Outrage at the Video Music Awards 2013

Man, I don’t give a crap about Miley Cyrus or what Daft Punk didn’t perform on television, but I just watched Justin Timberlake’s performance and it was amazing. I sometimes forget just how many great hits that guy has had, and it was cool seeing him go through them in succession while dancing like a boss. No doubt this guy sounds great/comfortable singing live too, which is depressingly refreshing for a pop star.

Agreed on the first; a young starlet getting sexy isn’t weird, new, or in any way bad. It’s part of life. Someone somewhere made the good point that the “little girls” who grew up on Cyrus’s Disney show are now out in high school or college doing far, far nastier shit with boys every night. Kids grow up and go wild; also the sky is blue.

Do have to disagree with the principle of the second half. There can be something very sexy about wild abandon/going all out with “sluttiness” (sorta loathe to use the term, given that it for some odd reason gives a negative connotation to behavior that I think’s pretty healthy/normal). . . it’s just that Miley was pretty bad at it.

Oh fucking fuck, you people made me actually respond to this halfway seriously. Can’t we just read the Onion article and talk about something important like Syria, the NSA, or how fucking good Dairy Queen Blizzards are?

Here, I’ll save you.Blame David Lynch!

Bonus: just what do Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke have in common? At least one thing.

It is all about the money and press.

In much the same way there are Scandinavian languages that have hundreds of words related to snow and reindeer, it’s telling our culture has multiple for “ass-shaking”.

This one made me chuckle too

from reddit

That’s my feeling as well. But I may just shoot a fucker. Twerk is one of the things that make me sure that these are the end fucking times. And I’m not religious.

Lest anyone doubt the math she used in her VMA calculations, her new video, released yesterday, set a single day record for most hits within hours of its release. It’s worth mentioning that she is either naked or almost naked for pretty much the entirety of the video.

The video rectifies this offense.

Needless to say, the link is NSFW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My2FRPA3Gf8

I mean, not bad, but I just can’t do the short hair thing. Props to her for the effort, though!

For those looking for just the highlights of Miley’s Wrecking Ball video

Miley gets balled while showing off her short hairs?

At the same time, teenagers growing up and being rebellious and outrageous is par for the course. Shrug. When she gets constantly and publicly drunk/high is when she goes down the road to perdition.

So the wrecking ball is a metaphor for her life? Kinda like, Child Star on a Downward Spiral to Self-Destruction But Nobody Cares.

Attention whore comes to mind.

More highlights from the video

She’s laughing all the way to the bank. Kudos to her.

cannot unsee! D:::::::::::

That’s so hot