Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

Finally uninstalled after finishing the basic story questline (up to Expeditions) twice. When my level 30 Blight Technomancer had to drop WT down to WT3 to beat the final boss, I was pretty done with it. Expeditions being timed one-dimensional kill fests with zero variety or nuance just sort of put the nail in the coffin. If they change stuff up or add things maybe I’ll go back. Got my money’s worth but overall it’s a B movie.

I’ve been kind of playing the game twice, concurrently. I started a solo pyro from the demo, carried into the main game upon release. I’ve gotten up through the snowy mountain region and basically I had to dial down to WT3 to do so. I just get swarmed and can’t kill the tougher captains and such fast enough on higher tiers.

My second playthrough is with two friends - one plays pyro, the other a devastator and I am playing techno. We just reached the snowy mountain area and are cranking through on WT6 with very few problems. And I’m not really sure why that is. I’m guessing the combined arms attacks are more effective, plus there are 3 of us to surround and flank and all that. But it seems multiplayer is just much easier as best I can tell, like the game doesn’t really scale for number of players. Or am I crazy?

Maybe, but a friend and I have been playing tech/trick but the technomancer is not nearly as much fun as I’d hoped so we are now playing dev/pyro and we are having a much easier time playing through content we had just played

Technomancer I found far more effective than anything else, using a blight bullet build of course. Solo; never tried it with anyone else, and it’s uninstalled now. But the endgame is blech, so that killed my interest.

I do think the game scales with more players but more than anything, I think it’s just that the enemies are going to be split in terms of where their attention lies which effectively means you’re less likely to get swarmed. No matter how good a shot I am there’s a significant difference in picking off two or three melee dudes running at me at once vs doing so for 6+.

Everything you need to do in coop is just… less. Because of the split I’m needing my freeze skill every 20 seconds in coop, maybe, whereas solo I’m needing it every 8. Yet my cooldown between the two modes doesn’t change. The enemies have less HP, sure, but they hit just as hard (I think), which will happen more often. Guns do eventually need to be reloaded, after all. Unless you go for the various infinite ammo bullet builds, of course, which is just one of the many reasons they’re so obscenely powerful.

Well, it’s shelved until they patch the bug that can one shot you. Unplayable…

Hmm, can’t recall if I encountered that. In a lot of boss fights I got whacked hard and died in one or two shots. Is this something specific, or a general issue?

I bounced off of this pretty hard. I don’t care for the feel of the shooting, not sure why… I also don’t care for the look of the game, that could entirely be my comp and settings…but visually to me it can be very confusing. I also absolutely hate the character models.

A lot of this could be chalked up to my computer not running the game that well, if I ever get a better GPU I’ll give it another go, as people seem to be enjoying it.

Games like these, I always keep going back to Borderlands as a benchmark. All of the looter/shooters that I’ve played have suffered from ‘too much clutter’. Because of the cartoony nature of BLs, it’s really easy to pick out targets.

I definitely got my money out of this title. I played Techno all the way through the campaign, up to CT15 and completed the final Expedition and then all my interest in the title completely drained. I too used the Blighted Rounds build, because nothing else is really viable, which sucks because there are other much more fun abilities to play with other then “stronger bullets.” The one thing I found really strange in all of this is why they bothered to make support roles at all. They are 100% completely unnecessary from WT1 to CT 15, and that had to be evident during development. There really is no reason to take tank or heal abilities and more so, if you do then you are actually a detriment to your 3 man team, since you are making it take a lot longer to kill stuff and losing the chance at gold… The endgame needed a few more months in the oven I think. Not quite done.

I mean, that’s understandable, you’ve finished it. I’m not sure why you’d continue playing beyond then other than to get absolutely optimal gear to be ready if and when they release an expansion. It’s not built to be endlessly replayable in the style of Diablo 3 (nor does it have seasons)

Normally I would be eager to play through again as another class or experiment with new builds. That’s where the game completely drops the ball, though.

Up, This is me too. I would usually be starting up another run, and I did half-ass make a pyro, but…


It’s a bug affecting defensive mods. Apparently doesn’t happen to everyone. One minute I am clearing mobs, next I am dead from full health down to 0. I tried it solo and with others.

That sucks, indeed. The game is decent, but certainly not worth enduring frustration and bugs.

Speaking of that bug:

The temporary fix may be to turn your armor off then on again.

Yeah I tried a few times thinking it was me at first getting stuck or not rolling out of an attach but it occurred a few times and it was just frustration.

Thanks for linking the bug KevinC and Intuitionist!

They’re making progress. At least your inventory didn’t get wiped like was happening earlier. :)

Really bad game breaking bugs since launch. It’s a shame since I do enjoy the game though.

I do too. It’s doubly a shame because they’ve had to devote all their time to things like this instead of much needed balance passes.

Ah well, as is I had fun. More like a $20-$40 game fun, but I don’t regret the purchase. I’ll probably swing back around and check it out again once they drop a DLC or something, hopefully by then there will be more viable/interesting builds. The bullet builds were the least interesting to me (I’m already shooting a gun, guys, I want to use interesting abilities!) but they were by far the best.