Overkill's The Walking Dead


Closed BETA going on, check your emails if you are a GMG subscriber, you might have a free key waiting for you.



seems like it’s multi only?


Yeah, it’s clearly an iteration of their Payday model. It might have bots as a concession for single player – I think Payday 2 had bots? – but it’s still based on the Left 4 Dead concept of 4 vs. hordes.



Video’s I’ve watched of the BETA don’t make me hopeful for a good game here. :|


Launch trailer:


Welp , was anyone expecting anything different?


It’s a rare zombie game that I have no interest in playing.



Don’t worry Tom, there is always request wednesday!


To be honest, I can’t imagine that I won’t try it at some point anyway. So by “no interest in playing”, I should have written “less interest in playing than you’d expect given that it’s a zombie killing game”.



Ha ha! You’re going to play Overkill’s The Walking Dead.





The Walking Dead barely made a splash. I wonder how far along in development Psychonauts 2 and System Shock 3 are? If the latter’s too early, would another publisher even bother picking it up if Starbreeze don’t have the resources to continue supporting development?


Lets create a new edition and sell it at half price with dlc as an option!


Starbreeze’s CEO leaves, and the company’s going into reconstruction.

“STOCKHOLM (3 December 2018) – Starbreeze AB (publ) (“Starbreeze” or the “Company”) announces that the board of Starbreeze AB (publ) and the boards of the Company’s Swedish subsidiaries Starbreeze Publishing, Starbreeze Production, Starbreeze Studios, Enterspace and Enterspace International, have today filed for reconstruction with the Stockholm District Court. The decision is based on a shortage of liquidity and deemed to be a necessary step to give the Company the time needed to negotiate a long-term financial solution and implement changes in the organization and operations. The financial targets for Q4 2018 and 2020 no longer applies.”

As a consequence, stock’s placed on observation list:


I also missed this story from last week:

"Only months after introducing a $3,200 virtual reality headset with an ultra-wide field of view, location-based HMD maker StarVR is facing the threat of imminent closure or sale, Digitimes reports. Majority-owned by Acer with a one-third stake from Starbreeze, StarVR was delisted from Taiwan’s stock exchange after only six months of trading, and is now expected to be disbanded within three months unless it gets profitable or purchased."​




That can’t be good.


Yikes. I imagine the insider trading charge stems from someone dumping a lot of stock just prior to the release of the poor sales figures for Walking Dead and the delisting of company stock on the exchanges.

Also, $3200 for a VR headset should be a crime as well. Sheesh.


From Resetera: Swedish business site Veckans Affärer posted an article yesterday about how Nordea (the biggest bank in Sweden) did an analysis on how the future of Starbreeze’s stock is looking. The stock was at the time of the article valued at 60 öre (which is about ~$0,067) and he potential future value ranges from 3 kronor (~$0,33) on the high end with a successful reconstruction to 0 kronor (which is about… checks notes… $0) and mentions of assets being sold in a “fire sale”.