivering from going to the moon

That’s interesting. What exactly freaked you out? Was it the sense of “outer-worldiness?” Something about gravity and stars and places foreign and forbidden to our biology? Or about the crazy abnormal enviroments?

I felt mildly that way when I started. I don’t know if it was a factor for you, but part of it was because every planet is dynamically changing over time. It made everything feel HIGHLY unpredictable and scary.

For me, it all faded as I explored and started to understand the planets and the solar system (and how to fly the ship). Don’t stress about dying or losing your ship or ending up somewhere you didn’t intend. Treat everything as a chance to explore and learn something new until you have to restart.

If you’re able to play, I think you’re going to have an AMAZING experience.

As far as my memory can go (my earliest memory is of a book whose pictures mesmerized me when I was 4 years old), I have always been fascinated and scared by astrological bodies and their incomprehensible sizes. It’s not their motions or their otherwordlyness, but their idea, that of their insane size, and probably their unknown nature too. Cosmological horror of the first order!

Be it 2D or 3D, games set in space usually are a bit unsettling to me. Starflight is a good example. Even Escape Velocity or Approaching Infinity. If a game about space doesn’t make me feel uneasy, then something is wrong with it.

In the case of Outer Wilds, I think the perpetual motion and loss of visual marker, which is fundamental to its design, make me especially distressed.
Heck I must have spent most of my first real game session today just staring and scrutinizing the seemingly exploding galaxies everywhere.

Thank you, I will do my best to keep that in mind and not get paralyzed.
I may also try to play on a smaller, 15’’ screen!

(I’ve spoiler tagged two things that you may not have witnessed yet.)

Right there with you! I’m not sure whether it’s the scale or freedom or a mix of things but Outer Wilds gets something right that makes things way more unnerving than I’d expect. Perhaps it’s that you’re not living out some space-faring power fantasy or the vacuum of space is very real and right outside your shed of a ship. You feel vulnerable and out of your depth, but that also makes every step exciting…

All I’ll say is enjoy(?!) the novelty of those initial feelings while they last because the experience changes gears once you start getting familiar with the solar system. Basically what @Nightgaunt said! I am so excited for you.

Am not alone ;_;

I remember one such moment the first time I went to the clockwork place in the alpha… I’m shivering just looking at the map already.

One of the nice things about Outer Wilds is that everyone can find something in the game that terrifies them. Before playing I didn’t even know about my fear of being buried alive!

That’s funny - you’ve reminded me of a fever dream I had when I was a young lad (cue up ‘Comfortably Numb’) that I can’t really even remember anymore. But I do remember how it made me feel, just feeling like a rudderless ship adrift in space between unimaginably vast planets and moons with unimaginably vast spaces between them. Oddly enough, this game didn’t resurrect those feelings. I think because everything was so compressed - the planets were not incredibly huge and were all fairly close together.

I wasn’t expecting an update this far from launch, Very interested to see what form it takes:

Whoa, DLC for one of the best games I’ve ever played? Heck yeah, day one!

Annapurna retweeted that (or embedded it? Replied to it? I don’t know the twitters), so… looks good.

I am over 20+ loops in. I have only explored the moon, some of the home planet side areas, Brittle Hollow, and the Twins…which is probably harder to do multiple tasks due to it’s time sensitive mechanics. Still need to explore more on Ember Twin. Ash Twin feels like a late game area because you can’t really explore anything there until later in the loop giving you even less time to explore.

I am at the end game but

I can’t figure out how to close it out. Full log, no question marks/asterisks EXCEPT for Vessal which is in the foggy can’t see shit “will-o-wisp” horror fright suprise! ship devouring space-fish portal maze AKA Dark Bramble.

And not a fucking clue what I am suppose to do…how did this happen? I entered the three sequence code from the probe tracking module in the electrified sphere at the core of Giant’s Deep into the line puzzle shit on the bridge, it was accepted, then I moved the energy sphere/marble up into the power-on position but nothing happened. Jack shit.

I think there is something you’re missing elsewhere. I spoilered for other people but you should be fine to read it: Is going to the vessel in Dark Bramble the first thing you did at the start of the loop? If so there is still more to do out there.

Weird. I guess I just need to go through all the logs again.

I beat it. I missed a critical thing: The warp cores.

I accessed the Ash Twin project super late and I also missed frobbing the damaged warp core in Vessal to give me those two connected dots which is like…90% of the info you need in order to reach the end-game. I only had the line puzzle code (with all the rest of the backstory)