Overseas Electronics question

I’ve got a client that’s going to South Africa in a month, and all of the devices he’s bringing with him (digital camera, video cam, cell phone, laptop) have AC adapters that take 100v to 240v input.

So am I correct to assume that all he really needs to charge these devices is a prong adapter?

If that’s the case, is there any danger of using a single prong adapter and hooking it up to a US-made surge protector to power all the devices? Or do US surge protectors assume and require 110/120v to operate properly without overloading?

That is correct, all he will need is a prong adapter to charge his devices. Myself, I made due with a simple 3 outlet extension cord when going overseas so I don’t see why a surge protector would be a problem, but I’d read any fine print on it to be sure.

Right, if it was non-surge, I know for sure there’s no issues, but I can’t remember if regular surge supressors will work outside of the expected voltage 110-120v range or if that makes them trip.

Uh, if you plug a 120v surge protector into a 240v outlet, you’re gonna have some problems.

Get a 120v-240v surge protector.