Outlook, just a pile of windows

Is it just me, or is Outlook just a pile of windows that you have to keep popping up and out, then have 20-50 of them open at the end of the day, then have to sort through them all at some point?

As a wise man once said as he rained blows down, surely there’s a better way.


Followed by non-stop ‘are you sure you want to close this window’ dialogue boxes.

Outlook, you mean like the old hotmail? I use it every day… one window… acts like most other email sites… I dunno? Do you create a new tab for every email you get?

What genre is it? I hope it’s a retro FPS but not another Doom clone.

Oh right, we’re in the gaming forum. Someone tell Enidigm he has better options than opening and closing email tabs for fun. Unless it’s a Chromebook, in which case it might be on par with Solitaire.

It’s a wild west FPS. Oh wait, that’s Outlaws by LucasArts.

No no, that’s a first person survival horror game.
Oh wait, that’s Outlast by Red Barrels

Outlook is my favorite roguelike.

The Internet is just a series of tubes.

No I don’t want to save changes to someone else’s meeting from 8 hours ago! Stop asking! What is there even to save?

I hate that so much that when I want to close outlook I kill the process in task manager.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the first game that comes up when I search for outlook on Steam. Is that what we’re talking about here?

It’s no Excel, but at least it’s not Word.

My favorite lede I ever wrote was for an article in Handheld Computing Magazine about alternatives to Outlook for Palm/Pocket PC users.

“As the Magic 8 Ball once said, ‘Outlook not so good.’”

I did not include that article in my sample clips when I applied for my job at Microsoft.

I feel like you blew it. An obvious cover leter would be that Magic 8 ball picture with the text:

Outlook not so good.

Hire me, I can fix it!

What is Outlook? A miserable little pile of windows.

But enough talk.

I was waiting all day for someone to say this. Thank you.

Threaded view can DiAF (in all email clients). I literally lose mails after i read them because they get buried in threads.