Overkill's The Walking Dead




Website has also been updated, with mention of Fall 2018.


I kind of feel sorry for this developer. While they were slaving away at making the game over the last five years, the show’s writers were busy killing people’s interest in the franchise.


PC release November 6th.

Consoles will get the game February 2019.



Speaking on behalf of the console users, we haz a sad. By the way, how’s that RDR2 looking, Mr Master Race?


I think Mr King of South Carolina is laughing because the February 2019 console release schedule is already so heavy.


Aw, man I wanted to argue.


This is correct. :)



Closed BETA going on, check your emails if you are a GMG subscriber, you might have a free key waiting for you.



seems like it’s multi only?


Yeah, it’s clearly an iteration of their Payday model. It might have bots as a concession for single player – I think Payday 2 had bots? – but it’s still based on the Left 4 Dead concept of 4 vs. hordes.



Video’s I’ve watched of the BETA don’t make me hopeful for a good game here. :|


Launch trailer:


Welp , was anyone expecting anything different?


It’s a rare zombie game that I have no interest in playing.



Don’t worry Tom, there is always request wednesday!


To be honest, I can’t imagine that I won’t try it at some point anyway. So by “no interest in playing”, I should have written “less interest in playing than you’d expect given that it’s a zombie killing game”.



Ha ha! You’re going to play Overkill’s The Walking Dead.