Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

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Isn’t it Outriders not Outsiders?

Yup. Stupid autocorrect.

Square Enix colonizes space

You have my attention…

On the one side - yay, space! on the other side - boo, no pony boy

This is possibly People Can Fly’s super ambitious project, with a 170 devs working across the company’s three studios on their new shooter. There was trademarked filed last year, so people were speculating, and the fact that Outriders has a Polish section on their Discord makes it seem pretty likely.

So what’s on June 10? A proper trailer?

A teaser trailer for the actual trailer.

First comes the teaser trailer teaser trailer, then the teaser trailer trailer, then the teaser trailer, then the trailer.

June 10th is Square Enix’s E3 conference.

So, we get to watch a group of people watching a trailer in LA somewhere.

Why release info, when a drop to fuel rampant speculation is that much more effective!

For some reason I read “Square Enix colorizes space” and thought that was a cool concept. But colonizing is so cliché.

(raises hand)

I came for the headline. A Square Enix game about colonizing space I thought. But it looks like a story shooter. Which is fine of course. Just not what I was hoping for based on the headline.

Can we trade space furs for space tobacco? That was the best in colonization.

It only makes sense if they’re watching the trailer in a trailer.

How about a van down by the river?

From People Can Fly.

Still no gameplay shown… meh.

Gameplay hit today. Not looking particularly exciting to me.