Outrage at the Video Music Awards 2013

So the MTV VMAs were just the other day and I wanted to talk about a great injustice that was done to the globe. This was an act of heinousness that simply cannot stand and I feel like we would be doing a great disservice if we did not discuss it. It was something that few saw coming but all of us were outraged by in the past and, frankly, just puts a little salt in the wound.

No, I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus’ stripper dance.

Daft Punk, who was stopped from performing a song on the Colbert Report thanks to Van Toeffler throwing a fit, was brought onto the VMAs to give an award. They didn’t perform, they didn’t do anything except stand there, really. Which I guess isn’t much more than they usually do anyway, but still! Outrage! Scandal! News at eleven!

Seriously, though. Do we figure that they cancelled a performance because everyone was expecting it or were they never planning on getting Daft Punk to perform at all? Because it seems like a lot of trouble to force them to cancel on Colbert to have them only stand there for a few minutes. Not that MTV is rational, of course, but… well.


Personally, I’m terribly offended that Miley Cyrus is not better at being sexy.

And also, I find Robin Thicke repugnant so everyone in my household was making the Jaden Smith face at the screen but it was in reaction to Robin Thicke.


I find the music in “Blurred Lines” infectious – the lyrics are offensive, no argument there, but the music itself is catchy as hell – but I’ll admit that even I was a bit scandalized by the grinding Miley was doing on Thicke during the performance. She’s, what, 20? And he is nearing 40 and married. It was more than a little questionable, to put it mildly.

I’m seeing her as the next Britney Spears. This just screams “I have just discovered my sexuality and am making up for years of repression.” Which, naturally, she is doing really badly.

My only response to the Miley business: http://www.theonion.com/articles/let-me-explain-why-miley-cyrus-vma-performance-was,33632/?ref=auto

Regarding DP: that seems dumb. But hey, corporations, right?



I guess? It just smacks of them deriding Colbert as lesser entertainment, frankly, especially when you hear the comments Toeffler made to Colbert when they were “discussing” the issue. I would understand if they didn’t want Daft Punk to break their agreement if they were planning on having them perform at the VMAs. But now it just seems like they did it to spite Colbert. Which may be the case, I suppose, but seriously. And, to make matters worse, instead of Daft Punk we got Robin Thicke (AGAIN, with the Thicke) performing on the Colbert Report.


I think I need to watch the Aug 6th Colbert Report. The Report tends to be on my “watch very rarely” list, when I’ve exhausted scripted TV and The Daily Show. Mainly because he’s usually more about making jokes than being as critical of the news as The Daily Show, though he has had his moments of brilliance.

I had to google “twerking” to find out what it was. I needed a shower afterwards.

I’m guessing that’s like googling Rule 34.

I know the managing editor at CNN didn’t actually write that, but my god, do I wish she did.

I am twerking in front of my monitor right now.

If only there was some way to hack into every news site in the world and replace all their VMA-related articles and videos with the word “meh”…

I’m kind of surprised how many people I’ve encountered that had never heard of twerking until this. Then again, I’d never heard of Robin Thicke before, so… I do remember his dad’s failed attempt at a talk show back in the 80’s, though. Too bad, Alan and Billy Ray. Maybe the two of them can dagger each other onstage at the next VMAs - that’ll surely eclipse this controversy and reclaim their family’s honor.

Also, my favorite pic of the moment (slightly NSFW, though really, I think everyone’s seen the source material by now - and probably this shop as well)

Poor Lydia looks so betrayed.

great picture :)

I didn’t truly appreciate the truth of this until I saw the Beetlejuice photoshop. Dear Miley: sticking your tongue out that way is not sexy. Neither is that hairstyle. It makes you look like you’re 6.

I don’t suppose it’s possible she thought it was self-satire? No, I guess not.

No idea who Robyn Thicke was, the whole time I kept picturing ALAN THICKE only to look it up just now and find out Robyn is his son. Haha.

But that performance? Nothing shocking about it these days, come on, we’ve seen it all before. Isn’t this Brittney all over again? It’s like some backlash for being wholesome and a role model for younger kids earlier in their careers and all of a sudden they feel like they have to prove something.

And that was not sexy all. Sexy is subtle, deliberate; she looked like she was hopped up on crack or having seizures.

Yeah-- most of the reaction I’ve seen has been people laughing/cringing at how badly she missed the mark, not moral outrage.

The difference between Miley and Madonna/Britney/Christina/et al is that they, talented or not, looked good doing what they did. I’m not judging her on looks either, beauty is in the eye and all that. I’m saying she looked awkward as hell, like she was game and trying but was not really comfortable with what she was doing. The ones who look good are the ones who go out there and own it(the stage). It reminds me of some awards show I saw Avril perform on where she stood there stiffly, obviously out of her element. Miley wasn’t Lana Del Rey or Ashley Simpson horrendous, but only because there was a recognizable attempt at twerking in there, whereas the other two who the hell knows what they were trying to do?

Blurred Lines is catchy because it has the Marvin Gaye factor behind it, the same way Surfin USA had Chuck Berry’s magic behind it. I don’t hold it against him by the way, I think it’s a good thing when people take something older and bring it up again for more people to hear.