Outlook 2010 Issue


When using Outlook 2010 to type up an email I am having an issue with the cursor location. If I stop typing the cursor returns to the start of the email rather than staying where I have stopped typing. Real pain in the backside as when I refer back to the docs I am using I end up typing at the start again behind the start of the email.

I have tried replacing keyboard and mouse but it is still happening.

Anyone have any ideas?


Are you using a laptop?


No it’s a desktop.


How dirty is your keyboard? Particularly the area around the Home key.

Only other suggestion I’ve seen online is to disable “Hide pointer while typing” and/or Enhance pointer precision in Pointer Options (tab in Mouse settings).


I installed a new keyboard and mouse (it’s my work pc, it haven’t solved it) still doing it.


Is it only Outlook? What about any other editors with free cursors?


Yep just outlook 2010 as part of office 365. It’s a small company with 1 It guy and me as back up outside my normal role


Google says the following:

Turn off the auto-save feature in Outlook (Tools > Options>Email Options > Advanced > uncheck Auto Save). Then close Outlook and restart it.

This problem drove me crazy until someone mentioned that you could duplicate the problem by pressing CTRL-S.


Superb, that fixed it, thanks very much.