Over the Hedge

Any good? New, Original, and funny? Or Tired, Cliché, and predictable?

I’m already prejudiced against it since the ads say “Best Animated Film since Shrek!” as if The Incredibles never happened.


well what sounds more inviting?

“Best animated film since Shrek!”


“Best animated film since the Incredibles!”.


Seeing that Shrek outsold the Incredibles ten to one I think the former statement sounds “a lot more better”. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Probably more inviting.

But wrong.


Considering Shrek sucked, anything that references it sucks too.

And that includes you guys.

I wish Dreamworks Animation would just go away and take their stupid Shreck and Shark Tale and all the rest of the crap they are working on away with them!

The Dreamworks animated movies tend to have way way too many pop culture references.

Outsold 10-1?

It took 30 seconds to look this up on boxofficemojo.com:

“Shrek” Worldwide Gross: $484,409,218
“Incredibles” Worldwide Gross: $631,436,092

Sucks to be Shrek.

I thought the Incredibles was superior in virtually every way.

I also want to see Over the Hedge.

I enjoyed Shrek, but the Incredibles was well… much more incredible.

Incredibles - Great animated movie that came out after Shrek, or the greatest animated movie that came out after Shrek?

The greatest animated movie that came out after The Iron Giant.

My biggest fear about Over the Hedge is that is will take characters from a comic strip that I think can genuinely be described as the logical successor to Pogo, and turn it into a children’s movie.

Over the Hedge is a strip that is usually funny, often insightful, and occasionally very sharp in political and social satire. Over the Hedge, The Movie ™ looks to me like predigested pap for 12 year olds to laugh at the funny hijinks of the fuzzy animals…

I hope I’m wrong.

I liked shrek, loved the Incredibles, but would not even go to see shark tale. I guess Ill wait for some personal reviews here. I want to see a movie this weekend and its a tossup between the da vinci code and over the hedge.

The general buzz I’ve been reading is that its probably the best dreamworks cgi animated movie script yet. They ditch the pop culture refs from Shrek (though I think they are perfectly fine for that series) and features a decent and good story. Also it seems that everyone, even those who didn’t like the movie, is raving about the voice acting/casting. The real weakness is the animation. It might be a little bland for those expecting wackiness of Shrek or Madagascar. (Its one of their cheaper films from what I understand)

Identical to yours truly. I like the look of Over the Hedge and plan to go tomorrow. I’ll post my thoughts when I do.

I have never read the comic strip. The ads for Over The Hedge make it look like generic bloodless pap formulated by a Random Cute CGI Movie Generator PHP script.

“Best animated film since Madagascar!”

Saw a sneak peek of this & was pleasantly suprised. It’s fun, it’s witty, it’s got some great comedy sequences. Way better than the average crummy CGI movie.

Such blatant advertisement for your generators!

I kinda liked shark tale but it is in no way better then Shrek and sucks when you finally see the Incredibles.