Overstrike - New Cross Platform Game from Insomniac

Based a lot on pedigree. C’mon alex, you’ve given some films a chance because of the director, it’s the same kinda thing.

Wow, that makes it sound REALLY good to me, actually.

If that were actually true, it would be a day one purchase for me.

Nope. Dreamworks.

With the cancellation of The Agency, I’m hoping this fills the “spy-spoof action” void it leaves: tongue-in-cheek Insomniac humor plus some clever weapons & powers plus `toon-y character designs adds up to lots of fun (I hope). As long as this is R&C Insomniac making the game, not Resistance Insomniac, I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’ll echo Matt. I love Insomniac despite the Resistance games, and I hope this game is one to love.

Let’s just hope Insomniac left their Resistance hat at home for this one.
They’ve got to be one of the most two-faced developers in recent memory

Is Rare not recent enough?

How is that, right there, not awesome enough to justify the love?


I must’ve missed the episode where Michael fought the Terminator while Fiona turned invisible.

I’d say it looks more like “Ghost in the Shell” by way of “The Incredibles” done by (I hope!) the Ratchet & Clank team, which must be why I’m so hopeful about it.

alex’s tastes are a bit…unpredictable. Just when I think I’ve got them worked out, he turns out to love or hate something I hadn’t expected.

I you were wondering what happened to Overstrike here it is in new clothes Fuse http://youtu.be/AB0nyHXSOAs

Wasn’t very interested in Overstrike but this is way worse, at least in terms of look and setting. They show some of Insomniac signature with all the different weapons but making it “realistic” is big mistake. Really liked the Ratched games wish Insomniac stayed in family friendly games with new characters and new games instead of going after the CoD crowd.

Old video

That’s too bad. I want to play the game Teiman linked. Not so much the other one.


EA strikes again

Insomniac did a bunch of PR for the game last week which seems to have been poorly received universally. It’s Insomniac so it’ll likely play well but it looks so generic.

They probably showed it too soon. Gamers can’t handle change, even if it occurred naturally as part of the development process.

It could be the game still has the personality advertised in the first trailer but they released a more “gritty” trailer to get teens on board. I’m holding off judgment until we have more information!

This is truly a sad tale.
‘Nobody cares about our game!’
‘Quick, make it as boring as possible!’

You can frame it that way. But the first video was interesting.

Its probably the same game, with slightly different art direction, so is all moot point. :D

It’s like Reverse TF2. Take a concept with character, and make it flat and military.