Outward: An Adventure Life Simulator (RPG) by indie developer Nine Dots

This game is very unique. Theres nothing else like it, I believe.

Games where you can play a wizard that can shot fireballs, but you can also die of cold are very rare, maybe theres only 1.

I consider “Unique” games a separate category that always make it worth to play them. Even if you don’t like the game, the feel is so strange and alien, you gets more from the experience than … I dunno… playing the #4552 roguelike or fps.

If you are curious then pick it up and experience it. There is nothing else like it. The next game I went to after this was Zelda Breath of Wild, which also has exploration and crafting and weapons that break, but isn’t like Outward at all.

I hope other games expand on the innovation that Outward showed us. It’s not perfect, but it’s unique.

Thank you both as this is excellent feedback. I will make the purchase and I appreciate the insight into being unique and encouraging these types of games. Appreciate it.

I want to love this game - its everything I like and adore in games. But its simply too balls hard for me. I die constantly, and have no idea what to do, or where to go. Its a shame, because it just fits my playstyle quite well, if it wasnt for the dark souls approach to combat it has.

Release date for the DLC announced:

I got the game on sale for PS4 a few weeks ago, but I was waiting for the DLC to start. It would be a shame to go through the whole game when a major DLC is just a few days away.

Price is apparently going to be $20 (same in euros, sorry euros). I got this onthe Epic store…those $10 coupons they’re giving way work on DLC, right?

Yes, the previous $10 coupons didn’t work with DLC, but these do. That’s a good idea.

I picked up this game last year but bounced off it really hard, but I love me some open world RPGs and the fact that I can play this with a friend is a massive plus in my book.

Is this game worth giving a second go? Did it improve substantially after release? I bounced off of it mainly because I was fighting the clunk so much and never really found anything interesting to go or see. I think I wandered off somewhere and got killed by wolves in very shitty-feeling combat and just never really had the desire to load the game back up. I’d love some tips on getting started (as in, tips for getting into the game and having fun) for anyone who enjoys it.

Heh. This game just showed me how incredibly shallow I’ve become.

5 minutes into the Outward tutorial, Me: “Erm, if I want to explore an open world, it’s got to look better than this. Uninstall please”.

OTOH, I did feel slightly bad about it afterward, so maybe I’m not completely gone yet.

The older I get, the faster I get to ‘meh, can’t be bothered’ lol.

Me, too, but this one has something that is calling me back. I have no idea what, but there’s something!

Ah, this is very soon! The Soroboreans dlc sounded somewhat minor in terms of content, I hope this price point indicates it will be more on the level of a meaty expansion, which is what outward needs (besides an overhaul of the co-op system)

I dunno, I’m trying to not spoil myself, but it seems like a medium-sized DLC.

I haven’t even watched the whole video, but I think it’s like 20% of the entire game planned at first that they had to leave on the cutting room floor at lauch.

I refunded it once for smiliar reasons. Thanks to EGS’s infinite 10€ vouchers I bought it again and I’m quite surprised. It plays much more fluid than I remember, it’s prettier than I remember and it’s a lot less cumbersome nonsense than I remember.

My tips: Don’t get annoyed by the timed main quest (it’s in fact really easy, just listen to folks). Don’t fight random stuff you don’t know/that is not related to quests near Cierzo, don’t wander off just to judge if the game has potential but roleplay and slowly get a grip on how stuff works (survival, crafting, combat, etc.). Does this makes sense?
I really like it now. No forced blockbuster story arc, no abundance of needed things to do, …just managing my little progress from A to B. It really seems to be about the journey itself. I guess one have to be in the mood for it.

I might give up. Freezing to death. My stuff miles away in some bandit’s camp. And now I’m seriously ill. I did what I adviced against: Roaming the landscape and randomly challenge bandits. Hmpf.

I guess it was good advice, then!

This game…
So the game has the most beautiful snow*, it’s done really well: the lightning, the textures/the density, etc. But like it is with this game you will get a cold eventually and hence I sought shelter. Strange stronghold ahead! Well. Let’s see. There were dialogue options. I said a I needed a rest. I was welcomed. One loading screen later I’m a slave in a mine and my stuff is gone. Again.

I quit. But I fear I will continue tomorrow.


Haha, I had that happen to me and my buddy, too.

Is the DLC worth it if I haven’t played the base game? Does it integrate, expand, and enhance - or is it a later-level after the main course style thing?

I’ll be single-player, not co-op.

Started up the game on PS4… holy crap does the game make a terrible first impression!

It’s like a second rate PC game circa 2003, with tiny unreadable menus (even after adjusting UI size), character faces so ugly only a mother would love them, a mediocre tutorial just lying there on the main menu and terrible voice acting that doesn’t even fit the text.

I’ll come back to the game later, but the game’s virtues sure aren’t immediately apparent.