Overload - Spiritual Sequel to Descent, from the original developers


Yes, I’ve been playing the multiplayer beta for the last couple of weeks. It’s exactly like playing a faster, prettier, more intense version of Descent 2, with the main difference being that I suck now! So I’ll be looking forward to the single player campaign, although I might get some decent kills on noobs when the game launches. ;)


Is this a mouse & kb game, or joystick?


You can use kb/mouse, gamepad or joystick. I use kb/mouse, a lot of time has gone into tweaking the feel for each control method. It works very well on gamepad, the PS4 / XBOX versions are coming later in the year.


If anyone would like to try the multiplayer beta for the next week until release, follow their twitter account and retweet the following. Let me know if you do and you want a friendly match.


I played some of the clones/‘inspired by’ games and while they can nail the exploration side, they usually fail at combat. Narrow corridors where you can only fly onwards or backwards, poor variety of enemies, which also are hardly identifiable, stuff like that isn’t conductive to good gameplay.


Yeah, the only half-decent one was Sublevel Zero, which brought something different in its procedural approach. None of the others really got it right at all, and like you said they didn’t understand the DNA of the game they were trying to emulate.

So the news that the original core team got back together to do Descent 4 with with a different IP was one of those “pinch me I’m dreaming” moments. And as a considerable Descent fan, I feel I can confidently say they’ve nailed this, both Single and Multiplayer feels as it should. It’s coming out in just under a week, and the only frustrating thing is they happened to choose the exact day that I’ll be stuck on a series of planes for 24 hours.


Where did I ever get the idea that this game was primarily multiplayer, and that single-player mode was an afterthought? I’ve been kind of ignoring this game because of that, but after reading a few posts here, and then checking out the Steam page, it looks like SP has received just as much attention as MP. I swear I read somewhere a couple years back that SP was looking pretty tacked-on.

Maybe there was another similar game I’m thinking of?

Anyway, if this can deliver the same feelings I got while playing the Original Descents 1 and 2 back in the 90’s, I am so totally in. Time to dig out my joystick and download the demo!


I am claustrophobic and directionally challenged. I did not like the original game LOL.


Dude, that was half the fun!


You’re thinking of

And yeah, I backed out of that kickstarter once I found out they might have bought the Descent name, but the game was going to be some kind of multiplayer battle arena/MOBA type thing.

Overload is the real Descent successor.


Ah, that’s it then. Thanks!


Yes, Overload was made as a SP game only with MP to be added after launch. They eventually decided to delay for a few months to finish MP, believing you only get to launch once on Steam / GOG and therefore going all-in.

From what I’ve read of D:U, it’s all a bit of a mess, they can’t get the feel right and they’re a long way behind with the single player mode. In contrast, the Overload guys know what they’re doing.

jp, you should try the Playable Teaser 3.0 out (see link above). It’s free, and there’s a “tutorial level” which helps get you going. Given that it works great with both mouse and gamepad, perhaps you’ll find works better for you now. If you play it on Training or Rookie mode, it’s pretty gentle. At first. ;)


remember that logitech controller that was supposed to be 3d and stuff… i guess it sucked?


I don’t, no. I mean, there have been so many crazy controllers over the years. They did make (and apparently still do) a 3D Pro joystick which, like the Sidewinder 3D Pro, has a twist axis, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re talking about. There are definitely a lot more joysticks available these days, but I prefer kb/mouse anyway and I’m competitive with it, so I’ll stick with it. I did find a Sidewinder 3D Pro in storage recently so I’m going to try and get that working for nostalgia purposes.


Ok I had to do some searching, but it wasn’t logitech… it was called Space Orb 360…



Oh yeah, I remember seeing ads for that in all the PC gaming magazines back in the 90’s. Back when those magazines would typically run to 400 pages, and I would have such fun looking through those ads and seeing all that crazy inventive stuff companies would come out with back in the PC’s Golden Age.


I recognise the name, but I must have glossed over it without realising what it actually was. It looks… interesting. I wonder how well it actually works? Given that it didn’t take the world by storm, probably not all that well.

I always wondered why older 6dof games didn’t do a better job with the mouse back in the day; you could never dial the sensitivity high enough to actually turn around without having to pick up the mouse for another shot at the mouse pad. Given that all modern 6dof games make it a breeze to control with the mouse, it makes me wonder if there was some attempt to encourage people to buy more joysticks or Space Orbs! Even the Descent source ports have fixed the mouse problem.


Can confirm the SpaceOrb did NOT work well.


Revival put some nice renders of a few of the bots and weapons up, as part of a database that I presume is in-game.



(that last one is a weapon, btw!)


OMG, thanks so much! I was in the same boat as @Giles_Habibula in that I completely conflated these two games. I was wondering why you guys sounded so excited about some dopey multiplayer arena game just because it was riffing on Descent’s six-degrees-of-freedom.