Overheating video card

My Sapphire Radeon X1900XT that I’ve had for about 8 months now is starting to overheat on me in 3D games. The card has been running great up until a couple of months ago where I started noticing graphical corruption after extended periods of playing.

Here’s the deal though, when I first got this card I distinctly remember hearing the fan kick into high speed if it started getting hot but lately I’m not hearing any speed changes at all in the fan. Is this just my imagination or is something up here?

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Did you change your drivers recently? Maybe there’s a bug? You could always try the old, open the case and point a fan at it and see if it stops doing that.


Overheated video ram. Check if the corruption goes away when you alt tab out and back. Get some ramsinks (little metal dealies that go on the memory chips) and see if that helps.

Another thing that helped for me was dialling AGP down from 8x to 4x, but if the X1900 isn’t AGP that probably won’t help.

Grab RivaTuner and check the fan settings on the card. Turning it up to 100% during 3D gaming solved an overheating issue I was having with my BFG 7800CO

There’s also some snow in those last 3 screenshots. I think that’s the game though.

Thanks guys, I’ll give RivaTuner a shot. Hell I forgot all about that program as it’s been years since I last used it.

Those shots are from Red Orchestra and the snow is part of that map.