Overlord the actual game regardless of its price

Anyone else pick it up? I like it! I like how the goblins will randomly charge rocks and plants and things and then apparently realize they are not a threat. I don’t think that was in the demo.

Anyone know how to free the slaves in the slave camp after killing the troll? I’m in there, I may as well free them, but I can’t seem to get the cages open.

Also for anyone further in (just Tom I guess), are the, er, evil and eviller paths different enough that it’s worth playing through twice?

Is this actually an intentional joke or could it be a bug? The use of “apparently” leaves me confused.

No, I think it’s a joke. They yell CHARGE! or just run off screaming, then smack into the tree or rock and run back. It’s just one goblin at a time, not the whole horde, so it doesn’t really affect anything. They might be saying something when they reach the tree or rock, but I’ve got the sound low.

They shouldn’t randomly charge things. For a pack of unruly minions, they’re actually pretty disciplined. Are you pulling the right trigger to send out a single guy?

To free the slaves, I think you’ll find you’ve missed a wheel you need to get your minions to turn. I seem to recall the camera angle got a bit weird during the part by going dramatically overhead. Remember that you can click the stick, I think, to choose among two options for zoom level. Also, holding down the right bumper, I think, gives you a freely controllable camera. I can’t help but wonder how many people who complain about the camera will fail to realize what the right bumper does…

As for the split paths, I’m not sure what’s different when you choose one path over the other. I suspect is has to do with which of a couple of options you get later in the game, but I’m not sure.


How distinct do they make the good/evil dynamic? Is it an entire branch of spells, or does it effect one or two? What else is effected?

I have a really weird problem making myself be evil if the good/evil choice is given to me. In KOTOR, Black and White, Fable… I couldn’t bring myself to be an outright dick to people. I guess I’m a weak man.

However, I’m trying to be evil in this game. I don’t really get why they give you a choice. I mean, you’re supposed to be this horrible overlord villian, right?

I figured this out. It helps a ton, but it has a bug. If you hold the stick lightly left or right, the camera will turn in the opposite direction. Pushing further makes it go the right way. It makes the camera jump left then right when pushing full right sometimes, which is pretty annoying.

I’m the opposite. I rarely, if ever, see the good path in a game that offers a choice, but in Overlord I’m torn. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking the “good” path will be more calculating and taking advantage of people’s good will than actual good. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, I’m barely into the game. It’s probably just wishful thinking brought on by Bioware games (where you want to be the evil mastermind but end up being the thug who kicks puppies).

And yes, I have been using the right trigger a lot. I thought that was how you centered the camera :)

I thought it was awesome when the minions were wearing pumpkins as hats, but it’s like 10x as awesome when they kill rats and wear them as hats.

So far the game has done a good job of nailing, for lack of a better comparison, the Lawful/Chaotic evil split.

Also, as much as I liked the demo, I’m seeing now that it does a really shitty job of letting you know what the full game is like.

I’m only about an hour or two in, and didn’t do anything more than break up the slaver camp, but so far I’m loving it. Exactly the right scope and tone for me.

The negatives I’ve read in reviews – weird camera control (even holding down the left bumper), and the lack of an in-game map – are problems. Especially when a character tells you “go east” and you have no compass. But they’re far from being deal-breakers. The only complaint I have so far is that it’s kind of tough to keep minions alive, and once they die they lose all their armor they’ve accumulated.

I’ve had the most fun when I’ve stopped trying to think of it as a game where you have fine control, and just accept that you’re supposed to be going through and causing mayhem.

Well, I thought the good/evil paths in KOTOR were pretty pointless. Somewhere I read a good description of KOTOR, which said that you’re not really allowed to be “evil,” just petty and kind of a dick. Too much of the story would’ve been ruined by wanton slaughter and pissing off everyone you know, so instead you get a couple of branch points where you can kill a guy, or just be a smart-ass to someone in a conversation.

I like the balance in Overlord better, because your choices are between “evil” and “really evil.” It’s weird that you’re running errands for people, but it’s ultimately a comedy game, so it’s okay. But I’m having fun going through the village and having my minions plunder everything and hearing the villagers complain, and I’m going to have even more fun the next go-round, when I kill everyone in sight.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. You had to do it in the demo, and you have to do it in the full game, but still setting fire to a wheat field full of hobbits just never stops being fun.

Anyone have the PC version? How are the controls?

Does the game have any multiplayer? Or is it single player only?

They charge and cut it to pieces and wear pumpkins and the like as helmets.

Jasper > the controls are ok if you’re not using arrows to move around. You have to set them befaure launching the game, which is a pain in the ass.

Rock8man > there are two multiplayer modes, but it’s limited.

Yeah, how are they? Can I use a 360 controller? If so, it’s a sale.

Not to be too stupid, but if you don’t use the arrows to move around, what DO you use?

And you have to set the keymapping before launching the game? How does that work?

The full game is great. Just what I was expecting from the demo. Looks and runs really well maxed out at 1280*1024. Mouse and WSAD controls work fine too.

It really reminds me of a Lionhead game in terms of art and sound design - only without Molyneux around to fuck things up.

Looking for the pc version. Haven’t found it at Best Buy or Target yet. I’ll order it online if it doesn’t show up by the weekend.

WASD? I guess lefties might prefer the arrow keys, though.

However, if the PC version really has StarForce, isn’t this whole topic moot?

Do you know that for a fact? I googled and saw an announcement that Codemaster had switched to Securrom, and according to reports the demo didn’t install StarForce, so where are you getting that from?

I don’t know it for a fact, thus the “if”. It’s speculated in that other Overlord thread. I haven’t had all that good experiences with SecuROM either, though, but I guess it would still be the lesser of two evils.