Overstrike - New Cross Platform Game from Insomniac

Well, this for me was the big stand out of the EA conference. Sure, Battlefield 3 looks amazing, but I always prefer to see that at 1080p without it having to buffer every ten seconds. Instead, what caught my eye was Overstrike.

This seems to be a cross between The Incredibles, TimeSplitters, Tf2 and Borderlands-y four player co-op.

Debut trailer here.

EDIT: Platforms? Definitely 360 and PS3. Not sure about PC.

This looks like one of those rare games that really makes me wish I had a console. At least from the trailer. Who knows what the game will play like in the end. They’re off to a good start though.

I like the trailer. The lead character’s reaction after seeing his shield in use for the first time (the ‘EUGH!’ response) made me laugh out loud. It has promise, but I’m holding my fanboy happiness until I see the actual game in action, instead of a trailer.


Been waiting for this a long time. Not even sure what this is yet but the developer alone gets me excited.

I don’t see what was special about it, no gameplay and some pretty godawful faces.

I honestly got a good vibe from the bit they showed at the press conference. Looks like a fun game with an attitude that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Cinematic trailers don’t excite me overmuch, unless it’s a developer I have some faith in. Insomniac have earned some faith in my book.

Other sites are reporting it’s for the PC too. Not sure if they are correct or not. If they are, it looks like the kind of a fun my group might like. I like the graphics too.

No PC logo at the end of the trailer and the guy revealing the game multiplatform to include Xbox 360 (when that douce shouted “Yeah!”) doesn’t bode well but we will see…

As that 8 player coop mode was ditched in resistance 3. I wonder, did insomniac decide to spin that mode off into it’s own game, TF2 style?

I hope so. Only part of Resistance 2 that was anything special.

I’m not sure what to think of this. On the one hand it seems to have that same brand of Pixar style humor and animation that me and my 5 year old nephew love so much in Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. OTOH, it’s about killing and stuff, and not a kid friendly game at all.

I love Insomniac, so I’m hopeful.

Even Resistance 2 Matt? I love Insomniac now, but man, I just couldn’t sit through that game.


The entire Resistance franchise you mean.

I got a definite Bruce Campbell vibe from that character.

I, uh, have never actually played Resistance 2. Despite owning it.

Don’t get the love, it just looks like a Pixar version of Burn Notice.

That is because your soul is full of pus.