Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

So, sorta like Hollywood, where half the folks involved in a film don’t make a dime until all the fat cats upstream take their cuts?

If that’s not a mistranslation or some anti-publisher PR-speak, then they were pretty stupid to sign a contract where the publisher doesn’t have to report the sales numbers. Obviously if they don’t have to give you the data, the data is always going to be zero.

Half off at $30, I picked it up.


Aw, man, when I saw this thread got booted, I was hoping Outriders finally got its rebalancing pass. :( I shake my fist at @BrianRubin!


My humblest apologies sir.

Looks like they have patched it each of the last 3 months with some buffs and multiplayer improvements Tom.

I am still waiting for Gamepass.

I have this on xbox gamepass. Is it only on console then…?

No, its a PC game as well. That’s where I played through it.

It is only on Game Pass for console though.

Ah, gotcha. Don’t do Game Pass so I don’t follow it much.

And one new patch this very day!

This is on sale at what I assume is a historic low price. Is it worth picking up? - what’s the verdict?

Feel free to point me to whichever one of those is the re-balancing pass they’ve been talking about since shortly after the release. :) But, yes, they’ve been plugging away at smaller issues. As near as I can tell, this comment was the latest word on the larger issues:

That was a month ago. I’m in no real hurry to jump back in, but I’m holding off until they’re done with whatever balance overhaul they’ve been promising.


Definitely worth thirty bucks. I got my money’s worth at full ask, with about two full play throughs on different characters.

I enjoyed it. It falls apart in the endgame but I had fun up until then.

Man why didn’t anyone tell me this game has giant, terrifying fucking spiders? I’m out.

You do get to blow them up with rocket launchers and napalm. Not enough?

Nah sadly just seeing them makes me shut the game down.

That’s too bad since that seems a super common monster type in games, sorry to hear that. :(

Yeah it’s not great.