Outer Wilds - a solar system trapped in a time loop.

I’m very late to the party here, but seeing the DLC talked about recently made me pick up this game for a second time. Initially, I thought it was an amazingly crafted tech demo. But after randomly exploring a few planets and being frustrated at the 22 minute limit, I didn’t finish.

This time, hearing that it was designed as a detective game, I started at a single thread (explore the moon) and explored everything one step at a time. I sought answers to any questions that popped up in the next time loop. And it sucked me in, big time. This was an incredibly satisfying game, with a surprisingly frightening and emotional ending.

I’m skipping recent replies in this thread until I play the DLC, but thanks for the chatter! I’m glad I gave this game a second shot!

Glad you have it a second chance. This game is something special. And going through that story for the first time is such a memorable experience.

The DLC is incredible and somehow elevates the game even further. Enjoy!

I absolutely loved Outer Wilds but the expansion hasn’t grabbed me yet. Wondering if you could let me know if I’m on the precipice of truly appreciating it?

I’ve discovered about 5 slide reels, including one which told me about the secret cave to get to the top of the one tower, and another about doing something to go into one of the paintings. I’ve also found a couple of artifacts, and got to the hidden “stilt village” place.

But so far, I’m having trouble connecting the dots about how to use the artifacts, how to enter the painting in those…rooms, etc.

Any very light hints to point me in the right direction? And I’m curious if “incredible” is coming later for this DLC or if at this point you already thought the DLC was great?

One other thing - I’ve noticed how ~5 minutes into a loop, the lights or cloaking of the ship flickers and then the walls expand to have some green on them. This is a super intriguing mystery I can’t wait to discover more of!

I’m struggling to work out where you are exactly which makes even light hints tricky. I will say that within the first hour I’d said ‘holy fuck’ about 6 times and it kind of kept going from there for me! I was absolutely besotted by it, again :-)

I hope it grabs you soon LMN8R! Feel free to drop more details and I’ll see if I can be super vague :-P

I think this is pretty vague. Maybe too much?

Have a think about what “drives” a lot of things in that place. Could it have something to do with opening up places you can’t access yet?

The stories the reels tell you are incomplete but important. I don’t remember which ones you would have seen first. But the painting one does indeed give you an interesting hint.

And a question you might want to ignore for now:

Have you found ghost matter yet? Anything of interest there?

Thanks for the tips! I’ve discovered something new with using an artifact. Lots more to explore now.