Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

The writing is… interesting in this game, though I can understand the objections about it. The best way I can describe why I find it interesting is that it consistently sets up certain expectations then undermines them. Sometimes it does this elegantly and hilariously, but is nearly always nihilistic and misanthropic to boot. So those without a dark sense of humour need not apply.

Unfortunately when you’re looking to do that, to undermine and twist the expectations of lame tropes, you’ve got to… well, write some lame tropes. Can’t break some eggs without the eggs. So to people who skipped everything because it’s all lame tropes - or appears to be - I totally get it, but I also think perhaps they missed out. I don’t want to go to bat for everything here - they didn’t always stick the landing, and perhaps most of the more (darkly, always darkly) humorous bits were in the conclusions of certain side quests rather than the, frankly fucking bleak, main campaign.

I really enjoyed the opening sequence you talk about, though not because, as you say, there’s much gameplay. You land on an idyllic* alien world, run around a bit flipping switches for tropey NPCs and doing some shitty VR shooting range. Yawn. Oh, of course you can guess what’s going to happen as soon as you’re stuffed in the cryopod, but what’s glorious and necessary about all that tropeyness, even the predictability, is that near crash-cut transition for what happens next.

You’ve been kept on a leash for perhaps too long already and your trigger finger’s getting mighty itchy. Good news though, you’re now superman, stuffed into the horrors of cramped WWI style trench warfare. Pick which flavour of superman you want to be and here’s some scratching posts for you relieve yourself with.

You’re not given much, if any time, to really reflect on your new reality. Perhaps if you were to step back a little at this point and consider what your expectations going into the crypod were perhaps you’d conclude that you’d be fighting aliens. I mean, it’s gotta be aliens, right? Weird sci-fi storms and shit on an alien world. Be kinda weird to just be fighting… people… in some awful, muddy, bleak, cannibal apocalypse. Maybe if you kill enough people you’ll get to kill the aliens that were really responsible for this mess. Yeah.

* It obviously isn't, we know what we paid for.

I’m one of the ones that likes it, but even we think the opening hour or so is a terrible introduction to the game. I really recommend powering through until you unlock some of the powers and don’t let the tutorial trick you into thinking this is a cover shooter. Unless you’re playing the sniper archetype, you should be getting up in people’s grills as much as possible.

As for the writing, it’s not great, and in many spots is terrible, but by ARPG standards it’s pretty decent. I quite enjoyed the world building, at least early on.

It is very bleak, and hardly Proust, but the combat is great and once you get going it flows along well enough. I hate the endgame but the journey there is well worth the ticket.

Thanks for the replies! Very interesting. I think I’ll jump in.

Announced on the developer’s investor website, People Can Fly explained that the agreement with Square Enix meant it would receive any royalties for the game’s first quarter on sale by August 16, 2021. No funds were transferred, which People Can Fly suggests means that, “according to the Publisher, the revenues from the sale of the game are lower than the total costs of its production (including Quality Assurance), distribution and promotion.”

People Can Fly executive Sebastian Wojciechowski (per a machine translation) added that the company had no firm data for copies sold: “We don’t have any sales figures for Outriders - we estimate it at between 2 and 3 million units and assumed that this was a result that would ensure profitability for this project in the first quarter of sales. The lack of payment by the Publisher probably means that, according to Square Enix, this is not the case.”

Wojciechowski also suggests that a lack of profitability could be caused by the publisher, including distribution partnerships (the game was launched into Xbox Game Pass, for example), or that Square Enix spent more than expected on releasing the game. It wouldn’t be a unique situation for Square Enix – last year, the publisher announced that Marvel’s Avengers had failed to recoup its development costs a few months after launch.

Wojciechowski added that the game was still being worked on, People Can Fly expects more promotional work from Square Enix, and that “the sales tail of the Outriders game is ahead of us.” As a result, the company expects royalties to begin later this year.

I am sure gamepass was huge lump of lost sales.

Like I said up above…

So, sorta like Hollywood, where half the folks involved in a film don’t make a dime until all the fat cats upstream take their cuts?

If that’s not a mistranslation or some anti-publisher PR-speak, then they were pretty stupid to sign a contract where the publisher doesn’t have to report the sales numbers. Obviously if they don’t have to give you the data, the data is always going to be zero.

Half off at $30, I picked it up.


Aw, man, when I saw this thread got booted, I was hoping Outriders finally got its rebalancing pass. :( I shake my fist at @BrianRubin!


My humblest apologies sir.

Looks like they have patched it each of the last 3 months with some buffs and multiplayer improvements Tom.

I am still waiting for Gamepass.

I have this on xbox gamepass. Is it only on console then…?

No, its a PC game as well. That’s where I played through it.

It is only on Game Pass for console though.

Ah, gotcha. Don’t do Game Pass so I don’t follow it much.

And one new patch this very day!

This is on sale at what I assume is a historic low price. Is it worth picking up? - what’s the verdict?

Feel free to point me to whichever one of those is the re-balancing pass they’ve been talking about since shortly after the release. :) But, yes, they’ve been plugging away at smaller issues. As near as I can tell, this comment was the latest word on the larger issues:

That was a month ago. I’m in no real hurry to jump back in, but I’m holding off until they’re done with whatever balance overhaul they’ve been promising.