Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

Normally I would be eager to play through again as another class or experiment with new builds. That’s where the game completely drops the ball, though.

Up, This is me too. I would usually be starting up another run, and I did half-ass make a pyro, but…


It’s a bug affecting defensive mods. Apparently doesn’t happen to everyone. One minute I am clearing mobs, next I am dead from full health down to 0. I tried it solo and with others.

That sucks, indeed. The game is decent, but certainly not worth enduring frustration and bugs.

Speaking of that bug:

The temporary fix may be to turn your armor off then on again.

Yeah I tried a few times thinking it was me at first getting stuck or not rolling out of an attach but it occurred a few times and it was just frustration.

Thanks for linking the bug KevinC and Intuitionist!

They’re making progress. At least your inventory didn’t get wiped like was happening earlier. :)

Really bad game breaking bugs since launch. It’s a shame since I do enjoy the game though.

I do too. It’s doubly a shame because they’ve had to devote all their time to things like this instead of much needed balance passes.

Ah well, as is I had fun. More like a $20-$40 game fun, but I don’t regret the purchase. I’ll probably swing back around and check it out again once they drop a DLC or something, hopefully by then there will be more viable/interesting builds. The bullet builds were the least interesting to me (I’m already shooting a gun, guys, I want to use interesting abilities!) but they were by far the best.

Yeah, the monotone nature of the meta-builds and the severe punishment for going off-meta is kind of a drag.

This is on GamePass for free which was great. I really enjoyed it but the gameplay loop wasn’t accessible or enjoyable enough for me to make repeated loot runs like I did for Diablo 3.

SQUARE ENIX® announced today that OUTRIDERS® , the high-intensity RPG-Shooter where survival demands aggression, surpassed 3.5 million unique players worldwide in its first month (April 1 – May 1, 2021), according to internal data. With acclaim from both players and critics across the globe, OUTRIDERS is on track to become the company’s next major franchise.

“With over 3.5 million unique players, average play times of over 30 hours and extremely high engagement for co-operative play, we and the amazing team at People Can Fly are so excited with this initial success,” said Jon Brooke, Co-Head of Studio at Square Enix External Studios. “Launching a new game IP is never easy and we remain very grateful for the community’s support and feedback – we continue to listen carefully and want to assure everyone that we are committed to improving and enhancing the experience in the coming weeks and months. We also look forward to expanding on OUTRIDERS in the future.”

Would be interesting to see how much of that is down to Gamepass.

Average play time of 30 hours across 3.5 million players is pretty good.

I just returned to this last night - got my Trickster to L4 and killed Gauss (World Tier 2 for now).

Anyone still playing this on xBox? Or should I just solo it?

I wonder if that includes demo players? That sentences reads like marketing spin to me. Also, I have 160 hours in this, so I skew those numbers a bit =)

The game is engaging and fun right up until it isn’t. Luckily, that point takes a while to arrive and I definitely got my money’s worth.

That’s a great way of putting it. And unfortunately it seems like they’ve been busy putting out major technical fires so they haven’t really made improvements in that area, from what I’ve seen.

Sounds like a lack of endgame content - perhaps similar to Anthem? Is there any co-op/mp content that is best that way, or should I just plan on soloing (I’m not much into playing with most strangers, tho Destiny works well mostly - I still hate MP where everyone races ahead in strikes, etc. when I don’t know WTF is going on…).

I played only solo, and found it really fun for a couple of playthroughs as different classes (Dev and Tech in my case). The end game is where I shrugged and said “meh.” Supposedly you can do the endgame Expeditions solo except for the last stage of the final one, which requires grouping. But I found the timed expeditions, and they are all timed, to be so much of a departure from everything up to that point that I just quit.