Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

Cover is useful to catch your breath and let a skill recharge, but I spend most of the time in the thick of it cycling skills. The mods on your gear that affect your skills are the meat of the gearing too.

But, man, this game has spikes like no one’s business. Tooling along at WT8, hit WT9, and bam! Have to lower it to 7 or less to get by the next set off mobs. Wave after wave after WAVE of elite type mobs that nearly one shot me. And my gear is pretty much as high level as it can be for my level (24). Guess I’ll have to drop it to like 4 or something.

I tried the demo a bit last night, the camera shake is making me ill. Has that been removed or reduced in the main game?

First game ever to make me feel sick watching a cutscene.

There is an option in one of the menus (maybe accessibility) that lets you reduce camera shake with a variety of settings. I had to set it to the lowest setting, but it is quite comfortable now.

Ok, got through the story campaign with my Devastator, I think he ended up at 29 after the final battle. Which, by the way, can go fuck itself. That two-part monstrosity reduced me to doing it at WT 1. ONE. Because I simply could not beat it otherwise. Ok, maybe at three or so but after going one by one down to five, I said screw it. My gear was max or near max for my level, I had maxed out the attributes, etc. and was using a set of abilities that was generally effective against elites, etc. But that guy, aieee. Really. Not. Fun.

Then I tried a solo expedition at level 3, and lost. Decided it was time to try the Technomancer. I really like the basic campaign game play, and the Tech seems different enough to be still fresh.

That final boss battle was the low point of the whole experience for me. It was just needlessly difficult in the “bullet sponge” category for no reason. The mechanics of it would have been fine if you didn’t need to pour so much lead in his direction.

I am having a lot of fun in Expeditions and am up to Tier 12 now on my Technomancer. I’m still playing a blighted rounds build, but with a lot of freeze mechanics and it is going well. I’m hoping that as people get used to the tier 3 mods we see more build diversity. I have a sneaking suspicion that there are some great Tier 3 options that people are just now finding. I’ve seen a few power based build emerging in Youtube this week…I think this needs to happen. The Enhanced bullet meta for 3/4 classes is boring.

Last note for me to people on the fence in this game. I don’t think the combat comes into its own until you get out of the cover shooter phase, around level 15-20. It’s like a whole different game once you get some mods and abilities rolling.

Yes, absolutely. But I don’t think you need to wait for level 15-20 to get there. As soon as you start getting blues, which introduces mods, it’s a whole new game. I think this happens at level 10, if not a little earlier depending on when you rescue Dr. Zahidi. By then, you’ve got a full set of skills to play with.

I wonder if there’s a problem where people feel the need to play at the highest world tier they can reach and so they keep getting “punished” for running around using their powers rather than creeping around as if they were playing a cover shooter? Isn’t the default setting to opt into the highest tier available? In which case, the occasional reminder that you can drop to a lower world tier might be construed as conceding defeat?

I have no problem dropping the world tier as needed and it’s made the game so much more accessible and even breezy. It really helps the pacing. Frustrating boss fight? Too many enemies swarming me? @Jason_McMaster not carrying his weight? I might try new powers or a new line on the class tree or a steady stream of berating abuse to inspire McMaster. But if that doesn’t do it, then I’ll just skip past it at a lower tier and then adjust back upwards afterwards. I’ve never gotten past world tier 7, but it seems like there’s enough content here that raising my world tier is a whole other kind of progression I can work on at my leisure, after I get through the story missions.

But, yes, you’re absolutely right about how people need to get past the first impression phase of Outrider to really appreciate what it’s doing. I’m astonished that Square Enix has published an action RPG that’s this good, because their last action RPG was one of the worst I’ve ever played.


Yeah, I routinely drop the WT to a level where the bad guys die in a more appropriate time frame. No fan of bullet sponges. I do try to play most content at the highest WT I can, but have no issue dropping it for bosses. It’s just that some of the bosses are a bit too much I think. But that’s an issue with all sorts of games.

One thing that bugs me about the world tier business, and this is probably just my brain doing a number on me, is that you have to earn experience in the highest world tier you have access to, in order to access the next level world tier. That makes me want to push that world tier as high as possible because hey, higher numbers good! When maybe I shouldn’t care as much about that. But then again, what if i’m stuck later on easily outpacing my enemies and I’ve got to grind back up to an appropriate world tier? This requires more thought than I was prepared to dedicate to a third person looter shooter.

I’ve seen the stream of you two playing, for some reason you pull a lot of aggro and McMaster runs away a lot, errr… I mean tactically retreats to regroup. ;)

Two acquaintances of mine have just tried Anthem on EA Play+GamePass after playing Outriders and claim that Anthem combat + movement feels better to them.

They are very different. I thought Anthem nailed the feeling of piloting a Javelin. That was never the problem.

I would be in complete agreement with them. There’s stuff I like about Outriders, but the movement/feel definitely is not one of them. Anthem nailed that part. Not much else, but they nailed that.

Damn, you guys are going to make me reinstall Anthem.

For a cover shooter, Division 2 and Gears 4/5 have the best implementations I feel. Outriders, just based on the demo for me, feels too floaty and imprecise.

It’s definitely floaty, but it’s definitely not a cover shooter like Division either (I don’t play the Gears games so can’t comment on that). You should be teleporting around / mass burninating / minigunning people in the face, not cowering behind cover. :)

Past the first few levels, cover is just a visual cue that you’re gonna get your murder on soon.

Can World Tier go back down? It looked like it was almost happening to me earlier. There was one fight against the insurgents, in a bunker on top of the cable car mountain thing. I’m playing on WT 6, and failed enough that I started to slide backwards on the scale (stupid f-ing snipers). It was the only fight I’ve had in the game that I’ve had to redo more than 2-3 times. I got right down to a sliver and passed it, and now my WT is climbing again.

I think you do lose WT experience for deaths in that tier?

I know you lose WT XP, but can you actually go down in levels?

Not unless you set it lower yourself. And even then your WT XP is frozen

I had to finally step the WT down to 6 once I got to a certain point in the later stages of the game. Not the finish, but it’s close and the waves of melee and boss mobs were overwhelming me during ta particular side quest (the Obelisk sidequest). The downside of lowering difficulty is your gear stops improving. Most of what I find now is lower than the gear I was wearing when I got swarmed repeatedly.

Quite enjoy it overall, although I play entirely solo since I’ve never found a random group despite repeated searches. Playing a pyromancer (fire guy, whatever) and a few of the skills are a delight to use. Eruption is my favorite with Thermal Bomb a close second. I feel compelled to keep the boosted rounds skill on my bar because it’s so useful. Would prefer more flash-bang and less shoot-harder.