Overwatch 2 - Rule 34 boogaloo

This is my situation as well. Loaded up my existing XB OW which updated to OW2 automatically. Spent ~2 hours to be able to link my XB to one of my battlenet accounts. After I finally got into the game itself it’s like a fresh install - everything locked and limited to the tutorial. I never received any indication of (or an offer to) a merge of my OW stuff with OW2.

I actually downloaded it on my old PS4 and am seeing what happens when I log in there, which is where I played overwatch… But of course it’s just hanging, waiting to connect.

The servers still seem to be borked… Account merging doesn’t seem to have worked.

What’s insane is… How do they fuck up all the servers to a game which is literally just a patch to a game which they have been running for years already?

Been a long while since they last patched I think. They’re out of practice.

FWIW, I supposedly merged my PC and PlayStation account completely just a few days ago via battlenet website. However when I finally got into OW2 tonight it asked me if I wanted to merge the accounts like it did in steps already. I did it again and there is a message on my Home Screen in OW2 that says I am in the account merge queue.

I havent played this since release of the original (or more like beta)… and it has NOT aged well. Its surprising how it feels not as good as games like Paladins, Battleborn or even a game like Dirty Bomb.

I understand its popularity and it does have character charm, but ooof… the engine feel i do not like. obviously all imo.

Sitting in a queue starting at 40 and then counted down to 10 then 20,000. Umm

Where can you access this on their website? Maybe I can do that.

Tried, insisted on SMS, uninstalled. Over a thousand hours in OW1.

I found it under their “cross progression” article I believe. It didn’t work apparently though. I’ve yet to see how the merge queue worked out or not yet, but that was the same merge UI as before, but came up once I successfully entered OW2.

And that OW1 purchase and progress is now dead forever as it’s totally replaced by OW2 now. Unless you give your mobile and permission to be recorded you can never play any OW again. …Because of cheaters and toxicity?!

I can’t say I didn’t get my 30$ worth out of OW, and they were never going to make a cent off of me in OW2, so probably for the best both directions.

I’m able to link accounts, but I don’t see any specific thing about doing a merge.

On the PS4, in game, there’s a button that says account merge, but it doesn’t do anything… also, in OV2 on the PS4, I don’t have access to anything anyway, and it’s all in a starter state. And OV1 doesn’t even exist in the store anymore for download.

Like, I think that everything is already merged, in that both consoles are seemingly linked to my battlenet account, but neither of them has any progress from OV1.

By the fact there is a hovering alert on the left side of my PC OW2 client that I am in the “account merge queue”, I am thinking it is not an automatic or instantaneous process. Given the server situation, it may not be a priority. How that works with any progress on different account since yesterday? I don’t know. I’ll tinker with PC only (my primary and only used account up to now) until the dust settles a bit.

Dunkey shiposts a bit

“It’s a battle royale where you try to keep Overwatch 2 on longer than any other player.”


I got in and played a few matches this morning on my PS5 and I’m shocked by how sluggish it felt. It has been a while since I played OW1 on the same machine, but even with the performance options set to prioritize framerate it does not feel as smooth and the dynamic resolution drops were noticeable. I didn’t expect render performance to be my issue with this game at launch. Maybe it is just an issue with the PS5 build and PS4 might be better? Or maybe weird network issues are causing the slowdown?

I still can’t get in.

Go to the Asian region from the Battle.net main menu and it should be much easier.

Every single Overwatch 2 player, including those who had previously purchased Overwatch , need to provide a phone number that fits certain requirements in order to start the game. As part of those requirements, numbers can’t be attached to a prepaid phone plan, landline, or use VOIP.

Prepaid phone plans like Cricket and Mint Mobile allow people to pay the cost of their usage up front. Though unfairly maligned as Breaking Bad -type “burner phones,” prepaid phones are easier to incorporate into low-income budgets, with monthly cost usually between $15 and $50. Some companies like AT&T even advertise prepaid services directly to low-income customers.

“I am ashamed of having a prepaid phone,” one Reddit user, who posted in r/Overwatch and received one thousand upvotes in less than 24 hours, said. “Never thought I would be disqualified from playing Overwatch based on my ability to afford a phone contract, but here we are…Blizzard is the first company to make me feel too poor to play a game.”

“Cannot believe Blizzard is denying people with prepaid phone plans access to Overwatch 2 ,” one Twitter user wrote. “Why does it matter how I pay my phone bill?? 6 years of my life, all the time, money, and progress down the drain.”