Overlord the actual game regardless of its price

Is the game long? If so, I might pick this up instead of Guitar Hero II next chance I get.

Seriously. Is it longer than 2-3 play sessions? Or is it expansive if you want it to be?

Supposedly it’s 15 hours of gameplay, but I can’t confirm that.

If so, I’m sold on it. Single player games are too short to buy.

It’s going to take you a while to beat it, especially if you want to max out or go both pathes.

There is an icon that indicates which quests are evil and good focused, refer to manual :). The money does have a use besides forging items when you upgrade the tower, (“I refuse to help without my luggage!”). I thought the mistress was gonna be a pain but her conversations fit all too well with the situations. When you kill Melvin make sure one of your imps picks up his crown :P.

Coop Survival was ok, but for some reason UC was having a lot of lag even when hosting the game. I had some on occasion (mostle when we had 30-40 minions running around) but it was very odd for him to have lag as the host.

For those having trouble controlling your minions (and it gets a LOT worse especially in the elven woods), I suggest finishing the Castle Spree series of quests and you’ll unlock Guard Flags which add an interesting RTS style feel to the game and you’ll be using the technique quite a bit (highly suggest reading the manual about this).

I’m really enjoying this, but the lack of an in-game map is INFURIATING! I spent about 45 minutes last night exploring all the little exits from the town of Bree…or Spree rather. My questlog is jammed with stuff to do, but nothing possible until I earn some Red(fire) minions. Ok, where do I get them? Aimlessly wandered until I found the right road fork that led me to Hobbiton…finishing that little dungeon zone opened up the first boss fight which also took a good 30 minutes of aimlessly wandering to discover the path that led to him. :grumble:

The game is great fun though. The camera works quite well with the two zoom options and the L-trigger reset. I barely ever use the LB rotate option unless I just want to get a better look at the loot my minions plunder for themselves.

Combat is Fire-and-forget though. Pikmin didn’t give much leeway either, but you definately feel more in control of your squad in Nintendo’s game, using the right stick to dodge certain attacks or set up back/aerial attacks. Overlord is just “Go pillage!” entertaining to watch, but it’s all attrition. Occasionally some minions get stuck in ‘developer land’ with no way to get them back on the playing field without ‘zoning’. Also, I have to babysit them more than I want to get them to snag loot “FOR ME!”, “FOR YOU!”, but it’s minor quibbles.

Oh and spells are cool, but the line of sight complaints are apt. Fireball is fine, but the slow spell is a crapshoot.

Despite all, I am just loving playing this game so far.

Melvin’s Kitchen, go left from the halfling houses and you’ll meet Melvin.

The combat is definitely not fire and forget once you get the reds.

Also, where did you get the slow spell?

That changes later, refer to my post about Guard Flags and selecting the different groups. You ‘can’ send them as a mob but in later parts of the first zone your reds will get chewed up and spit out quickly if you bum rush. The later parts will require you to use the flags to maneuver your minions through stuff that would otherwise kill them if you let them freeroam and/or follow you.

That sounds great!

Can’t recall exactly, I think I got it off one of the paths outside of Spree, just exploring. I uncovered it and had my minions carry it back, but again i don’t recall exactly where. It’s possible it was in Hobbiton Zone floor 1 somewhere as well. Considering how much time I spent wandering about aimlessly looking for an objective, most of the stuff I discovered is a blur. But I can assure you I got it before fighting Melvin and getting Red minions, so there is no trick to finding it.

Sorry. :(

So: PC or 360? Anyone played both, and have an opinion?

The price difference isn’t a major concern for me, since I’ll get it through GameFly if I go with the 360 version.

You’ll be waiting. I got the Darkness on the way. Overlord has been on low since it’s been on. Maybe they just haven’t gotten their copies yet…

I recently canceled my gamefly subscription, mainly because they were getting slower and more unreliable on getting newer releases out; every new release I added always seemed to be “low” or “very low” availability, which defaulted to leapfrogging right over it in the queue. (That and I’m barely putting in any console time lately.)

So, yup, don’t count on it for new stuff.

I have heard that the PC version works the same control-wise with a 360 controller plugged in, so there you go. Unless achievements are worth twenty bucks to you, I guess.

Igor, I did the same goddamn thing. Stupid steel armor.

Are you talking about the flags where you just hit Y? Or something else? I got the luggage and killed the tentacle monsters in Castle Spree. Are there any more quests left?

Can we start sharing locations of +5 minion stones by the way? I’m pretty sure I found one in the first halfling village. I also found one on fire in a little garbage heap place somewhere near Spree, but I can’t find that one anymore (and I didn’t have red minions the first time) :(.

Did you get it to glow if you max it out with minions? I have only like 100/375 minions on it and its not glowing yet. I ask because my Mace is glowing while my Axe isn’t.

I already gave it on the other topic…

Aaaaaaaaand the consensus was…

Yes, I’m refering to the Y button to activate the flags. If you put a flag down while having sweep set to one color (RB+button) those colors will be assigned to that flag, rinse repeat for additional colors (can have one flag per color). Then use LT to target the flag and you can use R to move the flag around :). The greens are actually more powerful when allowed to go invis, which only happens if they are in Guard mode (Y). I need to double check tonight but I think if you set a color to guard, then click RB with no extra button (sets to all) all but the ones on Guard will follow your direct commands (but I need to double check this). At least I hope I’m remembering correctly and that it is the case because blues die in one or two hits regardless of gear :(.

***Some minor SPOILERS

The garbage heap is not +5 minions, it’s a giant bag of gold. You can get there by heading down the path directly behind the stage where you saw Melvin for the first time, and killed the fiddler.

The Slow spell is just outside of Spree, an immediate right turn from the right exit if you are looking at Spree from where you first entered. It’s kind of hidden in a little alcove to your right. Right? Right.

When you kill Melvin make sure one of your imps picks up his crown :P.

Ohhh, that’s where the little bugger got his crown. I thought he was withholding gold from me, so I kicked him around a bit.

Yeah, that’s the way it works. Also, if you target a guard flag with LT, then press Y, the guard flag will disappear and the minions will come back. This works a bit better than holding Y down for 3 seconds to get all guarded imps back.

Gendal: It was a sad few moments when my imp with the crown got his butt handed to him by the whirlwinding guards in Castle Spree.

flyinj: I completely forgot about the LT+Y to remove flag :P, I kept doing full calls and then redoing flags. As much as I suck at an RTS game and try to avoid it, I like how the Flag mechanic is gradually brought into play rather than forced the moment it’s available. I can see where you’ll need to learn and possibly master it but not shoving it down my throat immediately is very good imo. (P.S. I still suck at micro-managing the multiple groups quickly)