Overlord the actual game regardless of its price

In the config program. And yes I’m a leftie (only with a mouse) and I use arrows to move, and it bothered me a lot.

The art is great, lot of personnality and of nice touches.

It has a Multiplayer Coop and a Vs mode, haven’t seen it in action yet though.

I’m 90% sure this is true, I saw it recommended in a review. I’d get confirmation though as I’m playing on 360.

Just want to echo the sentiments here. This game is a helluva lotta fun. I like the demo, but had no idea there were multiple paths, quests, etc.

My gobbo last night picked up a chefs hat. I love the things they say and do when attacking. Jumping on the hobbit’s backs, killing them in their sleep, chasing down rats. The flavor in this game is fantastic, a great purchase. Plus Triumph made AoW:SM - I’d pretty much buy anything from these guys.

Yeah, you can definitely use the 360 controller. From the 1up review:

As is now becoming the standard, Overlord maps its controller layout to the ubiquitous Xbox 360 pad – the left stick moves the master, and sweeping the right stick gives total control of the minions. So if you don’t already own a gamepad, add that to the price tag. (Current 360 owners are obviously in the clear.)

Someone needs to check out the co-op mode, I’d love to hear how well that works.

Yeah, I am interested in the PC version. Id love to hear some PC reviews of it.

The GamingTrend review is not very high on the multiplayer and says the co-op mode is a gimped.

No Starforce in the PC version. Just Securom. I’m using the 360 controller and at first not being able to use the right analog stick for camera is weird, then I realize you use it for moving your minions.

Which is err… ok… but I’d rather hit a button to move my minions and have it move the camera by default.

So… what’s the point of corruption level? If I kill innocents half the time, do I cut off the quests I would’ve otherwise had? Are there more quests opening up if you’re evil? How much stronger does your guy become if you actually have a high corruption level? Ever get more than 3 bars of hp/mana?

The PC version keyboard and mouse controls seem to get stuck on occasion. When sweeping I’ll sometimes find myself still in sweep mode after releasing the buttons. Even sending minions seems to get stuck sometimes, I’ll be walking along not touching LMB and my minions will be charging ahead one by one until I click LMB again. It’s like it never got the button up event.

Are the keyboard and mouse controls manageable? The last game I played that was out on both platforms with it was Psychonauts and I found it easy.


Now the only question is PC or X360… Anyone seen/played both and have an opinion?

I liked the demo on the 360, but it didn’t strike me as worth $60; I’ll wait until I find it on sale.

I’m not very far, but for what it’s worth, there is room for a TON of stuff to go into your tower. I haven’t actually built any of it yet, but it’s obvious that you gain access to more rooms in the tower as it goes on. At the beginning, you can wander around the place and everything is ruined, but it’s way too extensive to just stay empty and worthless. And one of the early quests is to find a crane for the goblins to use to build stuff with.

My point being, there’s more in the game than what was in the demo.

Can you just buy a plain 360 controller, or do you need to get one specifically for a PC? Are they USB or something?

They corded ones are.

It’s on sale for PC, $20 off the 360 price.

Buy the wired one for $30 or a wireless one for $40 + wireless adapter for $20 = $60. The choice should be obvious.

I heard it was the same. If you already have a X360 make the easy choice, spend $20 less, use your 360 controller and get the best of both worlds. For me it was a no brainer, especially since the PC version supported my favorite resolution of 3840x1280 which allows me to play on all 3 monitors.

Back to the game discussion… Has anyone found the point of all the gold yet? Can you actually build some things over another with your money? And what’s the point of corruption?

Yeesh, RTFM.

The corruption only affects the last spell of each of the 4 trees. If you’re more corrupt, you’ll get a spell that is usually pretty indiscriminate in its effects, less corrupt and you’ll get one that spares those who aren’t enemies.

I’m only a few hours in and I’m loving this. The above mentioned points about a compass and the controls are valid, but easily overlooked by the above mentioned LIGHTING A FIELD FULL OF HALFLINGS ON FIRE. Later, you can find more sturdy halflings that you can light on fire, and as they’re running around screaming, have minions jump on their back and beat on them. Pure, id releasing joy.

I’m laying odds that Gnarl will betray you at some point, but I’m hoping not. I’d like to keep my evil little family together!

“FOR ME!!!” “FOR YOU!!!”

I dunno what was in the demo, but the full game is one of the better gaming experiences I’ve had all year. The minions are pure joy. Reminds me more of sacrifice than dungeon keeper.

This game is awesome, though at the moment only for it’s character not for the actual “game” of it. I’m early in, just got the red minion hive back to the tower, and so far my only complaint is that so far there isn’t much of what I’d consider a game. I feel like I’m on a tour, I get led from place to place, I unleash my minions and watch with glee as they work, and then I move on to the next place. However it does seem like soon there will be more puzzle like game play as different minions are required in different situations.

Of course this complaint is trivial since for these first few hours the game has been as much fun as a barrel full of brown minions.

Ha! I just noticed one of my minions put on a Chefs hat from the kitchen area.

Has anyone found more +5 minion objects? I only have 2 right now (with a total of 15 max minions). It’s getting really annoying cause I could’ve sworn there was a +5 minion object near Spree that I couldn’t get to because there was fire blocking it. However, when I got my red minions I couldn’t find that +5 minion object anymore.

There is also the +5 minion object in the river, you probably need blue minions for that, but that’s the one you see even in the demo, and I’m not talking about that one.

To anyone who has the forge, don’t spend money on forging steel armor/helmets! You are already wearing it! I made the mistake of forging steel armor and wasted 2000 gold when I could’ve just upgraded my existing one. At least the mace wasn’t a waste of money.