Overlord II

I spotted the demo on Xbox live today and I’m quite excited about it. Besides wolf-riding there aren’t any immediatly obvious innovations but it looks every bit as charmingly evil as the original.

I mean, how can you not love a game that lets you club baby seals in the tutorial?

Frequently asked questions about your Overlord minions.

How do I clean my Minion?
For best results, treat your Minion like a rug: Hang them over a rail and beat them until no dust or dirt remains.
Are Minions child-friendly?
That depends on how fast your child can run.
I have a cat, can I have a Minion too?
Minions will have no problems with any other pet you may have. Please note this may not work the other way round.
Are Minions carbon neutral?
Although Minions are clean and efficient, a lot of what they do results in smoke and fire, which has been known to make Mother Earth cry. But burnt down villages produce zero emissions, so in a way they’re eco warriors.
How do I communicate with my Minion?
Minions understand most human languages, but for best results use violence.
How long can I make a Minion work?
Minions are not unionised and have no helpline, charity or activists. Go nuts.
How long do Minions live?
We’re not really sure as no Minion has ever died due to natural causes.
How can I tell the gender of my Minion?
You should never try to do that. Ever.
Should I neuter my Minion?
Only if you think it’s funny.
How many Minions do I need?
That depends on what job you need done. A single Minion can easily mutilate the postman,
but you need at least a dozen for world domination.

I really enjoyed the first one, though I hope they manage to make the PC controls less wonky this time around.

The demo didn’t suggest to me that there was any significant advancement over the first game. But chances are I’ll at least rent it and pick it up when it drops.

I’d most like to see further development in the castle/customization area in this version.

I played the PC version with the Xbox 360 gamepad. Worked a treat.

Totally agree. By the time the decorating/upgrading options opened up I always had enough gold to just buy whatever I wanted, it really needed more to it.

I figured it probably would, but I have neither a 360 nor the gamepad from one. So mouse and keyboard for me! It would have been fine overall, just the random times it would lock you into a certain action or stop responding. At least hitting escape to go to the menu would usually clear it up. But during the longer boss battles it was really frustrating.

I hope there is a better mission tracker in part 2. I got lost several times trying to remember where I’m supposed to go next and the log wasn’t useful.

It’s got a minimap now …

How on earth did they not include that in the first game? That was easily my least favorite thing about Overlord…

No idea. It must’ve been an intentional decision - perhaps to give a greater sense of space to the areas?

I think they added one to Overlord: Raising Hell for the PS3.

I didn’t really miss a map in Overlord. The areas weren’t really all that big, which is one of my hopes for the new one. More space to cause havoc in!


Loved the first game.

No, but there were some levels (I think the forest in particular) where I kept getting turned around while looking for the last of whatever that level’s MacGuffins were. That really puts a damper on the fun for me, so at least a menu map would have been nice.

I was satisfied with the combat in the first game - I’m hoping they amp up the villainous sidequests to provide bonuses or new features. Maybe taking out a dam to supply your forge with supercooling mountain water … More pillaging options … More general interaction with villagers beyond the option to kill.

True that was the worst level for getting around.

I agree, we really need the ability to upgrade more (forge, arena, living quarters, decorations etc). And more interaction with the non-monster populations would be nice too.

Demo is now available.

Will you believe I just noticed that this demo was available on steam. Maybe it just came available. Anyone else have any experience with the PC version. I really did have a good time with first as it was such a change of pace from traditional genres.

I played the original Overlord on the PC, and enjoyed it quite a bit. If I remember correctly, it was occasionally difficult to perform sweeps with the mouse/keyboard combo – but doable. If you have a controller for your PC, that may make it easier in some portions of the game…

that said, I haven’t tried Overlord II yet.

I actually preferred the PC controls to the 360, but I was in the minority. Don’t worry about the controls though, you can always use the 360 controller on your PC if you want. Performance was maxed at the frame cap on my video card at 1920x1200, which was an ATI 1900xt I think. With my current Nv8800U I am not expecting any problems at all.

Cancelled my order on Amazon and changed over to Steam, I am a sucker for disc less installs.

Oh man. It is so worth picking up a 360 or PS3 pad if you like to play action games (ones developed with a gamepad in mind, anyway) on your PC. That $40 or whatever is nothing compared to the improved interface you get in, like, a billion games.